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  1. Looks like Juliet balconies like they used on The Langston apartments, so they'll at least be functional.
  2. Apply for historic preservation tax credits. That's what they're there for.
  3. This whole 310 Prospect thing is reminiscent of the Stanley Block/Dice Park fiasco.
  4. Since Burke has the highest operational capacity, we should consolidate Akron-Canton and/or Cuyahoga County into Burke.
  5. "At only half the height of the neighboring apartment building, design-review committee member Krysta Pesarchick questioned whether the condo building’s scale was appropriate. Kline responded that project financing would not support a taller structure." We're going to self-finance, but only to the extent that we wouldn't incur any real risk.
  6. The only thing his post was missing was a mention of the autistic spectrum.
  7. I see so many people using the smartphone fare app and scanning their phone screens at the turnstiles that it almost seems unnecessary at this point.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of 'Now maybe someone will do something with the handsome building that Norton Furniture was in.'
  9. Walked by Norton Furniture and it was cleared out and had signs indicating they were moving to the Rockefeller building.
  10. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/08/cleveland-is-on-the-doorstep-of-doing-something-remarkable-that-no-other-city-has-done-but-we-could-screw-it-up-especially-if-you-dont-join.html One of the weirdest 'news' articles I've read in a while. Sadly I had to agree with the .com posters collectively saying 'Huh?'.
  11. Also, if you've walked east on Euclid in the morning when the sun is hitting it just right, it's almost blinding as-is. I can't imagine the retinal carnage if they were glossy. 'Beacon' fo sho.
  12. I don't get this mentality. It's not a remnant. It was replaced long ago by other uses. The Dunham Tavern itself is significant and important because it remained. Having sheep graze there in the lot next door to remind people that sheep used to graze there doesn't add significant value to the experience, in my opinion. It's akin to removing the concrete from the surrounding streets to remind people that streets used to be dirt and gravel, as KJP alludes to up-thread. I'm going off-topic and won't take this argument further.
  13. Could this be more wrong? There was a large building occupying the site. They tore it down and made it a grass lot. So how can you possibly say that the grass lot is irreplaceable?
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