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  1. I will preface this by saying that I also grew up watching Mr. Rogers and felt he had a very positive influence on my childhood/life. Shortly after Mr. Rogers filmed the segment about the Nabisco plant that made graham crackers, my dad accepted a management position at that same plant (Roosevelt Blvd in Philly). One of the supervisors told him that Mr. Rogers was just a snobby, stuck up a*hole the entire time he was there filming. Wouldn't let anyone touch him, talked down to people, etc. So either he was having a bad day in the neighborhood or really wasn't always as nice as he portrayed in his shows. https://www.misterrogers.org/episode-playlist/batch-24-1516-1517-1518-1519-1520/
  2. sizzlinbeef


    Facebook now giving contractors driving white work vans a bad name. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/04/tech/facebook-white-vans/index.html
  3. Usual urbanohio criticism of Allard aside, I think he could have written a majority of this article based on Quinn's fluff piece on the event before it happened. It just had a weird forced vibe about it from the onset. If you read CWRU's official description of AI, it doesn't really fit the nature of the summit at all. "Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an approach that focuses on what’s working well, analyzing why it is working well and how to do more of it." The premise of the summit, and the Quinn piece was that Cleveland isn't doing well, or Cleveland is at a tipping point of failure, and how do we fix it.
  4. Clearly Cedar Fair is relocating to Cleveland, building a supertall on the nucleus site, and constructing the world's largest indoor amusement park on the lakefront which will simultaneously enclose FirstEnergy Stadium under a massive roof.
  5. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/10/cleveland-rising-concludes-aspires-to-greatness-needs-a-way-forward.html The results are as vague as the premise.
  6. Yeah...I got left behind after living downtown for stints in 2008-2009 and 2010-2012. For a two bedroom to support what had then become my family, it was just not possible at my income level at the time, unless I didn't care about saving any money for the future. I'm not sure why people are bitter though. You can't always get what you want? I ended up buying a house within walking distance of a rapid station. Monthly mortgage, property tax, utilities, etc is lower than a 1 BR downtown. Maybe when we strike it big we can move back.
  7. So what we learned is that Somera Road really has a thing for buildings that were built for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company.
  8. Walking by yesterday, and sorry I did not snap a picture, but the circular LED panel inside the "O" was illuminated as a basketball, so yes they do/will change based on what event is going on.
  9. Right. Surely there was more feedback than a red rubber stamped REJECTED on the cover page.
  10. Isn't that exactly what he's doing with the May Co building?
  11. In my inbox this afternoon: A MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT Dear Beachwood Community, Three hateful incidents directed at our students took place last Friday night during the football game at Grand Valley High School. An adult male and his son attempted to intimidate our fans and students on the visitors’ side, a small group of Grand Valley students gathered near our students at the concession stand and made a racist cheer, and an adult female directed the N-word racial slur at two Beachwood girls. A young man wearing a Confederate flag shirt and hat and his father entered the visitors’ stands where our fans, band and drill team were concentrated in what we viewed as a deliberate act of racial intimidation. Beachwood’s Officer C.J. Piro removed the two from the visitors’ side and informed the Orwell police who were present. Orwell police and the Grand Valley athletic director acted swiftly ejecting the man and his son from the stadium. In the days since, the Grand Valley district has filed a “No Trespass” order against the adult so he will not be allowed on Grand Valley school grounds or at school events in the future. Beachwood will be doing the same. The students who cheered, “1-2-3-White Power!” near the concession stand have been identified by Grand Valley administrators and disciplined. The school district is currently investigating the incident involving the female adult who directed the N-word at our students. Beachwood administrators have remained in communication with our counterparts since Friday. We appreciate the weight they have placed on these incidents, the attention they have dedicated to investigating the circumstances, and the resulting measures they have taken thus far to address the perpetrators of hateful behavior. The strong condemnation from, and decisive actions taken by, their administration, and the apologies received from individual members of the Grand Valley community are indicative to me that their community should not be defined by the actions of a few last Friday evening.
  12. As a daily green line rider I can assure you that even if you rang the bell and stood dutifully at the door, there would still be about a 50% chance the operator would be in autopilot mode and just blows by the stop anyway. I feel bad for the individuals that have to use the stops between Warrensville and Shaker Square.
  13. Medical Mutual will be in the entire 4 story office building but none of the attached warehouse space. Yes, the company is still growing and recently acquired a smaller Dayton area insurance company.
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