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  1. Bets on people asking where the pharmacy counter is when they get inside?
  2. Just built there, not that they patrolled the great lakes.
  3. The upside of a foundation built on battery acid? Probably don't have to worry about termites or carpenter ants.
  4. Great_plumes_of_smoke_billow_forth_from_the_fire_which_consumed_the_Theatrical_Grill_September_13_1960
  5. They state that they are failing because of University Square, but it reads more like they want to capitalize off of University Square's current state; use it as leverage. Overall just a very whiny sounding argument. Why now? The worst argument was, 'University Square sucks, so we deserve digital signage'.
  6. I went through my stash and found a couple sweeping shots of downtown with this building in it, but it doesn't show any detail.
  7. Was going to post this in the Euclid Grand thread, since someone asked about facade coverups and if there were any remaining downtown, but that would have drifted off topic. Does anyone know if there is anything historic behind the facade of 1404 E 9th, the Cathedral Square Plaza building with CVS on the ground floor? Property records indicate it was constructed in 1920.
  8. It will also be good to see this bank of windows filled in properly, much like 668 before it.
  9. My god....it's full of density.....
  10. I count 3 different configurations presented.
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