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  1. What was the last time we had such a resounding negative response to a proposal? County HQ? MedMart? Casino garage and skywalk? The billboards at 4th and Prospect? Terdolph Park?
  2. The freakin' Vue in Beachwood does a better job with parking than this. That was another NRP development.
  3. Huh. I must have missed all that surface parking in the conceptual renderings.
  4. "Hey Karl I found this great deal on loopnet for this apartment building in Cleveland, looks like it's in great shape! I think we can apply for the tax credits sight unseen on this one!" *flies to cleveland* "oh...."
  5. Looks like a picture of 2994 S Moreland, which still look decent.
  6. On Prospect across from the Wolstein Center.
  7. One of the more under-the-radar projects in the area moving along:
  8. It's a recurring cleveland design element. The Edge, the Federal Building facade, the cornice on the base of the Hilton....
  9. Bets on people asking where the pharmacy counter is when they get inside?
  10. Just built there, not that they patrolled the great lakes.
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