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  1. superior is a weird street. talking about scale, it is one to four story buildings from east 12th all the way to east Cleveland. most buildings have setbacks and parking lots. a lot of warehouses and light industrial. it'll never be a 'neighborhood street', so im fine with this development. im cool if east 12th north of superior and 13th becomes a spine for residential developments/townhomes and have st clair and euclid be the hubs of retail.
  2. i think we have to assume the buzzfeed story is false until someone other than buzzfeed validates it.
  3. the trains don't run till the bars close. transit isn't a real option right now.
  4. itd be fun if that was always a popup bar and they just changed the theme every couple months
  5. anyone seen this from the towpath trail yet? its very substantial. i'll try to grab a shot next week.
  6. not to play moderator here, but the last twenty comments have been about a non-existent college football program.
  7. I thought there was a decent amount of scholarship concluding park-like settings help the recovery process in urban hospitals?
  8. i'd make sure the operation didn't fold after two seasons before i put ink to skin, i think
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