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  1. anyone seen this from the towpath trail yet? its very substantial. i'll try to grab a shot next week.
  2. not to play moderator here, but the last twenty comments have been about a non-existent college football program.
  3. I thought there was a decent amount of scholarship concluding park-like settings help the recovery process in urban hospitals?
  4. yeah, the aquarium kinda stinks.
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    Cleveland: Random Quick Questions

    or maybe you're the idiot ;)
  6. duck island club is not closed
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    Cleveland SC Discussion

    i'd make sure the operation didn't fold after two seasons before i put ink to skin, i think
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    Cleveland SC Discussion

  9. tritower dorms were built in the 60s, i think
  10. It is still there in the photos from the Litt piece.
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    Cincinnati: Terrace Plaza Hotel - December 2017

    Garbage Garbage is the refuse which comes from the bathroom and kitchen. It is basically organic waste, clothing, food waste, food containers, paper products etc. It is picked up by different organizations like City sanitation Department or the Waste Control Department. All the household garbage and the paper products after getting picked are sent to the Waste-to-Energy Facility. Trash Trash is the waste which comes from anywhere but the bathroom and kitchen. It could be old furniture, leaves, twigs, grass clippings, junk and other products which might come under the category of hazardous household waste. The trash is picked up by different authorities of the city like the city itself and sometimes contractors are hired by County’s Commissioner’s office. Read more: Difference Between Garbage and Trash | Difference Between http://www.differencebetween.net/language/words-language/difference-between-garbage-and-trash/#ixzz50e8RNs4B
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    Cleveland Indians Discussion

    Not everyone lives your lifestyle.
  13. oh, it's "New Cleveland Us.' I was way off