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  1. I don't have photos at the moment and there's no groundbreaking, but there were signs for townhomes on Southwest corner of East 141st and Harvard.
  2. the parcels that ken is talking about are currently being used as a place to rent a car if you want to be a driver for a car sharing company. including parcels 315-15-017, 315-15-021; iirc, he's intending that to become a medical marijuana discrepancy
  3. Exactly how population in Ohio City over the past couple years has actually marginally shrank (According to Ashley Shaw of Ohio City Inc, the local CDC) homes have fewer people in it or parcels that had multiple units now have one larger living space.
  4. Shouldn't be relatively that difficult of a conversion; it (and perhaps the parcel immediately to the south as well) previously was nursing home/assisted living until it became vacant 5-10 years ago.
  5. IIRC, only some video service is included in Amazon prime; others (Showtime, HBO) are not but can be purchased separately.
  6. Damn shame. I was in there just several months ago and chatted with the owner for a bit. The owner honestly had been looking to get out of the business; they liked the lack of publicity, "kept it quiet", she said.
  7. Call me dense, but I'm not seeing how this is a parking discount? Are you stating that you believe that the Clinic are not revenue-neutral (that is, they are losing money on them) and that they are not charging what other private entities would charge? Are you sure that you're not confusing it with the ability for employers to allow employees to allot a portion of paycheck before their pay is counted as gross income to go towards parking, public transportation, as well as health care (as a FSA)? (https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/132). That pre-tax ability is given on a federal level. As much as I detest the Clinic, the $100+/month for parking does not sound that much of a discount; IIRC, downtown lots go for $100-150/month. Hell, even my transit-adverse sister (lives in Old Brooklyn) who works at main campus at the clinic carpools with a co-worker (lives in Brookpark) to save $ and not pay for a monthly parking pass.
  8. What stops the city from already using that revenue for public transportation? To cede control completely over to a private company can be extremely foolish depending how the contract is written, which is a large variable. the city could lose a lot of leverage on things: It'd be in the company's interest to have parking available all of the time, and not control when and where it could be revoked, just for starters. Chicago's contract was rushed and Rahm regrets it. https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/features-cover-april-9-2009/Content?oid=1098561 I made a public records request last year for the specific locations of all of the meters downtown; they sent me a word doc that has the # of meters on a particular street (e.g. "Payne between 25 and 30th: X meters" ... *sigh*... I should make another one and ask them again. Probably posted this before on here, but here's a map with downtown parking lots that are open to the public (that is anyone can pay to park there). http://skorasaurus.github.io/dtparking/ I too, requested this information from the city 4-5 years ago and it was out of date and incomplete, so I had to build it on my own; I've been maintaining it nearly as long and to be honest, the overall parking supply downtown has remained steady (added supply of casino garage expansion, the loss that's now the lumen...) with perhaps the exception of CSU (the international school and the langston come to mind as filled craters), but even then, I don't have a quantitative # of how many spots were lost.
  9. To my knowledge (I've spent dozens of hours researching it in the past), there are no official city neighborhood boundaries for the city; there are the SPAs but those are used for planning purposes, if I recall correctly, they are comprised of census tracts; and not even meant to be neighborhood boundaries. I'd argue neighborhood boundaries are more subjective than that... As Tom mentioned, there are numerous (Asiatown, Little Italy as well) neighborhoods not mentioned in the SPAs.
  10. Nice find... there's some interesting data in there (and can probably move this to another thread): and relative to the 10 other cities they compared, Cleveland has a lower % of jobs in Downtown than its metro area (pg. 34) ; I'm quite confounded why several (SF, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Seattle) of 10 comparison cities in the study are quite unlike Cleveland and why they excluded more comparable cities: (St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo) (see pg. 43 of the PDF to see comparisons with pittsburgh and cincy)
  11. Karnis key 3100 prospect; I've been there a couple times without a problem .
  12. Can we be sure it was really obtained for no cost? Do other land bank sales show sales prices? Not sure if it's true in Cuyahoga County, but in other jurisdictions a sales price is only reported to the recording office in conjunction with payment of a transfer tax, and I suspect sales from the land bank are exempt from transfer tax. I apologize for my immediate suspicion; I've attached the deed transfer which does show $0 as a transfer cost but I am not an expert by any means of real estate . 1582f730-290c-4029-98cc-ec1efae93d99.pdf
  13. A Nike store is actually a great idea, it's retail for one, adding traffic to the area and Nike stores are few and far between so it will be a draw to the area. I thought so too. I am failing to see what is wrong with this. The only thing with me is I would've imagined if a Nike store came, it would be in an area more developed like in a new build such as The Quarter. Sorta feels funny that the parcel - 008-05-014 - was obtained for 0 cost in Sept. 2017 by the THE GEORGE GROUP CORP (owned by Tony George) from the county landbank; then resold 3 months later for $115k to CLE OHIO PROPERTIES LLC which owns about 15-30 properties across the city..... Wonder what the George Group did to spruce that property up in 3 months....
  14. The Old Brooklyn Cheese Company is expanding to a second location to increase their production space (aging, curing) of cheese; the location will be in Old Brooklyn although Mike (the owner) did not specify exact location since it's not finalized.
  15. I'm not sure if it closed yet, but the parcel (314-10-091) was sold a couple weeks ago for a little over $1mil. BE opened in 2013 or 14 or so and seemed busy whenever riding past. The proposal/letter has been confirmed on Councilman Rader's facebook. It goes to approval by the city's Planning Commission and Architectural Board of Review
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