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  1. Ok fine we should absolutely do that. And we should also add in people who've committed suicide from desperation/ financial ruin over Covid and subtract from the total an assumption of elderly/sick who might've died anyhow from the flu or something while in a nursing home or wherever. I'm not trying to be cute or dishonest with comparison but everything needs to be analyzed here with a point of reference.
  2. I think everythign that's been done to this point was smart, and it's a shame we missed any chance to act sooner to contain spread, because obviously acting early is critical. But I also think, based on the numbers we've seen on total infections and deaths, and the relatively minimal impact on healthy adults, that it's time to consider opening up parts of the country and businesses. If people choose to not go to movie theaters or sporting events for a long time, fine. If they want to wear a mask everywhere, fine. I think it's been a month now of "shelter in place" here in Ohio. Another 2 weeks and people are going to get real frustrated. At this point there really is a balance of lives saved vs economic devastation. It's not about my personal balance sheet either. Where are we borrowing this money from? what will the impact of all this debt be on future generations? How will we pay for basic infrastructure, city services, schools, roads, police, fire? Tax revenues are going down the drain faster than ever before. Will the fed just "bail us all out"? Every person? Every business? Every state & local government?
  3. you're reading what you want here & missing the point. People are very frustrated & angry in Michigan. 80-90% of the cases & deaths are in Detroit. Rest of the state is suffering major hardship with minimal impact from Covid. It's no comment on Trump or Governor Whitmer, and it's just an indicator of what's actually happening in the state, where I have a lot of family & friends (and used to live) Ive gone on record plenty about my views on Trump. No need to indulge you now
  4. Ohio's hospitals & ICU's have NOT been overwhelmed. THey are sitting with over half the beds empty. THey are laying of nurses & staff because of the mandate to hold beds open & not perform elective procedures
  5. you're pointing to Trump's tweet because you hate him. I get it. My point is, people would be angry regardless of Trump or his tweet.
  6. This chart has some good info. It compares the number of deaths to Covid and far right column is number of deaths annually over last 10 years from seasonal flu. Ohio has 389 deaths so far from Covid. Average is 1,689 deaths from seasonal flu Only 6 of the 50 states have more deaths from Covid than from seasonal flu. Most aren't even close https://www.realclearpolitics.com/coronavirus/country/united-states/
  7. Have you ever spent time in Michigan? Have you been following the news? 80% of the cases and 90% of the deaths are in Detroit and 3 surrounding counties. The entire state is on lockdown. I have a lot of family & friends there. There is major frustration and it has nothing to do with Trump's twitter feed
  8. whether Trump was President or Mike Dewine or Hillary Clinton... people would be getting restless, wanting to reopen the economy, get back to work, etc. No defense of Trump here, but aside from hot spots like NYC, Detroit Metro and New Orleans, majority of Americans are willing to risk getting sick and would rather resume some level of normalcy. The polls are showing over & over that most American's greatest fear right now is financial harm, not getting sick. They are worried about their jobs, their savings, their kids educations, etc.
  9. They tested everyone on the ship. What was the TOTAL infection rate? What was the hospitalization rate?
  10. I read a headline like this and it seems to be a mixed message. On one hand it says "reopening the economy too soon will be a disaster. But the article here says over half the positives had no symptoms.
  11. I think the bank stocks will be a buying opportunity soon. THey are going to get crushed in next month as defaults start hitting the books. Ultimately I expect another bailout to them but that window will be the time to buy as they write off maximum losses and take the bailout money to resume lending
  12. Michigan appears to be the new center of political craziness. Early this week, Governor Whitmer criticized the DeVos family for their alleged involvement in funding a conservative protest about the governor's updated stay-at-home orders https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/04/13/whitmer-takes-shot-devos-family-involvement-lansing-protest/2985109001/ Then yesterday Governor Whitmer praised the DeVos family and their businesses for donations of PPE https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/04/14/whitmer-amway-coronavirus-donations-betsy-devos/2989067001/ Now today a vehicle protest with thousands has flooded the capital with signs saying "recall Whitmer" and a petition is underway in fact to do so https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/04/15/lansing-capitol-protest-michigan-stay-home-order/5136842002/
  13. And then of course there's the male Democrat who gave mixed orders... NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio might be the must befuddled of all local/state leaders... but his ineptitude seems to have given way for Governor Cuomo to look like a rising star so its all good “For the vast majority of New Yorkers, life is going on pretty normally right now,” Bill de Blasio said on Morning Joe March 10, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. topped 1,000. “We want to encourage that.” Shortly thereafter, he declined to cancel St. Patrick’s Day parade and then did. He resisted calls to cancel regular street sweeping and then did. He had a photo op at a 311 call center, where he told a caller who had just returned from Italy that she did not need to self-quarantine, advice that forced 311 to actually call the woman back and tell her to stay inside for 14 days. The mayor touted the city’s new, wide-scale testing capacity, only to have his Health Department announce that only hospitalized patients should be tested. He tweeted at Elon Musk to supply the city with ventilators. When a New York Times reporter wrote of his own gut-wrenching story about contracting COVID-19 and being unable to get help, a top mayoral aide chastised him online for seeking help at all rather than just getting better at home. And the mayor himself told a radio host that people who don’t display symptoms can’t transmit the disease, an assertion that contradicts information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/03/bill-de-blasio-had-his-worst-week-as-new-york-city-mayor.html
  14. It's just one example. Not sure it's a classic example
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