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  1. That's really great info, thanks for digging. I'd be curious also, for Columbus which is a red hot market, how many of those condo units are rented/not owner occupied. Effectively acting as a rental but also as investment for the owner.... We're not there yet in Cleveland, where you could buy a condo on spec and actually make money
  2. Maybe, maybe not. The "new construction" market for condos in downtown is harder than you think. Parking is a factor. I don't think you'll get a building of empty-nesters to give up their cars as easily as you can young professional/apartment dwellers. So acquiring or building adjacent or attached parking is a big issue. Construction costs are a factor. Developers are competing with the condo/townhome market in Ohio City/Detroit Shoreway. Those are wood-framed 3-story structures. Much cheaper to construct than concrete & steel. The pre-sale is a big hurdle as well. Town home buildings that are 6-10 units can start when half are pre-sold typically. Much harder to do with a building that is 40-50 units. I"m trying to think what the last 'new-construction' building in downtown for residential for-sale condos actually was. It's probably been at least 10 years though so I'm sure there's untapped demand but never the less it's still a hurdle.
  3. So how many units are we talking about for this building? New construction of condos downtown could be a great option for empty nesters. Just not sure how many there are. I know areas like Battery Park condos have an increased number of empty nesters over young professionals (as prices of the units have climbed well over 350k) but a tower unit is different from a town home unit. As exciting as this is, and it is very exciting for new construction and attracting new groups of people to the City and creating amenity-loaded neighborhoods, Cleveland is STILL a city with declining population. So many empty nesters are moving south for better weather/lower taxes in Florida/Tennesse, etc
  4. I am probably wrong but I just don't see the market for this yet. Condo's are different from apartments in that you have to have enough money for a down payment which wipes out a lot of young professionals who are currently apartment dwellers. Even cheap condos at $200k require a $40k down payment. Even also assuming the down payment is paid for by parents or whatever, part of the attraction of renting is the freedom to leave after a year or whatever. Not so with a condo. So playing these two out, you're back to single middle age professionals and married couples who have no kids. Who want to live downtown. Not Ohio City or Detroit Shoreway - downtown. We'll see
  5. it's the rainiest season in over 30 years. Corn needs to be planted by early May to be mature at harvest in spring. For much of the midwest, corn crop is about 20% or less than what is typically planted. It's pretty much past planting time for soybeans now also. Many farmers are taking a major hit this year putting any crop out at this point - very likely to not even cover costs of fuel, seed, equipment, etc. Some farmers I know are considering taking an insurance claim for "no crop" which is not much at all but it's better than spending money and effort to plant soybeans and risking a bad crop and low prices...
  6. I don't really see this being the case anymore this year because barely any farmers in northern Ohio planted corn. Corn gets the biggest dose of fertilizers which runoff contributes to algae bloom. Still other triggers like animal manure runoff but the corn crop has been major contributor.
  7. ^The original mission of the special investigator spun off... that commonly happens. Ken Starr investigated Whitewater but ended up finding Linda Tripp & Monica Lewinsky.... Trey Gowdy started investigating Benghazi and found illegal emails... it goes with territory of being President and being investigated.
  8. The Russia thing is real, I don't think anyone denies that. Not sure if I'm being classified as a Trumpie or not. I was too busy yesterday to listen but I read the recap. And it wasn't great. And it seemed unnecessary. As already stated, it changes nothing. But this whole dialogue of what Mueller could & couldn't do in his report is really getting spun out. He could've easily recommended obstruction charges be brought against other Trump family members or cabinet members... and named Trump a co-conspirator. But he didn't.
  9. Listening to the analysis of Mueller's press conference yesterday, a few things - Mueller declines to testify to Congress. That's not his decision. If he is summoned, he must appear and answer questions. A Democrat was interviewed on CNN and basically promised that Mueller would testify. - I think Dems want him to testify and give damning information on Trump, Russia and specifically the obstruction charges - Not sure how Republicans play it if he does testify but I'm sure they would like to ask when he realized the Steele dossier was garbage and there essentially was no Russian collusion - the entire statement and press conference seemed a bit hastily put together. The statement was conflicted in some aspects and not a factual recap that you might expect from an individual like Mueller. One of the headlines I saw called it a "testimony" without questions. - Timing of Mueller's statement seems coordinated with Comey's op-ed that ran the day before. All feels reactionary to Trump's move to declassify the intelligence regarding the origins of the Russia probe, like an attempt to redirect the narrative I see the Trump Impeachment and the declassification/investigation into the Russian collusion as two separate operations that will basically run neck & neck up until the election in 2020. Both stealing headlines from the other at times. Neither ever really reaching conclusion either. I suspect House Dems are waiting until campaign is in full swing to bring impeachment to a vote to inflict maximum damage politically. Why else would they wait?
  10. so small minded. But if it helps you to put everything in to a tidy little box and justify your hatred, then so be it. The world will go on. Maybe someday you will realize how complex the people of this country are and attempt to understand what the many issues affecting them are and what motivates so many to vote the way they do on any single occasion.
  11. Found this article rather timely for some of the comments above. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/05/24/using_the_big_lie_to_delegitimize_election_results_140418.html We hear the same condescending analyses from coastal critics of Rust Belt Trump voters and metropolitan London critics of British Brexit voters. How dare they not follow the guidance of their sophisticated superiors? They must be stupid or vicious, idiots or bigots. The obvious reply is that these voters, like their critics who vote for politicians who promise to raise their taxes, value some things more than marginal short-term economic gain. They will cheerfully forgo short-term gains and prefer policies they believe are better in the long term for them and their country. And they have some reason to discount the sophisticates' expertise and suspect their motives. The Bank of England predicted Brexit would wreck the economy. Instead, Britain's growing faster than continental Europe. The New York Times' Paul Krugman predicted the stock market would fall "forever" after Donald Trump won. Has he checked his 401(K) lately?
  12. Well there we have it now! Evidence that Russia helped Trump get elected. Let's make this post a sticky!
  13. by dumb ignorant & evil, you mean "deplorables" right? Just stick with that. It worked out well last time
  14. Jfc. I'll make it again. Despite everyone's attempts to say "Trump supporters are nothing but a bunch of.....insert stereotype here...." you're always wrong. It's not just rich old white guys. it's not just dumb truckers or miners. It's a little of everything. So open your eyes as to who actually voted for him and start understanding what's happening and WHY. Or it's about to happen again in 2020. Better question - what is the winning message thus far for Democrats in 2020? Economy? Immigration? Abortion?
  15. Here's the thing about Trump "supporters".... there's a lot more out there than anyone cares to admit. Nobody thought he stood a chance of winning in 2016 and he did. And now most forecast says he's on track to win again in 2020 despite facing likely impeachment and a dozen other allegations of illegality https://www.axios.com/trump-2020-presidential-election-forecast-models-b9a95aca-7f25-4c6a-af91-720b7828afa5.html
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