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  1. ^so if the concern is capital/debt levels, what if another developer built the tower(s) for SW and they just signed a long term lease? Isn't that what's really on the table here?
  2. Can't find the link but Steve Litt had an article not long ago that was critical of the Shoreway project. Maybe it was linked further back in here...
  3. Two recent articles analyzing the impact of tariffs on China and what effect its' having on their economy vs the US. China may not agree to anything anytime soon, they may be playing a long odds game in hopes that Trump doesn't win re-election, but the impact it's having on their economy is real. https://www.city-journal.org/tariiffs-yuan-exchange-rate some great information on the underlying fundamentals here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-economy-activity/chinas-economy-worsens-in-july-industrial-growth-at-17-year-low-as-trade-war-escalates-idUSKCN1V404X
  4. HI All - I normally only post in the NE ohio/Cleveland forum - but I'm interested if anyone on here can share info on the improvements the City of Columbus made on South High Street to the streetscape, in the vicinity of the new Marriott. I drove through there recently and it looks fantastic. I'm most interested in the following - how was the streetscape improvements phased? I know it's been a work in progress for years - how was it funded? Just general City street budget or through a special improvement district or a TIF? - any idea on total project cost? Thanks - Feel free to PM me the info
  5. Can anyone recap what Stark is requesting for a TIF on this project? In terms of dollars and specific uses? Thanks
  6. I don't like that high school there. terrible land use. So much more could've gone there. The school will sit empty outside of normal school hours. Doesn't add residential investment, creates a bottleneck for bus access, creates safety issues with all the kids having to cross the street to get to it... creates no taxable property value...
  7. It's really sad when you put it in perspective. The guy is a major scumbag.
  8. Thanks for posting this KJP. I've been looking for news updates on this park. If done right, this has the potential to be one of the coolest urban parks in the country
  9. I don't think most people are paying much attention to the whole Epstein thing. It's certainly in the news right now, and the Labor Secretary has some 'splaining to do, but it's not exactly a direct connection with Trump no matter how badly the Trump haters want it to be. And lets be honest, if the Michael Cohen testimony didn't take Trump down, this certainly won't either
  10. I have no problem admitting I voted for him but it was a vote against Hillary as much as anything. I voted for Kasich in the primary and much rather would've seen someone else win the Republican nomination like Jeb/Rubio/Cruz or Kasich. I'll also go on record now that I'd probably vote for a Dem in 2020 so long as they are moderate. I like government to have checks & balances and would prefer a republican majority congress with a democrat in white house or vice versa. it forces compromise and limits the powers of either office
  11. Where have I ever defended Trump? Scroll through this entire thread. I supported the Mueller investigation and have said repeatedly that Trump deserves everything he gets. Get your facts straight. My criticism of a rambling post with no backup is not a defense of Trump
  12. i think you just set a new record for false assumptions in a single post. Got any credible links for any of the info you just recited? If half of that was true, how do you think he stayed out of jail for money laundering all these years? Also, ever been to Palm Beach? stay there a week, you know half the people. Stay there a month, you know pretty much everyone. In your research, did you find anything on why Bill Clinton was using his jets to fly around the world?
  13. lots of starts & stops. Well actually no starts. More like lots of "hurry up & wait's"
  14. Well I stand corrected. They do have some high rise experience - albeit hotels. I'd still rather see a Turner or Walsh or Gilbane-type GC but oh well. Not rooting against them, just a surprising choice
  15. Oh lord. What experience do they have in new construction highrise? From the website it looks like they built a 20 story court building in Florida... That's somewhat troubling to me. Means the big boys either passed or were too busy.
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