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  1. Right. Like when Obama was hot mic'd to Putin saying "I'll have more.... flexibility... after the election..."
  2. I agree with all that. And I also would restate that the US gives billions to even hostile countries every year, just so we have a carrot/stick to steer them with. Was Trump acting on his own, outside of the US interests, for political purpose? Yes. And why were Joe Biden and John Kerry's sons running a hedge fund recruiting huge sums of money from foreign investors while their fathers were at the highest levels of US government/foreign policy? Quid pro quo indeed! https://nypost.com/2018/03/15/inside-the-shady-private-equity-firm-run-by-kerry-and-bidens-kids/
  3. Look, there's no defending Trump, the guy is totally dishonest and corrupt. But the impeachment hearings are a sham. Every relevant note above about quid pro quo or bribery is paramount to American foreign policy. We give BILLIONS and BILLIONS in foreign aid, to influence outcomes "through force or threat"... "to persuade that group to do something you want...." this has happened for generations under every president.
  4. Cool. This is nice completion/extension of Battery Park. Surprising to me that it's taken so long. That old warehouse structure was torn down about 6 years ago when the 73rd interchange was put in. The Mobile Martin folks relocated several years ago too
  5. Agreed that CM firms spent a lot of work & time on this but it's not unusual. Only a couple firms competing. Huge potential upside. Often the firms put together preconstruction proposal to cover their costs and will waive it if they are the successful firm.
  6. Yeah rest of the year. Wow. Sends a strong message to rest of the league
  7. I realize he's with the Raiders now but he's going to be facing probably a 3 game suspension now
  8. whatever deal is finalized will include major incentives from the City. It makes a lot more sense to attract development in the heart of downtown than trying to create a new hub elsewhere and leave parking lots on public square.
  9. here's my thoughts on the Burke airport site discussion.... airport closure issues aside, there's no infrastructure out there to build a skyscraper OR a campus. YOu'd need roads, utilities and amenities.... any other site already has hotels, utilities, restaurants, parking, etc right closeby. So I don't see Burke being a realistic site. but that's me. Cleveland has a ton of development potential before we need to start exploring that old airport as an option...
  10. I see this wrapping up sooner than later. Again, the City has every motivation to not let this drag on and have more competition from outside NE Ohio.... 60 days or less I'd say something is announced. but I have no sources to back that up so take it for what it is
  11. I just don't see the point of issuing RFQ's to construction companies unless SW plans to contract directly with them and PURCHASE the sites in question, then build their own tower/campus.... projects like this are typically done more as a design/build lease back with a developer with an option to purchase after 20 yrs or something. This is what the County building did with Geis a few years ago - saves all the capital & risk from the tenant side Also curious how GEIS fits into all this discussion... I know they are working all angles and of course Welty - the President of Welty, Don Taylor, has tight connections with SW executives and Welty hired a new business dev guy about 18 months ago who formerly worked at SW.... and his wife Mary Taylor is former Lt Governor, has close connections still for gathering incentive money....
  12. So back to the RFP, I'm curious how everyone thinks this is being structured. Is City of Cleveland putting together a singular incentive package to get entire operation downtown, regardless of Public Square or Nucleus location? And then are developers putting together proposals to build & lease back tower/campus type developments? Does anyone have insight as to what the property owners of the locations in question are trying to do? Sell to a developer, hang on to it/retain a stake in the deal? Finally, it seems to me this RFP has probably been ready to release for quite some time. It's almost like they timed it to be released just as Frank Jackson was having his worst week ever. In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, never let a crisis go to waste. He's desperate for a win and some positive PR right now.
  13. Separate conversation but relevant here, I was telling a friend last weekend that Frank Jackson really has no winning record to speak of as mayor but has merely managed to avoid controversy. Now with his grandson facing felony, he's mired in the muck. If this SW deal somehow gets away, he's toast.
  14. So on to real news - what locations are actually on the list? - Public Square parking lots owned by Jacobs? - Nucleus site? - Valor Acres in Brecksville?
  15. No idea how many employees they have now unfortunately but I hear they are growing all the time. As for the amount of property acquired, I think the owner of the business has made a lot of money and is doing investments all over. He is a partner in restaurants and other ventures that I know of so land ownership is not necessarily for the mortgage HQ... just my 2cents
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