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  1. that information above is mostly incorrect. The city has public RFP's out now on their website that clearly define what they are building - it will be a campus with Admin, separate buildings for vehicle maintenance, fueling, storage, gun range. The budget will be much more than $40 million also, probably double. They were over $50 million when they were looking to take the old Plain Dealer location on Superior and that was an existing building with light renovations. This new Opp Corr location will be full site development/earthwork/paving/utilities plus buildings, technology, furniture etc
  2. 55 PS? On & off with K&D. Last I heard it was off.
  3. Good point, and I thought of that, but most all incentives must pay for themselves. the math is fairly basic. If it doesn't pay for itself in 10 years, it doesn't compute. No matter if you are a 250 person company or a 2500 person company. If the City established clear incentives criteria for income tax and property tax based on jobs & capital investment, it would be easy for all to analyze. Just my thoughts
  4. editorial today in Clevleand.com advocating for more transparency in details of City/County incentive package being offered to keep SW here in Cleveland. https://www.cleveland.com/opinion/2020/01/citizens-deserve-to-know-what-county-and-city-officials-offer-sherwin-williams-to-stay-in-cleveland.html Curious what everyone's thoughts are about this. I think some level of confidentiality needs to be had during negotiations but the end result should be made clear. Ultimately, any property tax abatement needs signed off by School board and income tax needs approved by Council, right?
  5. a lot of good points here. This VA site is at the southern tip of Cuy County. Less than a mile away and it's Richfield. It's reasonable logic that half the employees of any new development at the VA site would rather live in Summit or Medina County and commute back to Brecksville. Even transfer of existing jobs within Cuy Co would result in a portion probably relocating outside the County. Just speculating, but it seems logical to me
  6. I think some of this "cleanup" talk is being overstated. I've done developments at some really bad sites. In worst cases, a builder would have to "cut & cap" the site with approximately 3' of "clean fill". That's not an astronomical fee. Entire Battery Park site had this done. They still managed to be profitable.
  7. worth noting, Brecksville is probably throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this opportunity as well... how much would it mean to the VA development to get a major corporate user like this as an anchor tenant...
  8. and still nothing on Cleveland.com on the story, not even to link to KJP blog... so lame.
  9. Good article. No love for Brecksville. For some reason, I thought they'd peal off a piece of this project to the Valor Acres site. But apparently not.
  10. I actually really like Pinecrest and prefer it over Legacy but I can see the differences in the two. Pinecrest is larger and newer. The trees aren't yet established, the architecture is more modern. Legacy is more quaint, more narrow sidewalks, has more tree canopy close by from the TRW property, the storefronts are smaller and it feels more legit as a recreated small town. Pinecrest has a more corporate feel with the design - more glass, metal, even the lighting details. I still think Pinecrest has a longer term recipe for success with the housing mix, the grocery store, the corporate office use and hotel on site. There's a lot of developments that strive for all those components and very few pull it off. And the location is really good. Right off busy freeway, with visibility. LV doesn't have that, even though its' still easy to get to.
  11. Right. Like when Obama was hot mic'd to Putin saying "I'll have more.... flexibility... after the election..."
  12. I agree with all that. And I also would restate that the US gives billions to even hostile countries every year, just so we have a carrot/stick to steer them with. Was Trump acting on his own, outside of the US interests, for political purpose? Yes. And why were Joe Biden and John Kerry's sons running a hedge fund recruiting huge sums of money from foreign investors while their fathers were at the highest levels of US government/foreign policy? Quid pro quo indeed! https://nypost.com/2018/03/15/inside-the-shady-private-equity-firm-run-by-kerry-and-bidens-kids/
  13. Look, there's no defending Trump, the guy is totally dishonest and corrupt. But the impeachment hearings are a sham. Every relevant note above about quid pro quo or bribery is paramount to American foreign policy. We give BILLIONS and BILLIONS in foreign aid, to influence outcomes "through force or threat"... "to persuade that group to do something you want...." this has happened for generations under every president.
  14. Cool. This is nice completion/extension of Battery Park. Surprising to me that it's taken so long. That old warehouse structure was torn down about 6 years ago when the 73rd interchange was put in. The Mobile Martin folks relocated several years ago too
  15. Agreed that CM firms spent a lot of work & time on this but it's not unusual. Only a couple firms competing. Huge potential upside. Often the firms put together preconstruction proposal to cover their costs and will waive it if they are the successful firm.
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