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  1. WoollyBear

    Personal Finance / Investing Thread

    I started investing about 7 years ago (35yo now). At first, I took an old-school approach by buying high dividend/low growth stocks. After a few underperforming years, I changed my approach to investing in companies with "wide moats." I started buying Visa and Apple 4 years ago and I have done well. If I had to recommend 1 stock to a new investor, it would be Visa. What are some good financial books?
  2. It doesn't surprise me on the time line. they prob wanted to purchase the property now so they dont have to pay a higher price if/when phase 1 is a success. quick question: what exactly is a tif? how will the $2.4 mil be used? if i understand correctly, the developer will get this amout every year.
  3. I'm surpised that the development turns its back on Warrensville. The city prchased the old Qua Buick dealership a few years back in hopes of integrating it with the Van Aken development. i believe that they are using some of the money received from the county for demolishing vacant homes/buildings to demolish the structure that is left on the property. I live in the city and I have to admit that I'm disappointed in the generic design. Hopefully, they can find the right tenant mix.
  4. WoollyBear

    Cleveland: Looking to buy....

    My wife and I are having and architect design our landscaping in the front of our house. The designer had a cool idea of putting cor-ten steel planters in the front, but we are having difficulty finding them. Is anyone aware of someone in the Cleveland area that sells these, or may be able to build them for us?
  5. WoollyBear

    Greater Cleveland RTA News & Discussion

    I just found this in the PD. Read until the end. Also, Does anyone know if they are renovating the Lee Rd. station? I bought a house in Shaker back in the Spring, and our realtor told us that this was supposed to happen. http://www.cleveland.com/shaker-heights/index.ssf/2011/10/shaker_heights_scores_federal.html
  6. My fiance and I just purchased a home in the Fernway neighborhood in Shaker. We love going to the the Coventry and Cedar/Lee areas. I am glad to hear that they are talking about these improvements. I think an easy way to improve the look/image of the area is to upgrade the signage that some of the local businesses have. The restaurants/bars/businesses seem to be successful, but their sign looks like a green piece of cardboard with the name of the business printed on it.
  7. WoollyBear

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    This has not been a good week.................... CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Goodrich Corp. said Wednesday that it would close its Cleveland landing gear plant by the end of next year, putting 400 people out of work. http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2011/06/goodrich_to_close_cleveland_pl.html
  8. I lived in Findlay for 4 years (graduated from UF in May), and it always amazed me that a tiny town of approx 45,000 people had so many large employers. Not only will they have this headquarters, but they have the world headquarters for Cooper Tire, they have a large Whirlpool facility, an independent hospital, and a strong university. If/when this recession ends I really think Findlay is going to grow rapidly.
  9. I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Toledo Business Thread. I just felt that this was a big enough story to warrant its own topic. One article states that the refining company will be the 5th largest behind Valero. The 2010 Fortune 500 list had Valero as the 26th largest company in America. Marathon splits company Marathon Oil Corp. said Thursday it will split into two companies, separating its oil exploration and production business from its refining operation. The refining company will be known as Marathon Petroleum Corp. and will be headquartered in Findlay. It's expected to be the nation's fifth-largest refiner with operations in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast. Marathon Petroleum will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "MPC" starting on July 1. http://www.thecourier.com/Issues/2011/Jan/14/ar_news_011411_story1.asp?d=011411_story1,2011,Jan,14&c=n Analysts: Findlay fortunate By LOU WILIN STAFF WRITER Speaking to Findlay Rotary Club last October, Marathon Petroleum President Gary Heminger drew cheers when he said he expected Marathon to be in Findlay for a long time. Today he might get a standing ovation just for entering the room. Marathon Petroleum, the refining, marketing and transportation arm of Marathon Oil Corp., will remain in Findlay and be headquartered here after Marathon Oil splits into two this summer. http://www.thecourier.com/Issues/2011/Jan/14/ar_news_011411_story2.asp?d=011411_story2,2011,Jan,14&c=n
  10. My guess: a Marc's or Drug Mart. I am sure the space is too small for a regular store but I am thinking a mini-version of the stores.
  11. WoollyBear

    Info on relocating to Cleveland area

    I will be finishing school in May, and I will be working in the Cleveland area after I graduate. I am originally from Cleveland, but I am looking for a house in University Circle and I am not that familiar with the area. The plan right now is for me to live in the house for a few years, then rent it out to Case students/university circle employees. I looked at a few houses in the e.105-e.115 area and the neighborhood seemed stable. I was just wondering if anyone on this board has much experience with this neighborhood? Also, if there are any Case students on this board, is this area where students look to rent? Any advice/tips are greatly appreciated.
  12. WoollyBear

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    Acts of kindness happen everywhere, but it still makes me proud that people in our city help each other out when times are tough. http://www.cleveland.com/business/index.ssf/2009/10/charter_one.html
  13. Wouldn't free/cheap drinks in a casino located in Cleveland hurt the bars/clubs in downtown?
  14. ^ Cardinal Health is located in Dublin. They are the #19 on the Fortune 500 list with sales of $91 billion. They are a wholesaler for pharmacies, but they have do manufacture some medical equipment. For a better idea visit www.cardinal.com Considering it is headquartered about 2 hours away, it would be disappointing if they only signed on with the New York project.
  15. WoollyBear

    Graduating in an economic downturn...

    ^ I will actually be finishing pharmacy school next year (May '10). All of those "other pharmacy jobs" you mentioned are great, but working for a retailer, like Wal-Mart, actually pays the most. People think that all we do in the retail setting is count pills, but we are also responsible for catching drug interactions, we have to make sure the patient knows why they are taking the medication, and how to take the medication. Anyways, since this thread is about graduating in an economic downturn, I can say that everyone I know in the medical field is not really worried right now. However, if things do not improve I am sure that even doctor's, nurses and pharmacists will have a hard time finding work.