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  1. You just outlined one of my three "SimCity" transit dreams for Cleveland. In my head I have it either utilizing the Big Four Bridge or a new branch off the RTA viaduct, through Scranton peninsula, under the Innerbelt Bridge, down W. 10th, over I-490, and then to Steelyard (and eventually points beyond). Since this is my SimCity version it would be a tunnel under W. 10th. The other two are the completion of the Waterfront Line into a downtown loop and extending the Rapid through the West Side using the NS tracks through Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake and Bay and ending around Crocker.
  2. I never thought of that but I definitely can see it. This view of 200 Public Square reminded me of the below picture I took several years ago.
  3. What extensive remodeling has the Casino done in the first half of 2018?? I was wondering the same thing. The last time I was in there in July I noticed they had rearranged some tables and slot machines and added some live action dealer stage thing, but otherwise it looked the same to me.
  4. I certainly agree that the Cleveland casino could better capitalize on its downtown location to further differentiate itself. However, in regards to losing the market I do not imagine that is likely as the Cleveland casino has a monopoly on full-service casino gambling in the Cleveland area per state law (i.e., the Higbee building and the Phase 2 location on Huron are the only locations in which full-service gambling is allowed). Sure, one could go to Thistedown or the Rocksino, but those only offer slots (and of course horses). The appeal of table games for many gamblers will likely ensure that downtown Cleveland Jack casino retains its market share compared to these suburban properties. Relative to other casinos in Ohio and neighboring states (e.g., Detroit, Pitt, Erie, etc.), I suspect that not many tourists travel to any of these locations strictly for the casinos nor to I expect that given the distance a lot of people have a practical choice between them.
  5. They have a very strong interest as a buyer but it kind of worries me how close they own casino's from Cleveland. Wheeling and especially Pittsburgh! So their closeness to Cleveland is a negative? It would be one less competitor to worry about in a saturated market with no incentive to make the Cleveland casino a complete casino as every city in the region that was allowed to have a casino has except for Cleveland. Cleveland got screwed because Gilbert wanted Cleveland to be the first casino opened in Ohio for competitiveness so he started in phases which seems never to be a good idea in Cleveland. So right now Cleveland is stuck with an incomplete casino that is less competitive even though the area has been lobbying for gambling legalization for decades and end up on the short end of the deal. Cleveland's numbers are still competitive to the rest of the state even though it's incomplete but may end going under which will be a shame I am curious as to what you mean when you say "incomplete casino". What does Cleveland's casino lack that the others have? Perhaps a full-service restaurant; however the other casinos are essentially islands unto themselves vs. Cleveland's being surrounded by restaurants. Therefore I doubt that has much of an effect. If anything, Cleveland lacks square footage in which they could put another 600-800 slot machines to match the other three, yet revenues are comparable and Cleveland absolutely kills it on table games.
  6. Most likely it was coal from Kentucky or Illinois.
  7. If you think there's a grand conspiracy against CLE in this survey you should JD Power know. I think all of your points are valid and there probably is some "destination bias" in the survey. However, I have been to about 70% of the airports on the list and in terms of the airport itself, CLE would rank near the bottom for me (probably the only one lower would be LGA - obvious for anyone who has ever been there!). CLE is functional and generally easy to move through, but the simple fact is that it does not look that nice and I think that may greatly influence people's assessment of their satisfaction.
  8. My understanding was that UA/CO was responsible for paying that debt (or said differently, responsible for paying rent on Concourse D until the debt was retired). Anyone know for sure?
  9. This article seems a bit misleading. While I understand the math outlined therein, would not a better method to determine if the big cities are "donating" to the state be a comparison of total tax revenues vs. what they receive back from the state? To me, it makes perfect sense the that big cities would pay a higher per capita income and sales tax as, generally, I would expect more income is earned and more retail activity takes place in such locations on a per capita basis.
  10. How is that unusual? What river, besides the Niagra, does Lake Erie feed into? Agree. I think rivers feeding the lakes (at least the Great Lakes) is more the norm. The only example of the opposite I can think of (aside from the flow through Detroit River, Niagara, St. Lawrence on its way to the ocean) is the Chicago river, and the flow of that river was artificially reversed.
  11. Great set of pictures! Since I currently do not live in Cleveland I appreciate any and all pictures posted to the threads. That being said, thanks for not "instagramming" them. :-)
  12. I'm not from Dayton, but I know that no one calls DAY by its full name. I call every airport by its name except those that are named after the city, like CVG. Hartsfield, Heathrow, Lambert... My charts read: Cox Dayton International or officially: James M Cox Dayton International I have been in Dayton for two years now and most people just seem to call it the Dayton airport.
  13. Excellent pictures; totally agree with the previous poster that the night shots of downtown are awesome. For some reason I also especially like the picture of the chain link fence with the "No Smoking" writing. Where is that located?
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