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  1. Yes. I've got another blog coming. Hope to have it done today. Care to share the URL for your blog, Ken? :-)
  2. Here are some fun views, taken today ... from several different angles we don't see everyday! :-)
  3. Wasn't there a rendering or massing a few years back of a future hotel between the two that looked like a suburban mid-market thing? That would be awful. And was that Pace or someone else? Hoping that whatever gets proposed/built there is architecturally acceptable.
  4. I've "never" understood the need for some writers to "put" quotation marks around what are often random "words" in their sentences. ;-)
  5. Here's a view from near the CLEVELAND sign off Abbey Road in Tremont.
  6. They've announced that it will stay on as a permanent part of CWRU's John and Mildred Putnam Sculpture Collection.
  7. Stopped by "the hand" at lunch today to check on its progress ... it's definitely weird, but not overly creepy (as I feared). I like it. But everyone is going to be calling it Thing from the Addams family for the rest of time, I'm afraid. Lol.
  8. Here's a view from Section 555 in Progressive Field from last night ... helps fill in that gap nicely!
  9. If my counting skills are correct, the floor they're just starting to put the "roof" over is the inset one.
  10. Cool! I may be able to make it, but ugh, one of my least-liked restaurants in the whole city. But I digress, lol ... will let you know shortly. ;)
  11. Hmmm ... the renderings I've seen seem to show that it occupies about 80% of the easternmost portion of the garage (extending westward to perhaps that glass O on the garage's top floor). This looks closer to taking up only about 50% of the Euclid frontage, so I'm a bit perplexed myself. :-)
  12. Paul in Cleveland

    IKEA - Cleveland

    I have it from a source I can't name (but you can probably guess if you know me) that IKEA is definitely coming to Garfield Heights. Obviously it hasn't been announced formally, but the behind-the-scenes stuff has started! :-)
  13. I met a guy on Monday afternoon at a New Year's party who is one of Mayor Jackson's top guys. Amongst the small chat, I casually asked about nuCLEus and the TIF and its chances of passing anytime soon. He was pretty noncommittal about saying anything, but mentioned something along the lines of that it's in the hands of the school board head to explain the deal to his people successfully. He did comment on how Benesch is all in on the project and wants to be aligned with it as much as possible. Years ago, when the firm would bring in prospective employees, they'd house them out on 271 and wine and dine them out there. Now, young potential employees want to stay downtown ... and be entertained downtown. The company thinks their new HQ in the nuCLEus office building and the attached hotel, along with the retail/entertainment will be perfect for them and their growth efforts. All in all, if I had to rate his positivity/negativity vibe about it moving forward anytime soon, I'd put it at about a 6/10, slightly toward the positive.
  14. Is it a bit odd to anyone else that there's no official name for this tower yet? They're going to have to start marketing it at some point, and I would've thought they would have settled on a name at the same time as the design. Or maybe they're saving that for a future marketing push?