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  1. I wasn't told anything more than there may be movement on it soon. I could tell that the person wasn't willing/able to share any more so I didn't push it. Especially in a casual, party setting.
  2. They didn't say, but my impression was more a land bridge ... based on the entirety of our conversation.
  3. So there may be movement on some sort of lakefront bridge soon. That's all I know, but it comes from a very credible, high-on-the-food-chain source. I got the impression that something new was involved.
  4. Urgent request ... can somebody find me a pic of that old design competition entry for bridging the Shoreway from about a decade ago ... the one with the wavy/undulating white steps that almost evoked a Santiago Calatrava Design? I’m at a party with a high ranking city official and we are chatting about projects. I brought that old design up and he said he didn’t recall it. Thanks!
  5. Crane jump proceeding today. Some views from the ground and 26th floor of 1111 Superior.
  6. This will be fun to cover from our offices ... also, an update from the east side of the building, too.
  7. I had caught the 4, 3, 2, 1 pattern in the rendering, and that's why I took that upward looking photo (the last of my batch above), to try and figure out how it was going to match that. It now seems more random, which is disappointing.
  8. From the 2nd floor of the CSU Student Center and from over on Chester ...
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