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  1. From this morning ... from the 26th floor of 1111 Superior.
  2. We went to Elton John the other night as well, and my impressions on the renovation were mixed. We tried to enter from the Tower City tunnel, and there was a massive backup of people waiting to get in (or even to the screening area / metal detectors). Didn't matter whether you went up the escalator or the stairs, there was a long wait. Someone at the bottom of the escalators was losing their cool and began yelling about the length of the line. One guard suggested quietly to us that we could go outside in the rain and walk "20 seconds down" and back in the next entrance for a shorter line. We did so, not a big deal — and once there, another security person said, "if you walk another 20 seconds around the corner, and there's an even shorter line." Again, we did so, and there, we waited maybe 2 minutes to get in. Not a big deal. But I thought the whole concept of the renovation was a better entrance experience. This was hardly that! Once inside, the ebbing and flowing metal panels looked cool and I was impressed. Less so with the funky splotchy paint job on the up escalators (the orange/black/teal on yellow) ... I think that will age very poorly ... if it hasn't already. And the upper level concourses didn't appear any different to me, other than maybe a fresh coat of paint. (Although I don't know that anything could have really been done to them from a structural standpoint.) Anyway, my overall reaction was a bit meh. It's nice, but I don't think it's $193 million nice. More like $25 million nice, lol.
  3. MayDay is correct, the construction never started, no foundation work was done. It was simply paved over ... I was following it very closely back then, near the beginning of my urban design obsessions.
  4. I totally agree with urbanetics_ ... and one other thing really impresses me about Lumen, now that we see its impact from different angles. Some people fretted that it was going to block views of the Keith Building, one of the city's loveliest structures. But I've found nearly the opposite — Lumen draws the eye toward that portion of downtown from so many angles. I think it helps draw attention to Keith, which was a bit overlooked, given it's outlier from the city core location. So a win-win in my book.
  5. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but wasn't sure where to ask this. We see this view of 75 Erieview every day from our offices, and I've often wondered what the small section of red squares was about. The first time I noticed it (years ago), I wondered if it was a test to see whether they wanted to paint the whole facade red (obviously not, as it's stayed this way). Now I don't know if I'd care for an entire red facade, but I do think the red is interesting — and could work if it were a little more widespread. Seems sort of random the way they have it. A coworker wondered if it was to memorialize Aliza Sherman, who was murdered nearby a few years ago, but it seems really unlikely to me that a building owner would be okay with that sort of thing. Not a great way to attract new tenants. Anyway, if anyone knows more, I'd appreciate the insight.
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