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  1. The Russian disinformation campaign is built for you. For that matter InfoWars is built for you. People are in Guantanamo, because there are people in this country that believe we should hold those people there indefinitely, and that they are the true American patriots for believing such. Are the dark forces preventing Trump from making America great again too?
  2. We already trimmed fat. Everyone talks about European austerity, but those were largely central governments (non-federal). Our austerity happened at the state level. But sure lets go follow Kansas off a cliff.
  3. Loretto


    When using Messenger I regularly fat-finger the "send them money" button.
  4. Kill me now, kill me now, or make it opening day. (My general affirmation for the day)
  5. There will be no regional trade deals including the US. Trump believes he can deal with all parties individually and "win."
  6. I think Egypt's Sisi is the more apt comparison to Trump and avoids Godwin.
  7. This is the "This is why you're fat!" thread not "This is why you're short/tall, single, and alone!" I know, I know a modest distinction in many an eye, but more gluttony please.
  8. The tests aren't free they're fully subsidized by bonds from the the big tobacco settlement with the state.
  9. There is kind of another pressing issue for the community at the moment.
  10. I was having lunch at Noodlecat When a 5-6 year old birthday party rolled in, and the birthday girl proclaimed "This is my favorite restaurant!" to her friends *shrug*
  11. There was no talk from the team about Sheen AFAIK, just from tweeters. As for the logo, the Dolans have always been adamant about keeping the Chief in some role and MLB has now publicly backed them. Did you notice what uniforms they wore in Toronto? MLB's comments on the lawsuit backed the use of the name Indians (100yrs of use etc). They did not explicitly back Chief Wahoo. I did see what uniforms they were using, and the merchandise they had up after winning the pennant (few non-Wahoo options). That is what brought this on. Charlie Sheen as Wild Thing is tied to the movies which are tied to the imagery of Chief Wahoo exclusively. I saw two people that report on the Indians post the Wild Thing rumor, so I gave it a bit of credence. I've long championed the Guardians name and imagery as a potential replacement, but I believe that keeping Indians is a decent compromise that is friendly to the many fans that reject a change. I believe that particular compromise is less likely to be achieved the longer Chief Wahoo remains. My guess is that people in charge of the brand have some sense of this as well, but also I'm sure have consumer feedback data that scares the bejeezus out of them. That leads me to my thoughts above.
  12. I'm disappointed in the trajectory the organization has taken with Chief Wahoo this post season. Including this talk of having Charlie Sheen as Wild Thing throw out the first pitch. It makes me question the long term plans of the Dolans for the team in general. I don't buy this as a last hurrah for the Chief until they really go into transition. This is like sell the team and let someone else deal with it, or screw it we'll deal with it when we move the team.
  13. Matters not. We're in the Auston Matthews era now.
  14. They started that work two years ago. Obviously the planning even before that. Place is a total cluster when Key lets out. You'd sit over there and hear fire/EMS sirens and just think "well somebody is screwed."
  15. The taxes outrage feels weird to me. We knew he lost billions of dollars over the years. I guess people don't know where that goes. I personally think a lot of the types of basis manipulation that Trump and his family have no doubt been huge beneficiaries to is a much more sleezy facet of business particularly in rental real estate. Along with some of the things that have been done with depreciation since 2008.
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