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  1. I heard that Current has closed/is lclosing R&D centers in Europe and in Mexico to consolidate operations at Nela Park.
  2. From the rendering, those two pedestrian bridges would span E.96th St to connect to the Urology and Cardiovascular buildings.
  3. The article states that the building is 96% leased. The owner had trouble paying some repair bills, etc.
  4. Could anyone recommend any good urban planning or economic development related podcasts? I haven't had much luck finding anything that i like.
  5. FWIW Sherwin WIlliams put a few million dollars into repairing the bulkheads next to the Breen R&D center in that past couple of years.
  6. I've always had a crush on the UP.
  7. Nashville is a city without neighborhoods.
  8. This is great to hear. This site has been dominated by an ugly building and a huge parking lot for so long. I really like that they are adding townhouses to hide the parking on 117th and 118th. The design is bad in many ways.
  9. I'm not a fan of the site plan at all. It is essentially a cul-de-sac. I'm intrigued by the architecture, but the renderings are a bit ridiculous. What's with the oddly elongated shadow people and the 1920's era skeletal race car? it is not easy to understand how these will actually look once they are constructed because the renderings are a bit fantastical and do not show the neighboring structures. KJP included the better images, but the rest of the images that are on the city planning agenda page are not realistic. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2019/04252019/index.php
  10. This is awesomeness. KJP -- you are Too Legit To Quit.
  11. It could be part of ongoing environmental testing to determine if the underground storage tanks are leaking. I think the reference to the drilling on the SE corner of West 28th and Detroit is directly related to an upcoming development.
  12. The default question that my wife and I get from many suburban colleagues or acquaintances: where do you send your kids? The fact is that k-8 options have improved greatly for near west side families over the past 5-8 years. Ask the families around you. Or pm me sometime.
  13. I don't know what the development will be, but RTA's plan going back to 2013 was to have townhouses on the site. RTA went with the assumption that any developer of these TOD-townhouses would also want to include one or two garage spaces . Because of the grade change and design considerations, it made more sense to put the townhouse garages on the back to avoid a mega-block of 30 front-loaded garage doors and corresponding curb cuts. They were told that the City would never approve a project where you'd have up to 30 drivers backing out of the driveway and into a busy arterial road (Columbus Rd) each morning.
  14. They rezoned most of Duck Island last year. I just saw this, so I haven't had time to read through it. See the last page for a map of the changes (which includes an urban form overlay for the RTA land). http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/zoning/2018/Map2586.pdf
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