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  1. St.X makes you pay extra for Kairos??
  2. I've heard of Glassdoor, but I don't know anything about it's reputation. Can you explain why it's good to hear this from them?
  3. ^fyi the loopnet listing that kjp posted is different from the Knez project. One is on Lorain and the other is on Franklin.
  4. That part of Ohio City has a population that is generally much more supportive of density.
  5. Actually, he was rejected by the City Planning Commission. There was new zoning legislation passed in 2018 that allows for townhomes to be built on parcels that are zoned for 1- or 2-family residential. The CPC must approve the request--effectively allowing a townhome proposal to bypass all of the setback, area and height requirements of the single or two family home zoning. DeCeasare's proposal, for various reasons, was rejected by CPC. He then went to court to appeal and he lost. If he has since put together a new development proposal, then he would not be able to pull a building permit until he has been approved both by landmarks for its design as well as the CPC for townhomes in a 1 or 2 family zoned parcel. If tykaps saw something, my guess is that it would have been the first mandatory step of the building process--filing a site plan for a zoning-only review.
  6. No, he put together another pretty awful design that was rejected by landmarks.
  7. ^I wonder how decision on the location of new Justice Center courthouse tower is impacting landlords' mindsets. If the new courthouse tower does anywhere near Playhouse Square, i would think that the Keith building would see increased demand from small legal offices, etc.
  8. ^No, Chris is the Board chairman for Canalway Partners (towpath trail org).
  9. If the new HQ building will take almost 3 years until its available, I wouldn't want to tell my Minneapolis employees now that they'll be moving in 3 years. I would think that would lead to a situation where you lose a lot of employees in the next two years because they have the chance to look for another job close to home. And it would be difficult to hire for those openings. IMHO.
  10. The article about the Kertez proposed development at west 48th is essentially an infomercial by the developer. There are some major inaccuracies in it.
  11. I heard that Current has closed/is lclosing R&D centers in Europe and in Mexico to consolidate operations at Nela Park.
  12. From the rendering, those two pedestrian bridges would span E.96th St to connect to the Urology and Cardiovascular buildings.
  13. The article states that the building is 96% leased. The owner had trouble paying some repair bills, etc.
  14. Could anyone recommend any good urban planning or economic development related podcasts? I haven't had much luck finding anything that i like.
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