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  1. This is nowhere near the type of atrium they were claiming to build when their design was chosen. It was supposed to be part of expanding the North Market, and ran North/South between the new and existing buildings. This thing is ugly, bare bones, and basically looks useless. Everything about this new design screams, "Cheap!" This should be a showpiece of Columbus, and they've stripped this thing to bare minimum. If you can't afford to do it right, give the chance to someone else. This place will be a center point of Columbus tourism. Let's get it right.
  2. The strip center next to the Wood Co building will probably be redeveloped once Wood finishes their multiple large projects they're working on now; i.e. Hubbard Park Place, Parkside on Pearl, and Market Tower. I'd like them to purchase the IBEW lot and have one large project that might more easily pass the commission, and financing rounds. The check cashing place, and the old Dollar General can't hold out too much longer I wouldn't think. In addition to the Luxe 23 project at the former Yoga on High building you also have the Corso Ventures property that currently houses Montecristo House of Cigar that had that preliminary Miami Beach-looking condo building that was put out there. Other than that, you have the city-owned parking lot across from the Stonewall building south of the Garden Theater that needs developed. That's five, perhaps six, projects before the Short North is fully built out and it moves north to fill the Weinland Park gap to campus.
  3. An aerial of the progress being made on Cannon Dr's relocation.
  4. 800 N High is almost topped out.
  5. So they got rid of the garage being connected to the Vine St garage, making a curb cut necessary on Wall St. They also lowered the height by 10 floors. As long as density remains that's fine. The atrium they got state funding for appears gone, too. Changed significantly at least. This is also much uglier than the errantly released rendering. In a completely different way it's just as ugly as the original; if not more. The addition of the hotel and office is nice, but about the only thing I like in this revision.
  6. Just moving right along. Impressive speed. Tuller Flats is just about complete, too. 420 apartments and town homes. This will be quite a dense area. A small version of what Easton could have been. 34,000 square foot grocer is the same size as the one they're looking at for the Battelle Property. Whole Foods, Lucky's, Fresh Thyme, and Raisin Rack are about that size. Wonder who they're courting? Where will the arena/event center go? North of this latest phase? You'd think they'd want it by the AC Hotel. Looks like they're trying to get a satellite North Market location instead of a full-service grocer: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2018/10/02/why-the-north-market-and-dublins-bridge-park-think.html?ana=e_mc_prem&s=newsletter&ed=2018-10-02&u=sdiiufQzYQR8ALZwPjV8Ow0afe3a99&t=1538486200&j=84148281
  7. I know at the time it was originally planned the "Lifestyle Center" concept was still just that and was unproven, but I wonder why they didn't mix the uses a little more. Like have the office space above the outdoor retail? Same with the apartments? Was it zoning? Instead you have your mall section, the residential section and office section segregated. I think if I was planning this place and the uses had to be separate like that I would put the retail in between the residential and office uses. That would require people walking to work from their on site home to maybe stop in at the stores on their way to or from work. The developer of Easton has mentioned in recent interviews how he regrets not integrating uses more. It hadn't really been proven successful in suburban locations, and even this "lifestyle center" was a risk at the time. Going forward hopefully new stuff is integrated more, and maybe as time goes by and things need "refreshed" existing buildings can be retrofitted for more mixed-uses.
  8. aderwent

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    Having Lake Erie benefitted Cleveland's density. Not sure how you could argue otherwise.
  9. Convention center's new garage designed to 'flow' with the wind "Designers say the 650-space parking garage that will serve the Greater Columbus Convention Center will feature a mesh exterior that moves with the wind. Schooley Caldwell Architects is refining plans for the Ohio Center Garage that will serve the convention center and the planned expansion of the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel next door. Notably, the new drawings include a “flowing” facade." https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2018/09/26/convention-center-garage-designed-to-flow-with-the.html?ana=e_me_set1&s=newsletter&ed=2018-09-26&u=8jkupSw9zIRhc%2BySqW4WOQ0354f4c7&t=1537964020&j=84038991
  10. River & Rich ushers in new apartments, retailers to Franklinton "Final touches are being put on an eight-building apartment complex in Franklinton, the first of what is expected to be several large new projects in the Downtown neighborhood west of the Scioto River. The five-story River & Rich, 401 W. Rich St., includes 233 apartments above 25,000 square feet of first-floor retail space." http://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20180920/river-amp-rich-ushers-in-new-apartments-retailers-to-franklinton
  11. Looks like this is called Valencia on High: https://valenciashortnorth.com/ $995-$1295 for 558-668sqft.
  12. No, but he posted two months ago that Market Tower would be taller than previously proposed, and that renderings were soon to be revealed.
  13. From street level: Across the street (Detroit Ave) they rehabbed an industrial building. Before: After: As you can see, this is one block West of the Budd Dairy project.
  14. Nice find, Gnoraa! It looks better IMO. Not only is it taller, it seems less slender as well. The brick part closest to Park St. looks like it might be a hotel.