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  1. Agreed on all, however, what I was saying is I think Columbus has a boom like Austin/Charlotte on the way.
  2. I don't think we've seen Columbus's boom yet. Who are these people you're hearing? I'm willing to bet when we see the numbers for 2018 that Columbus will be +3.0%+.
  3. Municipal Light Plant: West Nationwide Boulevard improvements: Street lights, gutters, and curbs are in. Looks like a sidewalk complete to the left there, but it's 3-4 inches below the apron curb cuts so they'll be covering that with bricks. Future home of Crew Arena around to the right there. I wonder if they'll repurpose this as part of Confluence Village? Directly across from the Municipal Light Plant:
  4. LC Matan: LC Trautman courtyard/pool: Crawford Hoying Cherry Street:
  5. Why does height matter? If they kept the height and added to the footprint like they did they'd need an additional ~200,000sqft of space used. Considering they more than doubled the initial office space I would say they already have verbal agreements. I'm talking additionally as they said it could still go up pending needing more office space. Sounds to me like 26 floors is the floor here.
  6. So, yes, it dropped 7-9 floors. Who cares? It went from +10,000sqft to the North Market to +11,000 sqft. It went from 40,000sqft of office space to 90,000sqft. It went from 200 residential units to 150, but + a 210-room hotel. It went from 130 underground parking spaces to 352 above ground spaces. It also says "Restaurant and bar concepts and indoor and outdoor spaces including a rooftop venue, ground-floor retail and a wellness facility;" Not sure the square footage vs the ~50,000sqft of restaurants and retail initially. Plus, it reads to me if they find a large office tenant the height could still go up to accommodate.
  7. Completely agree. Plus the huge mix of uses will have hundreds of people on this block 24/7. The one thing I'm curious about is the North Market extension/atrium. If it looks as barren and useless as the bare rendering from October I will be disappointed.
  8. 90,000 square feet of office space, but no mention of verified tenants. Are they building spec? If they can get proper financing that way why must Millennial Tower wait?
  9. "11,000 square feet of new market space including 3,900 square feet for more merchants, 4,400 square feet of public and event space, and 3,300 square feet of outdoor space for outdoor activities; 150 residential units, with 20% of them designated as affordable to people making 80 or 100% of the area median income; Restaurant and bar concepts and indoor and outdoor spaces including a rooftop venue, ground-floor retail and a wellness facility; A 210-room independent boutique hotel to be operated by Rockbridge; 90,000 square feet of Class A office space; A 352-space parking garage." That's a great mix of uses! I like this more than the original building. Hopefully this really is the final look. Also, another hotel for the area
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