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  1. I'm planning on doing some looking at the stats of the three Cs and their peers. I was wondering what this group of experts and enthusiasts would consider the three Cs' peers. Austin Charlotte Hampton Roads Indianapolis Kansas City Las Vegas Milwaukee Nashville Orlando Pittsburgh Portland Providence Sacramento San Antonio San Jose Would any of you cross any of those off as peers? Add any other cities?
  2. Yeah that's why there's a huge discrepancy, but most of what you're talking about is on the fringes. So looking at the growth in just the Columbus School District boundaries gives a pretty good picture of the urban core growth.
  3. This School of Music building pictured here is apparently going to be 85 feet tall. And this project will have a 150 foot tower crane
  4. Looking at it more closely now that I'm on my laptop it's cool to click through each city and its institutions. You can find all the articles published and tons of info about them.
  5. It says they use Census Bureau defined Metro Areas; i.e. MSAs. However, wouldn't Kent be part of Akron's MSA? Edit. San Francisco and San Jose are separate MSAs so IDK what they're using to define "Metro Areas".
  6. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07212-4 There's their methodology.
  7. https://www.natureindex.com/supplements/nature-index-2018-science-cities/global-city-map The Nature Index of the top 500 cities worldwide in research output. This counts published studies only it seems; so not the whole picture of research production output, but a nice overview nonetheless. Columbus at 99, Cleveland at 131, and Cincinnati at 192. Ohio could really step up its game here. I only briefly looked around on mobile, but tiny Ann Arbor has equal the output of the three Cs plus Akron combined.
  8. Case in point: they scored 14 last night. Nine the night before. But the previous 14 games? In eight of them they scored two or fewer runs. Two.
  9. Will such a large facility affect CVG's passenger airline capacity leading to needed expansion?
  10. Wish they'd do something with the parking lot behind Express Live!. It currently has 314 spaces. At 400 square feet per space for an inefficient garage due to the non-square shape you could have about a 1,000-1,200 space five floor garage here with restaurant space along Broadbelt Lane. The ground floor behind the amphitheater would be real restrooms and concessions vs. the port-a-potties they have now. Then for two to three floors above that you could have balcony space for club seating. This would provide a more intimate space for the venue, too. The smaller lot to the southwest has about 115 spots, but could be about 600 with a five floor garage. I know this space was originally slated for the "Buggyworks Phase II" tower that never got past the conceptual phase. The two garages would connect over the retail creating a bridge over Broadbelt Lane. Atop this smaller garage should be a hotel or condominium building. Come on NRI! This is begging to be infilled!
  11. There's an article's worth to pick apart here. First, their weighting is coming from a small survey of people from 22 states. That's not very scientific. Second, the sub-categories are weighted evenly, but the sub-sub-categories aren't shown how they're weighted; but it's obviously not evenly or Ohio would be 34 in higher education not 38. Plus, Texas has the 13th best business climate? That must be why they blow everyone's doors off in regards to job creation
  12. I'd take consistency. I feel like we'll go weeks averaging two runs per game, then go three weeks averaging six or seven. It's been this way for years now. I know baseball is less consistent overall than other sports, hence their long season, but I feel the Indians are the least consistent. Also, I know we've had good offenses the last couple years, but how much of that was players and how much was coaches? Yandy Diaz is on the Rays now. Average a bit down, but slugging and OPS way up. Brantley is on his way to a career year in just his first year with Houston's hitting coach. I feel Van Burkleo needs to go, but Tito is too loyal; much like Urban Meyer was when guys weren't getting the job done.
  13. Wow looking at it on Google Maps now. It really does have great bones. I hope a few of these developments finally get going down there and fill it in. I'll have to give it a visit this summer. It appears 7th/Monmouth to Ovation would be a 16 minute walk. As an aside, why do so many Cincinnatians have disdain for the Kentucky side of the river? Yeah, it's a different state, but it's the same urban area. What's good for Newport and Covington is good for Cincinnati as a whole; it's not a zero-sum game. I feel like hating on Newport because it's not Cincinnati would be like Columbusites hating on Grandview Heights.
  14. You're assuming people living here work downtown. The Chase McCoy building is a ten minute drive; maybe 15-20 during rush hour. That's no big deal. Westerville and Worthington have tons of high paying jobs as well. Even Easton, New Albany, and Dublin would be manageable commutes.
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