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  1. The engineering for this is much more considering the parcel, and 6 of the 28 Millennial Tower floors will be parking garage. A much cheaper building is pretty easy to believe. Still don't think they're going to ever break ground for it.
  2. Pretty sure the city owns the entirety of the Scioto Peninsula.
  3. aderwent

    Columbus: Restaurant News & Info

    Update: Fox in the Snow will open Jan. 12 in New Albany; Dublin up next? http://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20190102/update-fox-in-snow-will-open-jan-12-in-new-albany-dublin-up-next
  4. aderwent

    Columbus: Housing Market / Affordable Housing

    Three major subdivisions are being built in Johnstown https://www.dispatch.com/homes/20190108/three-major-subdivisions-are-being-built-in-johnstown
  5. Columbus Castings site cleared; owner negotiating with developer https://www.dispatch.com/business/20190108/columbus-castings-site-cleared-owner-negotiating-with-developer
  6. Some shots from the grand opening October 28th:
  7. Uncommon still without retail tenants...
  8. Here's a picture from Instagram:
  9. An update to this. 600 apartments set to open this year after 500 opened last year. That will bring us to over 9,900 residents downtown.
  10. Maybe Rogue is building a MMA & bodybuilding arena?
  11. Yeah, I drive by it a few times a week. It was impressive to watch. The street presence is very nice. Also, catty corner across the tracks that Ohio Brewing taproom always has multiple vehicles there. They must have gotten a lot of work done on the inside. Not much outside, though. A bunch of the houses lining 2nd have been rehabbed over there, too. Short North spillover has turned into Italian Village spillover. The neighborhood's looking great!
  12. aderwent

    Columbus: Population Trends

    Although I agree we need to build more, we're building more now and in the last 5 years sans 2015 than we did in the peak of 2007: