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  1. Not improbable. Pretty sure they're getting a free CBUS type circulator set up.
  2. The new terminal in design right now will almost assuredly be connected to this rental car facility directly.
  3. What a silly comment. Charlotte Metro Area is 24% black. 5,000 more blacks total than the Cleveland Metro Area. *Edit. In 2010 that is.
  4. The Short North Special Improvement District goes south to Convention Center Dr including the buildings lining High on the west and the entire convention center and Greek Orthodox Cathedral properties. Although the design guidelines boundary is Poplar Ave.
  5. Buckeyes lacrosse stadium next step as Ohio State athletics district takes shape "A $20 million lacrosse stadium is the next step for Ohio State University's growing athletics district on west campus. The men's and women's teams are responsible for raising the full construction costs. The athletics department has not yet responded to requests for the amounts raised to date. Trustees last month approved $2.3 million of the total for design. The women currently play in Jesse Owens Stadium, shared with soccer and track. The men's team plays in either the Woody Hayes Athletic Center or the cavernous Ohio Stadium. The teams practice on artificial turf painted with lines for a football field. The planned 2,500-seat stadium with locker rooms will provide not only dedicated practice and home-game space but a better viewing experience for fans, said Mike Penner, executive associate athletic director. "It's a lot more intimate than playing in a 100,000-seat stadium," he said. The site for the lacrosse stadium is immediately east of the $50 million Covelli Center – both on repurposed land where outdated graduate student housing was demolished." https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/09/11/buckeyes-lacrosse-stadium-next-step-as-ohio-state.html?iana=hpmvp_colum_news_headline
  6. Didn't Nationwide sell the AEP property to them to build their HQ? Was there some kind of relationship there a la Orange Barrel Media and Cover My Meds?
  7. That's a half well done implementation. What's the point of a nice, large park with zero access? I don't see any crosswalks and the surrounding neighborhood is just as split in half by the park as by the highway. Perhaps they have plans to integrate and connect after this initial build out?
  8. Well it keeps getting shifted westward. Even a 30 mile shift makes a huge difference in wind, surge, and rain. Florida is not off the hook in the slightest. As for Georgia and the Carolinas it's looking like Michael. Not good. As for right now, the Grand Bahamas are getting obliterated by the strongest landfall Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. And it'll be there for more than 24 hours. This thing is still strengthening and will probably surpass 1980 Allen for strongest sustained winds of 190MPH. That was in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico though. Dorian is poised to wreak much more havoc.
  9. Vivo Festival has been going on, too. https://www.vivofestival.org/
  10. Publicly traded restaurant company says it's in talks to bring more than 20 new restaurants to Easton "Easton might be teaming up with a New York-based company on what could be dozens of new restaurants. Though no deal is finalized, developers of the Columbus dining and shopping district appear to be talking with New York-based Ark Restaurants Corp., which operates almost 40 restaurants, bars and catering operations around the country, including multiple restaurants and food courts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos. Easton, which was co-developed by Steiner + Associates, The Georgetown Co. and L Brands, would not confirm any conversations with Ark (Nasdaq: ARKR), but Ark CEO Michael Weinstein, on an Aug. 13 call with stock analysts, discussed that possibility. “We made a proposal to them and they’re excited about the proposal,” he said. 'The first stage of it, if it takes place and we think it does take place, would be over the next 18 months to build six restaurants — either our own restaurants or in partnership with other restaurateurs who see the same opportunities we do but don’t have the capability of traveling to Easton ... and would want us to manage it for them or be a joint venture partner.'" https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/08/28/publicly-traded-restaurant-company-says-its.html
  11. One of the articles on this newest Scioto Peninsula development said Buckingham's project fell through when they couldn't land CoverMyMeds.
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