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  1. I was in downtown Canal this morning. This project has broken ground. Just as nice as anything Clintonville has put up. It's at 18-26 Waterloo Street. So half a block West of High Street (main street in Canal Winchester) just across from Loose Rail Brewing. Good job, Canal! Edit. It's over 6,000 square feet of retail with 18 apartments above. Said it would be open by Summer 2020.
  2. It'll really only block the Eastern half of downtown starting with Rhodes Tower. Now that's a selling point!
  3. A grainy Instagram photo, but here's a look at River and Rich:
  4. Sounds more like a blend of McPherson Commons and Parks Edge. Parks Edge is stone at the base, not brick.
  5. Almost nailed it. Ten floors, but only 50 units. Wonder if it'll be brick or steel and glass?
  6. Let's hope one day High Street is lined with 15-22 story buildings to spite German Villagers.
  7. Right now Chase has ~2 million square feet in Columbus with ~18,400 jobs. It would take a huge number to make even a dent in 2 million square feet on the Peninsula. As I said in the Capitol Square thread, perhaps Chase is interested in that development like Bank One originally.
  8. They're going to increase downtown's total office space by 16% on spec? Who in the world would finance that? Columbus developers can't even get financing for proper sized housing developments in a market woefully undersupplied.
  9. This will almost assuredly be a DGX i.e. basically like the Short North UDF. They're in places like Midtown Nashville, Cleveland's Playhouse Square, and Northern Liberties Philadelphia.
  10. I drove by this yesterday. This picture must be no more than a couple days old. Work starts on three new buildings at Grandview Yard "Nationwide Realty Investors has started work on a new office building and two new apartment buildings on the largest remaining vacant parcel at Grandview Yard, Nationwide’s 125-acre development north of Goodale Street and west of Rt. 315. When the two apartment buildings are completed, Grandview Yard will have almost 1,500 residences and more than 5,000 office workers. Nationwide Realty Investors has started work on two apartment buildings and an office building on the largest remaining parcel at the Grandview Yard complex, the 125-acre development north of Goodale Boulevard and west of Rt. 315. The new phase will add a three-story office building and a pair of four-story buildings containing a total of 218 apartments. They will rise on a vacant lot north of Burr Avenue between Rail and Yard streets." https://www.dispatch.com/business/20191017/work-starts-on-three-new-buildings-at-grandview-yard The article is longer than typical announcements. It has info about the future of Grandview Yard as well, saying it will be fully built out, including the new portion south of Goodale, in six to eight years.
  11. If this is such a huge issue unique to Columbus, why is no one talking about it publicly?
  12. Capitol Tower was circa 1991/1992. The glass skyscraper looks like it's from the 90s, but that's from 2011/2012.
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