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  1. Your lack of self awareness is incredible. I searched both your old username and this one for any mention of Libya or Yemen. Zip. Zero. Nada. Your faux outrage is paper thin and see through. This is but another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Let me save you the typing. Nice whataboutism!!! You mean your inability to reconcile your inconsistent beliefs? You're only partisan. You don't care. Just as I'm sure you ranted and raved about Iraq and Afghanistan during Bush, but went silent when Obama didn't change a thing. Just like the media. Remember how the nightly news had a literal death tally EVERY SINGLE DAY during Bush's Middle East wars? Curiously vanished from the screen and newspaper as soon as Obama was in office. Weird. Interesting that there wasn't a peep from the fakes when Obama drone bombed a 16 year old American citizen at a restaurant in Yemen. But these same people think killing a terrorist leader from Iran in Iraq is starting WWIII. Give me a break. Hillary would have been doing this and more. She'd be amping up her blood lust she finally got to officially organize while SoS. And you'd be saying how, "See I told you a female president wouldn't be weak! Look at her showing them we don't back down to terrorists. A great way to redeem herself for the horrible Benghazi incident." I've always been anti intervention. I hated Bush, McCain, and Romney. I once thought it'd be great if we had zero foreign bases, zero soldiers abroad. I realize now the world isn't so easy so I'm still processing situations like this whereas before it was so easy for me to just be against literally anything war related. But your clear double standards, unaccountability, belittlement, and arrogant ignorance is just so dishonest and ugly. It'll be nice in 5 years when a D is in the oval office so these threads and "conversations" will go where they were during the Obama presidency: on page 17 (or just nonexistent).
  2. Not sure but it's the most convenient to Silicon Valley. I hope we're focused on building corporate connections more than tourist connections. I'm not surprised the Seattle route is doing well enough to add another. I think a San Jose route would be critical in continuing our tech build up.
  3. We need more flights to San Francisco and another to San Jose.
  4. Labor costs twice as much in both those cities.
  5. aderwent


    What universe do you live in? Do you get your ass beat walking the street in an I'm With Her t-shirt or a red ball cap? Wasn't it a Bernie supporter who tried to assassinate Steve Scalise and other senators? What senator was beaten to a pulp and into a hospital by his neighbor? What types kidnapped and Facebook Live tortured an autistic kid in Chicago purely because he is white? Who got their head bashed in by a bike lock by a Marxist professor? Who held a picture of their political opponent's severed head in a political statement? Is Antifa left wing or right? How many instances of their violence is on record? Hundreds? What side continually fakes "hate crimes" because they can't find actual instances of it to exploit politically? What types of people continually advocate violence against police? Who must fear for their safety when simply going to support their political candidates? Who must fear for their property (car, house, etc) if there's any sign of your political affiliation? Who gets their simple speeches cancelled under threat of violence? Who said, “fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box.”? Who made a music video pretending to assassinate their political enemy dressed like a clown? A few lone wolf mass killers have been "politically" "right wing" motivated since Trump. They're mentally ill racists and/or nationalists. These people are not exclusively right wing or even political. Meanwhile, every day people have to deal with every day violence by leftists in groups. And people like you won't even acknowledge it. When clear evidence of left wing Black Nationalists killing Jews is presented to you, it's just, "Oh well that's just right wing violence culture. Sure you can pick out exceptions, but right wing violence is the rule." Dishonest, and dangerous. I'm not quite sure what you expect to gain from treating tens of millions the way you do, but I expect you won't like what you reap with your sown hatred. It will be interesting to see what you all look past when Trump wins again. Years of excused, ignored, tolerated, and even encouraged violence against every day, normal people will boil over at some point.
  6. aderwent


    Black Hebrew Israelites are emboldened by Trump? De-range-ment.
  7. I assume it's from the airport.
  8. Rickenbacker's foreign-trade zone climbs in national ranking, clears $10B mark for goods passing through "The foreign-trade zone based at Columbus' Rickenbacker International Airport is growing, with $10.4 billion worth of goods moving through warehousing and distribution channels in the zone in 2018, according to a new federal report. That’s a more than 12% increase over 2017, when $9.26 billion worth of goods moved through the zone. That means more businesses are taking advantage of the zone’s ability to defer or reduce customs duties. The report, from the International Trade Administration, was released in November. An FTZ, as it’s called, is a U.S. site that is legally out of customs territory, meaning that goods may be brought into the site duty-free and without formal customs entry. The Rickenbacker zone, known as FTZ 138, is now ranked No. 7 in the country, out of 195 total active zones, for the amount of merchandise received, a two-spot jump since 2017. The No. 1-ranked zone in 2018 is in Gramcery, Louisiana, followed by Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and South Carolina. FTZ 138 currently has 16 businesses participating." https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/12/17/rickenbackers-foreign-trade-zone-climbs-in.html?iana=hpmvp_colum_news_headline
  9. Such a weird season. We very well may lose to Detroit tonight one night after absolutely dominating the best team in the league. It wasn't just 3-0. The Caps couldn't do anything. It seems Torts has figured out the Caps the last couple seasons after being humiliated the previous five+ years against them. I just wish he could get his teams up for games against lowly opponents as well. After beating the Caps a week ago, and then taking a hard 1-0 OT loss to the Pens, there's no reason we should have lost at home to Ottawa. OT or not. Tonight's showing against Detroit I'm hoping gives me some answers on who this team is, and where they're capable of heading.
  10. The map shows Hudson Street as being a Greenway Trail. It's just a road with sharrows. That is not an acceptable East-West connector. Hopefully this new plan will include legit off-street, minimal crossing multi-use paths.
  11. They also said they want to literally build upon what is already there. The retail and garages were built to be able to be built on top of. Then they want to fill in any remaining surface lots. So the 20,000 units they said they want to be a part of Easton will come not only on currently vacant land, but also among Easton's already developed parts. I'm with cbussoccer. There was tons of discussion on this just a few months ago. Go reread the articles.
  12. I do agree that MSA and CSA are silly metrics, but you can't just mix and match. At that point you don't have anything meaningful to compare. Because by adding the Akron MSA to Cleveland's you gain some of Cleveland's suburbs that should probably be part of its MSA, but it also nets you parts of a region that is wholly its own in Akron. It's why MSA with county boundaries only doesn't work for some cities. But adding MSAs together doesn't work either. I wish the Census Bureau would go all in on Urbanized Areas. Yearly estimates, GDP numbers, etc. Urbanized Area is the closest apples-to-apples comparison we have. However, when working with what we do have, it's important to use what is defined. Otherwise you end up with strange and inaccurate comparisons.
  13. "Accurately defined". The same definition is used for all MSAs and CSAs.
  14. Do you ever wonder why Cleveland has the most dense built environment in Ohio? It's very likely because it had to. The same number of people had to fit in less area. It may have pushed density out further, but until fairly recently distance from the CBD was a very real limitation. Therefore, the lake caused more density, and when looking at land area instead of radii that include water, it's why Cleveland is the most dense city in Ohio. It wasn't because Cleveland was just in tune with urbanity or some strange coincidence.
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