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  1. The landmarks commission is a total joke. Their is always a convenient excuse to demolish history. Their is no learning from the past poor decisions.
  2. Great article. I really hope the city does not oversee this place as I see that would contribute to disaster and it looking run down in a very short time. And someone needs to make sure it is secure, given the surrounds are not always exactly Disney World--and as some see such places as places to vandalize for their definition as play and recreational use or simply practicing their "culture!"
  3. Try Flaming Ice's cupcakes. Most of the the they blow the others out of the water... depending on who made them. Also... Flaming Ice is one of the few downtown non-bar-ish places open late hours. It should be acknowledged.
  4. All for this however...Again, new streetscapes given to areas where most could not care as to stewarding their upkeep.... Litter and neglect will surely follow until the careless cultural mindset is abated first.
  5. Fancy streetscapes around here will fall to slack maintenance in a sort time. Until better pride is exercised in maintaining existing scenes, we will simply have new this and new tat that winds up looking crappy in a short time.
  6. Regarding the new initiatives to crack down on unruly riders on RTA, the article on CDC tonight.... I say....Laws will not be enforced. The anti-social obnoxious culture is why the system has lost so many decent riders. Not abating the problem will only worsen matters. By the way Mr. Conwell... lawless behavior is not a "culture!" There is no social redeeming value here with this lack of behavior.
  7. We could have had some pretty sweet bed & breakfast joints. I'd take that 105 scene and its caliber celeb visits any day over the current Parking Lot District scene.
  8. Cookie cutter for certain...they all look the same and planning commissions allow this junk. From Silverman's and Uncle Bills type places... (independents) to Family Dollars on every conner. (Not to mention all the Dollar Generals and Trees out there) Best we can do for retail economic development? So sad. Watch how fast this structure turns crummy, but hey... development a an cost is what we like best, right? Like I said... allowing developers to dictate city planing is like letting loggers dictate forest management. :oops:
  9. I do not see this open space getting anywhere near finished on time.
  10. This is a late reply of course.....but more plastic Chinese junk flooding the market place, most of which will likely wind up in the garbage inside a year. This is sad that such stores are the best we can do to repurpose structures that never needed to be built in the first place as we already had enough sources to purchase such goods as BB has. Best Buy...but worst value. Terrible customer service. Glad to see it gone. Btw... Aldi's...not the deal you think you get when you discover where so much of the food thee comes from... More Chinese imports. Go local food.
  11. Just checking some of the posts, and it is a little disturbing to see shades of attitudes that go in the direction of suggesting that since such discussed crime happens elsewhere (naturally as few would disagree) that it somehow makes it easier to swallow when it happens in Cleveland...and maybe lighter to accept when we decide to address it. Not as though it makes it ok, so much as it seems to suggest that we can relax about it a little more when it happens here.... since it happens elsewhere. The problems stat when the crime issue is disproportionate to the size of a given area.
  12. These waterfront stations are in need of some sprucing up as also does the adjacent SL Park. Perhaps this will promote such. The city has done a terrible job maintaining Flats parks how they should be so maybe regular movement along the lines may bring more focus.
  13. ^ Good point. Such headliners sell papers and give the media the controversy, confusion, and division it craves.
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