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  1. Clark Ave. and W41st st. August of 1953. Looking East.
  2. Nickel plate road freight train headed eastbound above the old central furnace of American steel and wire co.late 1950s.Taken from east ninth bridge that crossed the Cleveland union terminal tracks below and the rapid. The bridge was used for access to the nickel plate roads freight house along commercial rd. To the west. You can also see one of the catenary structures that was used to hold up the wires for the electric locos to get power from. Bottom middle right foreground. Standard oils first refinery #1 top left of pic. Shutdown 1969. Edit. Central furnace was shut down in 1979 and subsequently demolished, provided pig iron for engine blocks most of it for ford.
  3. New York central Beeliner service to points south. W25th st rapid station pic was taken from circa 1967. Columbus rd. Lift bridge to the right of the train.
  4. Pennsylvania railroad Kinsman ave. Roundhouse 1940s. Don’t know year it was demolished? Kinsman ave. Bridge in background. This is the area of Cleveland’s forgotten triangle.The new CMHA headquarters is built on the site of the roundhouse. When the New York central and Pennsylvania rr. Merged in Feb 1968 to become Penn central rr. Kinsman yard was downgraded basically to nothing but a few storage tracks and the mainline by 1969 and 70. It was a major yard for the Pennsylvania.
  5. Yes it was added shortly before they removed the engine.so no one could climb on it when they were getting it prepared to move. I Remember climbing on it as a kid in the early 80s too. These photos are all found from the internet. Lots of searching. Huge fan of Cleveland and rail history. Way b4 my time. I have a big roll of train movements from the dispatchers office from C.U.T from the early 50s. I’m sure you would love to check out. Fascinating how many train movements were made in one day.
  6. New York central railroad ALCO (American locomotive company)FP-A and B units (b units had no cab control) pulling a westbound freight past the site of the old original 1866 built union station for Cleveland. Where the parking lot is. Circa 1960 or 61. Bottoms pics are of the station. Second pic is looking west from top of the hill and road to get down in the parking bowl nowadays. Third pic is how it looked before being demolished in 1959 looking south east.
  7. Who remembers this Chesapeake & Ohio steam engine that used to sit at brookside park by the zoo. It was eventually removed in the early 80s because of vandalism. To the Chessie system railroad née B&O rr. Clark ave. yard and sat for awhile till the early 90s. When the Illinois railway museum acquired and removed it.
  8. Erie Lackawanna commuter train to Youngstown is going eastbound past E34th rapid station. Circa 1969. First pic is the train coming off the Cleveland union terminal tracks. On to its own tracks which made a connection to its own yard and station at E55th. Second pic is heading past 34th station eastbound under I-77. Eventually veering off to right onto the mahoning secondary. Out of view in the distance would become the rapids E55th storage yard.
  9. Pennsylvania railroad station at E 55th and Euclid ave. Circa early 50s. It was getting much needed outside repairs and remodeling on the inside in this pic. Warner and Swasey factory to the right background.
  10. And another view. Track ave. In background.
  11. Another view of Erie Lackawanna railroad E55th st station.
  12. Erie Lackawanna E55th st station early 1970s. No idea when it was torn down. Building in the back was an oil products company. None of this remains.
  13. Nickel plate railroad coal towers at e. 75th st. Next to the rapid transit tracks out of the pic to the left. Circa 50s. They were torn down in the 1980s. Steam engine is a 2-8-4 Berkshire locomotive. One of the class of these engines was the last built new steam locomotive in the U.S in 1949 by the Lima locomotive works. In Lima ,Ohio
  14. Big four lift bridge in the down position. Carter rd. Lift bridge to the left. Scranton peninsula across the river. Upson nut & bolt division of republic steel is the giant steel building in the distance. Circa late 60s
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