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  1. They have never mentioned using the lagering cellars. The only plans I've seen show parking on that site. Berding alluded to a beer garden, but nothing more.
  2. A major difference in living in urban neighborhoods is exactly that, there is no one-stop shop for everything. All those things take space, this is half the size of the suburban Kroger. I don't want a massive Kroger that takes me 10 minutes to get to the milk where I have to pass by a bank, a coffee shop, and a pharmacy.
  3. But those aren't subsidized by charities. Crossroads exists to serve under-insured and lower income folks with a wider range of support than the Little Clinic.
  4. It's not that simple because Crossroads isn't just a retail pharmacy, it's a full on health center. Hopefully at some point the uses can be combined with another non-profit and moved to a better location, as that building has been an anti-urban eyesore ever since it was built.
  5. Renderings always do. Unfortunately they usually don't reflect real life accurately.
  6. Have never been inside but it is 3 story brick. You can see it if you walk down Rowan Ct on the south side of Rookwood. My understanding is that multi story ones were still pretty rare. Actually, most OTR buildings were built without plumbing, but the shared toilets were added later.
  7. The only remaining 3 story outhouse in the city is proposed to be demolished for a residential deck at 20 Findlay Street (Item #8)
  8. Nope. Sold to Chris Frutkin and Dave Neyer. CTC may become a tenant in the future.
  9. 1725 Vine is permitted, not sure when they will start full on construction. Per inspector's notes they have started some framing: https://cagis.hamilton-co.org/opal/apd.aspx?entcode=cinc&ezstdadrtag=1725||VINE|ST|GJ1469732493|||CINC|CINC|00940008039101725V|009400080237|009400080391|CINCINNATI&APD=2016P07163
  10. It wasn't the cost, but a timing issue. Rebel Mettle was financed separately and already purchased and received their brewing equipment and it is going to be another year till Clyffside is ready due to delays in not getting the credits in earlier rounds. The brewery simply couldn't wait. The rehab dollars for Clyffside are mostly for the building shell and event center, I don't know exactly how much is for the brewery itself. Usually production/processing equipment is not eligible, only building rehab costs so much of it may be able to be converted. Applicants have up to 2 years to begin construction so there is still a chance to keep the credits in play.
  11. We do not have "too many parks" in Over-the-Rhine, we just haven't had the density to utilize them for decades. Both provide more than just playground equipment, but give relief from a dense built environment, greenspace, and usable public space that are benefits for everyone. While capital improvements would be nice in Grant and Hanna parks, the easiest way to make them "attractive, accessible, inviting, and safe public space" is to repopulate the neighborhood with a broad mix of residents.
  12. This was requested by Mt. Auburn over the summer as part of the community outreach for the revised Liberty Street Road Diet Plan. The ask was for a dedicated and signaled pedestrian crossing to replace the signed only one, which frankly everyone ignores since Liberty Street is a freeway at that point. To do that safely, DOTE has suggested some reconfiguring, which would be an improvement as the Liberty Hill/Liberty Street transition/on ramp is a safety nightmare.
  13. Haven't been inside so can't confirm, that was passed onto me from CFD. It's possible, however if someone had a construction budget based on a rehab a full rebuild would far exceed that budget. Plus, most vacant buildings are not insurable for property damage, so everything they have to spend will come out of pocket. EDIT 3:45P: Hearing from neighbors it has already been demolished.
  14. Fire this morning at 279 West McMicken. CFD is saying the building is going to have to be demolished. It was in the process of being cleaned up for rehab. Contributing building in the Sohn-Mohawk local historic district.
  15. Nope. Cellars are under the parking lot to the north.
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