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  1. If you go to CAGIS and look at the maps with the property layer turned on you can start to see all the individual subdivisions that were created over time as @jjakucyk stated, which allowed for a lot of unique street/alley/block configurations. You also have the grid running into the hillside at McMicken.
  2. Per the most recent OTR Chamber of Commerce newsletter there will be two upcoming public forums on a SID in OTR: There will be two public forums to present a proposal for a Special Improvement District in Over-the-Rhine. Dates and times below, both will occur at Memorial Hall, 1225 Elm Street, 45202. Jan 23 @ 4pm – Memorial Hall Jan 29 @ 7pm – Memorial Hall
  3. Of course, however there are lower hanging fruit to pick than paying to move a long time neighborhood business that would be tough to put in a mixed use development (due to the smoke/smells of the coffee roasting).
  4. 1. Respects the scale of the street, especially important on a narrow street. 2. Has large glass openings on the ground floor similar in scale to traditional storefront windows. 3. Honors the massing of surrounding buildings with a articulated base that is different from the 2-3 stories above. 4. Has "punched" windows that are vertical and spaced proportional to surrounding buildings. 5. Uses modern materials in a compatible and non-"show off" way.
  5. Money and time is better spend on developing parking lots instead of paying to move active businesses.
  6. 5/3 continues to invest and update their tower. They are about to embark on some changes to the ground floor and part of the Square it owns. The planning and design process predates the horrific shooting incident of a couple of months ago, but look for them to reclaim part of the Square that is on their property and close off the pedestrian tunnel to Walnut Street to tighten up access to the building and surrounding spaces.
  7. The Monro is closed and emptied out.
  8. 1501 Vine is not a 3CDC project (though they may be marketing it), it is one of the few on Vine done by a private developer. Jacob Vener did this project, which was a weird one-off as most of his properties were poorly run multi-family Denhart cast offs. Condos on the upper floors, along with a commercial condo for this space. I wonder if Thunderdome is buying the commercial condo or leasing it? Interesting as well is the article talks about using the basement for seating in addition to the main floor. There are basement vaults under both sidewalks in the building. I'm assuming they were repaired when Jacob renovated the building but when I was in there 5 years ago they were pretty sketchy structurally.
  9. I had my car in for service last Friday at the Monro at Central Parkway and Walnut, and according to the manager the last day they are in operation is the end of December. Apparently they are going to demolish the building for a garage as the property owner is looking to capitalize on the reinvestment in the area. Not sure if a garage makes sense or is 100% accurate but looks like something will be happening on that site.
  10. I've always been happy with the work done at the Monro shop at Walnut/Central Parkway. Pretty upfront on what actually is needed versus what could be put off.
  11. The vaults are from the Walker Brewery and are still under the garage.
  12. Right now they are just cleaning and stabilizing. That is the long term plan while they seek funding.
  13. Doesn’t that building border the Cincinnati ballet building? I have to imagine that fcc is probably pushing efforts to have Cincy ballet relocate in order to acquire that space. The family that owns Tri-State also owns the Ballet building and the property to the south. Ballet has already announced that they are in long term planning to find a new location in the next 4-5 years. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/08/29/cincinnati-ballet-hunting-for-new-larger-facility.html
  14. mcmicken

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    Source Cincinnati has been driving much of the coverage. They reach out to travel writers to bring them to town, and provide them with hotels, dinners, and attractions throughout the city. Sometimes it is paired with a specific event like the WOW Air launch, Oktoberfest, or Bockfest and sometimes it is just more general. It's very hands on. https://www.cincypeople.com/features/2017/7/5/source-cincinnati-tells-the-story-of-our-region
  15. They use a lot on McMicken for valet parking. There are distribution trucks parked everyday in that lot They own the McMicken lot for distribution parking and least the Philippus lot across the street for valet. Rookwood leases the same lot during the day for their employees.