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  1. It does not cover the "Revival" mural, the glass conservatory sits to the east.
  2. That's exactly where this is coming from. A working group with the OTR Chamber is talking to a number of garages/lots about similar programs to ease the worker parking issue, especially with the new residential permit parking program now in place.
  3. About a month or so ago they did actually push some dirt around and pulled up (and palleted) the alley paver blocks. Past that I have not seen any actual construction work.
  4. Exactly. Nashville has nothing remotely like Over-the-Rhine. Advocating for a party zone to the exclusion of office, retail, and residential is a recipe for disaster. Define sustainable. Bars and clubs generate ground floor traffic only and vacant upper floors. What is "cool" eventually changes (see Mt. Adams, Mainstrasse, 90's Main Street, etc). My guess is that the value of the property and the income from residents and office/retail employees is higher per comparable SF on Over-the-Rhine's Vine Street then Nashville's Broadway.
  5. Agreed, but when you have private sector developers and their high-priced consultants facing up against overworked and less experienced (with regards to big projects) government employees the opportunity for the government and its citizens to be taken for a ride increases greatly.
  6. But do we want that? Over-the-Rhine has an opportunity to be a true mixed use neighborhood. An attempt to making it heavily focused on only one avenue, be it residential, office, retail, or entertainment threatens to make it a neighborhood devoid of vitality. A neighborhood focused only to "get drunk" in is not a sustainable nor desirable path.
  7. And they have a picture of some other city when talking about "The Neighborhood" you can live in (note the rails in the street dead ending into a crosswalk and the residential towers in the background that don't exist here)
  8. Which is great. That is a lot different than trying to make Over-the-Rhine "the premier party destination in America". I was responding to the comment that the streets of Over-the-Rhine should be packed with drunken partiers all the time to compete with "the #1 reason for Nashville's popularity and growth as a city".
  9. Does anyone live on Broadway in Nashville? Based on my time there a few years ago I don't get that sense. A huge visitor driven scene is not as compatible with a truly mixed use neighborhood like Over-the-Rhine. While increasing the numbers of visitors is key to sustained redevelopment, making Over-the-Rhine a "premier party destination" is not an appropriate vision for the neighborhood.
  10. Public Library has an excellent collection of brewing heritage items in their digital library: https://digital.cincinnatilibrary.org/digital/collection/p16998coll64 The Brewery District CURC has been working to get people's items scanned for posterity through the Library.
  11. Short answer, probably. There is very little documentation about the demolition, but going on past experience at other historic brewery sites there is probably at least the lower lagering cellar still extent.
  12. This. Plus the current wave of bad press is nothing compared to what we used to have to deal with.
  13. No restaurant. It will be in the outdoor space plus the small 1 story garage. Low key is the vibe they are going for, no live music for example. Moerlein Malthouse is already north of Liberty. No, occupied development will decrease the problems. NorthCrown will be developing 5 vacant buildings in the blocks over the next 2 years (1614 Walnut, 1618 Walnut, 112 Corwine, 64 E McMicken, 100 E McMicken) plus an infill project on top of 1630 Walnut, there is a new infill project is coming to 118 E McMicken, and my 3 buildings (108-114 E McMicken) that will start renovation this year. That doesn't include the renovations at 161 E McMicken and 1607 Main/165-169 E McMicken that are ongoing plus 154 and 158 E McMicken that just gone done.
  14. From the city, sounds like replacement not new infrastructure: SB Central Parkway Closed at Liberty Street to Ezzard Charles Drive on Thursday CINCINNATI – Southbound Central Parkway will be closed between Liberty Street and Ezzard Charles Drive from 9:00 a.m. until approximately 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday, April 4. Motorists will be detoured west on Liberty, south on Linn Street, east on Ezzard Charles and back to Central Parkway. Flaggers will be on site to help guide motorists. Detour signage also will be posted. Crews will use a crane to lift and insert large pieces of concrete pipe into the City’s defunct subway tunnel that runs along Central Parkway as part of the process to replace water main infrastructure in place since 1907. The work is part of utility infrastructure upgrades needed for the FC Cincinnati soccer stadium under construction in the West End.
  15. Space is ready, they are waiting for a CO. They have an approved plan from B&I, waiting on Duke to switch over to larger service as one of the conditions. Probably 1-2 months.
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