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  1. I had my car in for service last Friday at the Monro at Central Parkway and Walnut, and according to the manager the last day they are in operation is the end of December. Apparently they are going to demolish the building for a garage as the property owner is looking to capitalize on the reinvestment in the area. Not sure if a garage makes sense or is 100% accurate but looks like something will be happening on that site.
  2. I've always been happy with the work done at the Monro shop at Walnut/Central Parkway. Pretty upfront on what actually is needed versus what could be put off.
  3. The vaults are from the Walker Brewery and are still under the garage.
  4. Right now they are just cleaning and stabilizing. That is the long term plan while they seek funding.
  5. Doesn’t that building border the Cincinnati ballet building? I have to imagine that fcc is probably pushing efforts to have Cincy ballet relocate in order to acquire that space. The family that owns Tri-State also owns the Ballet building and the property to the south. Ballet has already announced that they are in long term planning to find a new location in the next 4-5 years. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/08/29/cincinnati-ballet-hunting-for-new-larger-facility.html
  6. mcmicken

    Cincinnati/NKY International Airport

    Source Cincinnati has been driving much of the coverage. They reach out to travel writers to bring them to town, and provide them with hotels, dinners, and attractions throughout the city. Sometimes it is paired with a specific event like the WOW Air launch, Oktoberfest, or Bockfest and sometimes it is just more general. It's very hands on. https://www.cincypeople.com/features/2017/7/5/source-cincinnati-tells-the-story-of-our-region
  7. They use a lot on McMicken for valet parking. There are distribution trucks parked everyday in that lot They own the McMicken lot for distribution parking and least the Philippus lot across the street for valet. Rookwood leases the same lot during the day for their employees.
  8. And because Cranley insists that OTR pay for everything themselves the program has to be financially self sufficient, unlike every other neighborhood it has been enacted in, meaning permits will probably cost a couple hundred bucks a year. Can you imagine the outcry when someone spends that money and won't even be able to use it?
  9. While city staff is proposing a residential parking permit plan south of Liberty in conjunction with the elimination of parking requirements (which is fantastic), a better strategy would to hold off on the residential permits and a perform a comprehensive study of short and long term parking needs and how they will be addressed. Locking in a poorly thought out residential permit plan in only a portion of the neighborhood will make it that much harder to have a more comprehensive solution in the future. The plan basically picks a random number of spaces and assigns them to be permit or flex spaces, with no understanding of the actual demand. A comprehensive study should be undertaken with a portion of the additional funds being raised by the recent meter rate/hour hikes to have an independent third party analyze current and future demand when the neighborhood is fully built out. The study should also include short, medium, and long term solutions including with structured parking on a block by block level, mix of metered/free spaces, dynamic pricing, etc as well as additional transit options.
  10. mcmicken

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Greg Cole/Acanthus is rehabbing a number of buildings at Clifton and Vine, the OTR Adopt buildings at 5 Points have been rehabbed, Model is rehabbing the Thuringia Building at 5 Points, plus the Kauffman Flats building is about to start. Still a big gap between Liberty and McMicken, but signs of life.
  11. mcmicken

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    I feel like that Vine north of liberty will be tough. Most of the blocks north of vine are still very much intact, and seem that there are more historic building stock compared to race/elm/plesant, but many of the buildings are in rough shape. Definitely a bit different compared to south of vine where you had way more empty lots, which allowed 3cdc to kickstart development with various parking garages, and mixed use development. Word on the street is that the Kaufman Brewery building on the 1700 block will finally be underway in September or so. Yep, the Kauffman Flats building at 1725 Vine had some holdups with building permits but will be starting shortly.
  12. mcmicken

    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    These types of posters are often supported by sponsorship deals, so Arby's was probably a paid sponsor. You can pick out a bunch of random business logos on here that are the same.
  13. They are already producing beer, just waiting for tap room code/permit issues to be resolved and adding a kitchen. Was there a couple months ago and they are not far away.
  14. This has been advocated for years from community members as it is an absolute magnet for drug dealing, prostitution, open air toilets, and worse. The city had to step in to declare it a nuisance as somehow in the past the gas station was split into three separate lots under separate ownership making it impossible to get anything done.
  15. It did not collapse but had significant water damage. I walked the buildings 3-4 years ago and there was significant damage even then.