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  1. Would not hurt. Clyffside is without power, though most of the building has decent daylight except for 1 or 2 spots. Jackson the same, though the cellars are lit.
  2. I get printouts of incidents at the monthly safety sector meetings. They appear to be the same as these: https://cpdmobile.cincinnati-oh.gov/Neighborhoods/default.html This portal appears to be the same data but actually updated more regularly: https://public.tableau.com/profile/cincystat#!/vizhome/CPDNeighborhoodReport28/NeighborhoodReport These are not shot spotter though. I have never seen one presented publicly in any meetings in OTR at least. I think what @troeros is trying to say is that most of the gun murders have been around Grant Park, which is accurate.
  3. I seem to recall in the leadup to the project getting approved asking about this, and if my memory serves right there "would be a tow truck on call at all times" to deal with blockages. I don't have anything on paper of course, but seems sub contracting this to private tow companies would merit immediate response for the $ involved. This should be one of those no brainer fixes that was implemented years ago.
  4. The Clyffside project benefits greatly as event centers have a huge parking minimum.
  5. Julie Fay got tax credits for the Fromm Building at 286 West McMicken.
  6. Still pretty sketchy on the upper floors. Roof is all new and massive amounts of repointing on the walls so at least nothing else is getting worse.
  7. I am free till 3P. If we are meeting at Findlay we can visit either the historic Sohn/Clyffside or Jackson Brewery 2 blocks north. I can give access to the whole building including cellars. Will check with the owner about Northern Row as well.
  8. "Normally". 10 years ago we would have killed for the amount of renovation happening in Over-the-Rhine. It's fine, just a lull, though the nature of increased property costs and construction cost increases probably are slowing things a bit. 3CDC has active projects other than the Columbia, there are also some big 3CDC projects in the works still, as well as a number of small developers including infill. Model is on phase 3 of the Market Square but that is almost all north of Findlay so no one sees it. East McMicken has a number of projects in pre-development that will pop in the next year.There are a couple of infill projects on Vine south of Liberty in the pipeline and at least one large project on Vine north of Liberty permitted and ready to start (1725 Vine). If either of the monster projects on Sycamore or Freeport Row kick off there will be ton of activity.
  9. Smokestack demolition confirmed for 7A this Sunday 06/16.
  10. I've been trying to find a photo of the neon that has that particular H we salvaged as well. Word from the demo guys onsite is smokestack is coming down this Friday 6/14. Conventional demolition, no implosion.
  11. Demolition continues. Entry and a neon sign box were salvaged today and are in storage.
  12. Demolition continues. The Brewery District CURC was able to salvage the entry as well as one of the old neon sign boxes.
  13. Yes, the Brewery District CURC is working with the Port to salvage them. No current plans for reuse as of yet.
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