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  1. And to clarify, just because CRC says they are opening the park again doesn't mean it will happen. And honestly, it has been frustrating working with them because while they closed the park to get a handle on the crime, there hasn't really been much work to keep it from happening again when it re-opens. We were promised improvements when they closed it but literally outside of knocking down a few walls to improve sightlines, nothing has been done. There are a lot of potential moving pieces, including the rec center, Findlay Park, Grant Park, Findlay parking lots, and the leftover piece of Findlay Park on Elm Street that could be moved around and/or re-imagined. In the midst of all this I've heard rumors of lots of things, but so far haven't seen anything concrete surface.
  2. Which would be historically interesting as the playground was originally where the north lot is, and the current park was the parking lot.
  3. Was closed to help deal with the criminal element hanging out there all hours of the day. Tentative plan is to reopen in spring/early summer. CRC has been applying for funding for capital park improvements to both Grant and Findlay. Unfortunately they have gone about this in a half-assed way so they are asking for money before there is even a plan in place for what the improvements would be.
  4. Yes. As the rest of the neighborhood densifies, open public green space will only become more important. That doesn't mean we can't get creative on integrating parking and development, moving assets around, etc.
  5. That's how it was traditionally scheduled but it played hell trying to plan year to year as Lent moves around a lot.
  6. Before the Brewery District took over planning it bounced around weekends and sometimes was in late February. Yes, this is a one time thing. There isn't a "rule" so to speak of, but we have found consistency on holding the date to work best for planning. Next year it will be March 5-7, 2021.
  7. Have heard rumors this relocation may be happening, but nothing about what may go there.
  8. Politically, it is not out of the woods yet. The chief building official Art Dahlberg still would like to tear it down, at least the most damaged portions. We've been successful holding off to date to at least give the owner time to get a stabilization plan developed by SSRG. Additional photos showing extent of damage: https://photos.citybeat.com/these-drone-photographs-show-the-aftermath-of-over-the-rhines-jackson-brewery-fire/?slide=1&dcim100mediadji_0002-jpg
  9. But the city owns the north Findlay lot and is not part of the deal. As @jwulsin stated the Model lots on the north side of Elder are the location.
  10. If its the same one I've heard about for a while, 2 parking lots on north side of Elder between Central Parkway and Campbell Street. Portion of Logan will be turned into a dead end from Findlay. I think the bigger question is will it be a dumb garage or will there be ground floor retail or other urban friendly design features?
  11. The "Jackson Brewery" and underneath "Kleiner Bros" (who built this iteration of the brewery) are stone letters that are embedded in the brick. They have only recently come to light in the past 2-3 years as the Metal Blast paint has worn off. The fire accelerated that process.
  12. Fred Berger was very frustrated to say the least with the fire, but he is committed to stabilizing the building back to its original historic fabric.
  13. Firewalls on both projects seemed to limit damage. Moerlein was contained to only the upper floor and roof, while Jackson is much more extensive. Just on scale this one is worse but the heavy timber construction plus the portions of concrete and steel construction seemed to hold up well. Again we haven't been inside yet so much is still speculative.
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