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  1. Agree, and as long as the region remains uber infested with Democrats it will never change, probably get worse. Bigger and more levels of government the better.
  2. Thought this was about those critical of the Clinton's with Peter Smith in the front row.
  3. But the meeting.....about nothing.
  4. I'd love to see some of the juice the Russians or anyone has on Hillary and slick Willy. Of course she destroyed all the goods when she was subpoenad, but there has to be some stragglers out there. Here's my guess at some of what was destroyed. Hey Putie - It's Hillary again, how 'bout you arrange for $100M is "donations" to the Clinton Money Laundering Foundation and I'll sign off on selling to Russia 20% of America's uranium rights?! Oh, and you agree to double Billy's "speaking fee" to $500K on his next visit to Moscow, and throw in the usual strippers, yada yada. Sure thing Hill, but we're not throwing in the strippers this time, Bill can get his own since we're paying him $500K an hour. Of course later on Hillary double-crosses Putin and she ends up colluding with other countries to gather intelligence on her opponent and it's no problemo for the Hypocrats.
  5. Never thought I would agree with Dennis!, but he's right "a bunch of nothing" http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/07/14/dennis-kucinich-donald-trump-jr-russian-lawyer-meeting-alleged-collusion-crime
  6. I appreciate the transparency of Don Jr, sending out to the world the entire email chain in question even though it was a bunch of nothing. On the other hand, we never see one of Hillary's 30,000 illegal emails. Mails that no doubt the Russians got their hands on due to her carelessness that could've been used to blackmail her had she made it into office. We dodged a bullet there, phew..
  7. Trump confront Putin? With what, an offer to rescind Obama's sanctions, weaken our commitment to NATO, and play hide-the-sausage while under the covers with Vlad The Impaler? Wow, what an alternate reality you Trumpbots live in. Let's not pretend Putin didn't beat Obama like a red-headed step child. Did Obama's sanctions give Crimea back to Ukraine? Did Putin cross Obama's red line in Syria? Did Russian cyber attack virtually every US government branch including the White House and meddle with US elections all under Obama's tutelage. It literally can't get any worst with Trump or whoever the next president was going to be. I'm sure I speak for all Americans when I say I hope Trump stands up to Putin and gets us out of all these messes we've found ourselves in involving Russia after the last 8 years.
  8. One of my favorite Obama clips, couldn't have been more wrong on everything he condescendingly said. This foreign "policy" (using the word loosely) is what got us Ukraine, Syria, ISIS, Russia meddling and others. And ultimately what lead us to Trump, people had enough of strategic patience.
  9. Good to see Trump confront Putin, hopefully Putin listens this time around. God knows he didn't listen to that coward Obama on anything.
  10. We already knew that Democrats prefer Socialism over Capitalism, but still an interesting article. http://www.newsweek.com/democrats-want-socialist-lead-their-party-more-capitalist-629659
  11. American children being taught anti-American lessons by radicals in control of education system. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/03/krauthammer-american-kids-taught-abnormal-anti-american-lessons.html
  12. The same group of people who want to rewrite the constitution and strip citizens rights of the 2nd amendment want to protect the rights of non-US citizens and/or people voting illegally. Weird These people should want to prove Trump wrong, beat him at something! It's obvious they've lost the Russian collusion fairytale battle, so why not beat him at something, just anything? Something of actual substance??
  13. Numerous state and federal agencies already have our SSN. Why the fake outrage that the Fed's need our SSN's to complete an assessment to ensure only "living US citizens" are voting (once)? What is there to hide?
  14. Not surprised the D states are obstructing the voter fraud investigation, they have a lot to hide.
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