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  1. I have a theory if that’s true- leftists actually do better scientific research. Given the distinct disrespect shown towards science and fact-based data, perhaps conservatives simply produce lower quality, more questionable work that fails to get them their desired results. Who pays for the research and who approves and publishes it? What is the political philosophy of the researcher?
  2. Please re-read the part about the abnormally high ocean temperatures. What is abnormally high? https://grist.org/climate-energy/this-chart-of-rising-ocean-temperatures-is-terrifying/ For this storm? Average water temps are usually around 28-30 C. in hurricane alley this time of year.
  3. Please re-read the part about the abnormally high ocean temperatures. What is abnormally high?
  4. The study, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.04184.pdf
  5. Thanks. What is the possible dirt on Cranley? Cranley frequently inserts himself into negotiations for development deals, in which he is not supposed to play any role. Remember that the CEO of our city is the City Manager. In our current system of government, the Mayor is not much more than a figure head with a few clearly defined powers, such as nominating or appointing members to various boards, introducing or vetoing legislation, etc. The City Manager was getting frustrated with the Mayor going around his back and making deals, and that's why the battle between the City Manager and the Mayor broke out. OK that makes sense.
  6. Thanks. What is the possible dirt on Cranley?
  7. Thanks. Not a lawyer so why to payout? Just fire him. The article mentioned something about Cranley doing something that could have violated city laws or something. Did not follow this closely.
  8. Who has the authority to hire/fire a city manager?
  9. Impressive considering how much traffic used to go out of the "C" terminal which does not exist anymore.
  10. Really good book on what happened. https://www.amazon.com/102-Minutes-Unforgettable-Survive-Inside/dp/0805094210 102 Minutes: The Unforgettable Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers Only 4 people, from above the impact zone in the South tower, made it out alive. No one escaped above the impact point in the North Tower. There is some detail about communication problems with police, fire and one helicopter that was above the towers.... the pilot was convinced that the towers were going to collapse. But didn't have a way to communicate with the NYFD, not that the firemen would have believed him anyway.
  11. There is 1 house on Jerome St. in Mt. Adams, not hidden though.
  12. Does Ram ever have an opinion that doesn't turn out to be wrong? He always sides against minorities just like Baltimore cops. Sad! The cops, like the residents there, are the majority ....Black Americans.
  13. They tried to park a submarine in Sri Lanka but the government said no. I could see an African government inviting the Chinese military to come on over, if the money is good enough. The locals would have to be barking and rioting though.
  14. Zambia is reportedly in talks with China over acquiring its main power company after defaulting on loan repayment https://www.pulselive.co.ke/bi/finance/china-to-take-over-zambias-power-firm-over-loan-default-id8826502.html
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