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  1. Unfortunately - that appears to be the finished exterior. Cleveland State University trustees agree to Mather Mansion renovation and enrollment goals: Five things to know http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2015/01/cleveland_state_university_tru_1.html#incart_river 2. CSU's new building is now the Center for Innovation in Medical Professions. After months of deliberation, the word "Health" was changed to "Medical" to reflect CSU's partnership with the Northeast Ohio Medical University and the perhaps draw more interest for naming rights, CSU officials said. The exterior of the building, between East 21st and 22nd streets and Euclid and Prospect avenues, is completed. The move into the building is planned for June 15 and classes will begin this fall.
  2. I believe the context was that he wanted the Hell's Angels to run city-wide boxing outfits, and provide mentorship for trouble youth. (no joke) So basically he wants the 'gang-bangers' (his words) to be able to fight better and have a Hell's Angel to turn to when they're in need of a parental figure? Every time this guy said something half-way smart he would immediately follow it up with something bat shit crazy.
  3. The debate between Mayor Frank Jackson and Ken Lanci is on 90.3 WCPN right now
  4. You're not, although I thought the mirror tower was to be on the other side of E. 9th
  5. I was just about to post on this. In my personal opinion the clothes at Dreggers Union were too highly priced and not of high enough quality to support such prices. Living downtown, I can also tell you that Dreggers had not updated their clothes much at all between the seasons (last time I went in they were still selling winter coats). There was more than one occasion when I went in looking to buy an they just didn't have what I was looking for. It is unfortunate to see them go undoubtedly, but I am still very hopeful for Downtown and E.4th in particular.
  6. Yes they have been sooooooo dependable :wink: Hold on to your pants you two. I said in my original post 60 days, it hasn't been anywhere close that yet. If it happens, great - If it falls through, so be it. I am willing to bet that whether Gilbert ends up buying the mall or not, there will still plenty of changes on the horizon.
  7. Took a quick stroll through Heritage Park on Saturday morning. Enjoy IMG_1139 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1142 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1141 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1129 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1130 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1131 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1133 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1128 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1136 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1135 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1138 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1140 by chubbard216, on Flickr
  8. I was unaware that Pittsburgh had a subway system. Do those lines come up to street-level at some point in the route ?
  9. Well, I know that this thread has been full of conjecture recently, I am about to add to it (apologies to MayDay) My girlfriend just happens to work in Tower City at, what I would say, is the last 'high-end' store left in the mall. I will let you folks figure out which one that is, but I will give you a hint: it is close to the casino. With that being said, one of her clients is a Forest City executive (who shall remain unnamed), and he recently let it slip that Dan Gilbert is in the final stages of negotiations with Forest City on purchasing the mall, and that it should be finalized within the next 60 days. To that end, she happens to be friends with two of the managers of nearby stores who both have had their long term leases changed to month-to-month leases. Only time will tell...
  10. Assuming your asking if he mentioned what type/brand of hotel it's going to be, he did not. I am not sure if those details have been publicly released yet (or finalized on for that matter)
  11. Yes there is most certainly something happening here. I spoke to construction workers at the building on Friday and forgot to post :( The crew working on the building now is an asbestos remiadiation crew, according the worker I spoke to they have a ~4 month contract to finish that work. Once they are done, a different construction company will then come in and begin developing the building into a hotel. (6/19/12) John Hartness Brown Building(s) IMG_1035 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1036 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1037 by chubbard216, on Flickr
  12. Took some pictures on my off day: (6/15/12) 'The Langston' IMG_1019 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1018 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1020 by chubbard216, on Flickr IMG_1022 by chubbard216, on Flickr 1905 Union Building on Euclid IMG_1023 by chubbard216, on Flickr
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