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  1. ^The building is precast concrete made to resemble stone, an early application of that technique.
  2. ^Besides the traffic signal wires, I believe the remaining overhead wires are phone/cable, so they are probably waiting on some utility company to finally move them. The electric has been complete for a while now. I'll be happy to see that all gone as well, however. Now if we can only redevelop the former KFC/check cashing place...
  3. Congrats to Mt. Vernon on completing the opera house project! Many good people have been working a long time to achieve this.
  4. Big win with the Metropolitan Building. Given its location, small floor plates, angled floor plates, etc, I thought this one was not going to make it.
  5. ^He is talking about developing the Greystone building’s parking lot, not tearing down the Greystone building.
  6. Okay, let's move on folks. This discussion is going nowhere and getting to the point of needing to shut down the thread.
  7. The modern design is fine, but it is just one big honking mass on a street that is otherwise made up of narrow building facades. Two or three variations would be helpful in breaking up the big mass. The housing density and modern design would not be a concern of mine.
  8. Thank you for pulling this together! The population losses between the 1950 and 2017 City of Cleveland boundaries seem too significant. Cleveland's boundaries have grown very little since the 1930s, except for a few annexations from Brook Park for airport expansions. http://northcoastgeo.com/blog/2016/9/29/map-of-city-of-cleveland-land-annexations
  9. Thanks for the tour! My preferred route from Pittsburgh to Columbus is US 22 to SR 7 to IR 70. When I hit Steubenville, I always veer off to take Fourth Street through this district and downtown. The last house you showed is my favorite; it seems like the owners have been working on the porch for years.
  10. It seems like the current branding direction (in addition to the ColumbUS branding) is being a Smart City.
  11. Simm's projects are not my favorite design-wise, but I think these could be good for Springfield. I would be interested in seeing a site plan to see how they will address the park behind Center Street; ideally, units should face and open up to the park. It will be an interesting test to see how these do in a midsize city market like Springfield. Hopefully they'll do well.
  12. The $25 million catalytic tax credit program is over. There will be no more awards unless the law is changed.
  13. It is too simple to blame "the state" for this development not moving forward. State government does not typically get involved with real estate development the same way that local governments do, and even the most impactful developments with the strongest political support should not expect to get the same floor time or consideration in the General Assembly as they should at their local city council. The state has many responsibilities and the General Assembly needs to focus on broad statewide needs. That's why you generally see the state create programs rather than specific incentives. Although this transformative credit was sold as a program, it was tailor-made to Nucleus just like the catalytic historic credit was tailored to the May Company rehab. There are good arguments to be made that these types of special set-asides may not be the best public policy, even if the projects do have a transformational or catalytic impact at the end of the day. We also have the context of a changing executive branch, and many bills not moving forward because the legislature wants to coordinate with the new administration.
  14. Quite a signature project. Cleveland and Columbus will soon both have signature convention headquarter (Cooper Carry-designed Hilton-branded) hotels.
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