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  1. ^Front Street can be made two way when the bridge is rebuilt and ramp onto Fulton is completed (basically phase 4), which is funded.
  2. Has there been any news regarding the old city hall/post office? At one point, the same developers working on the Carlisle had expressed interest in that building.
  3. ^Rightfully, indeed. It is a great building. Downtown Bethlehem has surprisingly few buildings of height. It is much quainter than I expected.
  4. ^Billy Joel’s “Allentown” should be dubbed in the background...
  5. Excellent set and commentary. I miss the days of circa 2000's UrbanOhio when city photo sets like these were so commonplace.
  6. ^I'm glad the plaza project is moving forward, but the cost seems too high. I'd rather see them spread some of their comprehensive plan funds around downtown or neighborhoods instead of dumping all $12 million in the one block.
  7. Do we know why Dorian Commons is fenced off? Could that be a courthouse site?
  8. I think it is horrible. Total joke of quality and materials. Edwards usually builds much better stuff.
  9. Interesting to see how this works out. Columbus and Cleveland's new convention hotels have both essentially been public projects, developed with backing from city and county government. Hopefully a 3CDC model with a private developer pencils out.
  10. ^The original plan was to preserve the front portion of the building; I’m not sure why everything ended up coming down. https://www.timesgazette.com/news/16867/colony-coming-down-week-to-10-days-to-complete-68750-project
  11. The bypass is certainly a bad idea and an unfortunate distraction, but I wouldn't get too upset about it at this point. ODOT and the state study things all the time that never go anywhere (for better and for worse). It's a common legislative request to study this or that. ODOT, federal highway, etc. are in no position to fund a major project like this, and are largely focused on preserving existing assets. The state transportation budget and gas user fee increase only provides enough money to help the state keep up with inflation costs, debt service, maintenance, and very little for major new projects. Unless they've retracted it, OKI had passed a resolution prioritizing the BSB over the Eastern bypass. For this to happen, you'd need large-scale regional support, some type of new revenue source (e.g. tolls), and total cooperation from Kentucky.
  12. I have not done a good job updating all the development occurring in Hamilton lately. Thankfully, the Journal-News put together a nice article today about downtown and Main Street growth (see below). Here are some other Major Highlights worth mentioning: Downtown: -Activity is finally happening at the former Ohio Casualty Complex, with IRG building apartments on the top two floors and picking-up development activity on the balance of the complex -The former Chaco Credit Union (historic Home Federal Bank Building) is being renovated into an events venue. -The retail portion of the Marcum Apartments complex on the new Marcum Park is under construction, and will include Tano's Bistro (other location in Loveland) -The developer of the Marcum Apartments is studying conversion of the former municipal building on the riverfront into housing; Municipal Brew Works would remain in place Main Street -CORE has renovated four buildings there, resulting in new residents on upper floors and several new retail venues include Village Ice Cream (other location in Lebanon) -Quarter Barrel opened with a roof deck overlooking downtown and the river; they closed along with their Oxford location a few months ago and a new restaurant is set to be announced soon -The city is wrapping-up a $1 million streetscape project that included new brick and period streetlights -The city and ODOT are working on a $3.9 million intersection project at Main and Eaton/Millville, resulting in a pocket park and sculpture piece that will create a western entrance/gateway Around the City: -South Hamilton Crossing, the $32 million railroad overpass at Grand Boulevard and Central/Pleasant and East/Dixie, is now open -Approximately 200 apartments are proposed adjacent to Miami Hamilton and the new overpass -Construction is underway at Spooky Nook, the massive sports complex at the former Champion Paper Complex -About a dozen murals have been painted in the last 3-4 years through a new program known as Streetspark -The first phase of the Beltline bike trail will soon start construction on the west side; this was formerly a spur line to Champion and weaves through several neighborhoods -The Fort Hamilton Foundation is restoring and moving into a former mansion in German Village -Residential construction is strong, starting to finally fill out subdivisions started before the recession Growing Hamilton: Dozens of new small businesses injecting energy to downtown, Main Street HAMILTON — Business owners in Hamilton’s core areas have been feeling a momentum of growing customers, which the city hopes to continue as it prepares for one of the largest developments in recent memory. Since 2013, 50 new small businesses have opened in Hamilton, the great majority of them in downtown and along Main Street, officials said. During that period, 2,526 new jobs were created citywide, officials said, and 1.25 million square feet of space were redeveloped in the city’s urban core, including 23 buildings there. Hamilton’s total citywide annual payroll in 2018 was $1.07 billion, up from a record $1.03 billion in 2017. Some long-dormant buildings have been activated in recent years, many of them refurbished by, or assisted by, the non-profit CORE (Consortium for Ongoing Reinvestment Efforts) Fund. Those have included the former Fifth Third building at 2 S. Third St., and the prime real estate of 103 Main St., overlooking the High-Main Bridge and the Great Miami River, which for decades was used only for storage. https://www.journal-news.com/news/local-govt--politics/hamilton-downtown-and-main-street-with-new-vibe-feeling-momentum/EOBU66zewlJTd8mlY2IFeM/
  13. We could go around and around about the Kauffman/Price Avenue project, but this is the Harrison West/Dennison Place thread--SO BACK ON TOPIC, please.
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