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  1. ^^^It is odd that so many people call the Little Miami Scenic Trail the "Loveland Trail." Did the first segment start from Loveland?
  2. Is there anything planned for the opposite corner of Monument & St. Clair?
  3. ^Yes, they did significant repairs to the apartment exteriors. Both Easton and The Greene have better quality exteriors, including much more brick.
  4. Commercial Avenue...with little commercial.
  5. I was in Europe without a smart phone at the time. We went to an internet cafe in the main station in Dresden and I pulled up Yahoo to check email. The headline and image on the front page were the burned-up Jesus, so I was seeing something just 15 minutes from my parents home making international news from the other side of the globe.
  6. ^Travis was 10 blocks from my house, I cannot be guilty for this one.
  7. This is going to sound creepy, but was it the Sunday before last? I was driving down Main Street in the afternoon and thought I saw you walking on the south side of the street.
  8. ^Galena and Madison were both in the first set of Main Street communities (along with Deadwood, South Dakota). I agree that Yellow Springs is a different animal. As downtowns have become more popular to the masses and we've seen significant revitalization of urban neighborhoods and smaller towns all across the Midwest, I've wondered if destination towns like Madison will have a harder time surviving. For instance, someone on the east side of Columbus may have been drawn to Roscoe Village or Dresden, but now they have more options in Newark or the Short North. Someone north of Cincinnati may have flocked to Lebanon or Waynesville, but now they have more options in OTR, Hamilton, and Middletown. There are limits to the markets for destination downtowns. Places like Madison probably have to focus more on building a base of businesses that serve residents in the immediate area, before relying as heavily on tourists as they may have been able to do back in the 1970s thru 2000s.
  9. Nice set--Ohio City is a great neighborhood.
  10. ^Looks like they took inspiration from the small black building a block away at 45 High.
  11. Do you have any additional details on the new city building? I was not aware that was being considered. The present city building is underappreciated. It is like Newark's version of Boston's iconic City Hall. Hopefully that building is preserved.
  12. ^Common cop-out. That’s why you leverage brownfield funding. I can’t imagine the dirtiest part of playing card manufacturing is that significant relative to many other manufacturing uses, and that the dirtiest part was even in that front section.
  13. There are some incredible homes on that stretch! I always drive around when in Youngstown. There's also some nice big homes tucked over in the Idora Park area by Mill Creek Park.
  14. What's the story on Lakewood? I would have expected it to hold more stable since 2010. Hopefully the actual census will show them staying about 50,000.
  15. ^I hope those Youngstown numbers are going in the right direction, but it does seem like a large jump. You posted the 10 largest cities. Hamilton, now at 11th largest, has been estimated at levels just beyond 62,000 since 2010, when the decennial census landed at 62,477. I will be curious to see where the 2020 census number actually land. There were certainly many older homes vacated and demolished at the beginning of the decade, but the end of the decade has seen the construction of ~60-80 single family homes each year, a couple multi-family projects, and more than 200 new downtown apartments.
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