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  1. Ran through Springfield yesterday...the landmark Crowell-Collier complex is almost gone and both the Simms townhomes and parking garage are underway.
  2. No, it was a credit from the very first round of the program, before the $5 million project cap was in place. Similar situation to John Hartness Brown.
  3. Too bad we tore down the never-used skywalk across Race Street.
  4. TownHall was supposed to be a Cleveland version of North Star, so it is funny that they will be in Columbus.
  5. Looking very good. It’s really too bad that the city tore down the first/last building that was once part of the block redevelopment.
  6. Another Amazon facility is probably the quickest way to get the mall torn down and replaced with some measurable employment.
  7. ^Interesting news to see Boscov's expand as other department stores fade. Family-owned stores are so rare these days. The Boscov store in Wilkes Barre is an awesome throwback.
  8. Youngstown has an incredible, almost completely pre-WWII skyline. Ohio City will not surpass it.
  9. ^I believe Postle East and West are just being renovated. Hopefully they improve the 12th Avenue elevation.
  10. ^Wow, that’s an awesome piece.
  11. ^It is hard to imagine Uptown thriving like that, with the condition of the south side today. I suppose that was the largest neighborhood business district?
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