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  1. That's only a small part of their campus. They control the large building to the southwest, which is packed with workspaces and research areas.
  2. One block? Look again. I've been to Hyperloop One's headquarters--there are many many more people working there than 20.
  3. ^That's correct, generally, but very very few Cincinnati suburbs (at least in Ohio) have rates above 2% so the discount wouldn't go to another municipality. St. Bernard, Lockland, Arlington Heights, and Cincinnati are at 2.1%, but I don't see any other Cincinnati suburbs at or above that level. https://thefinder.tax.ohio.gov/StreamlineSalesTaxWeb/Download/MuniRateTableInstructions.aspx
  4. Despite the occupancy, has the center helped attract medical conferences to Cleveland? That's an important measure of its success.
  5. Excellent set! Can never get enough of the Forest City.
  6. ^I don't know anything about that project, but sometimes a project will include a larger scope of buildings but some may not be included in the historic tax credit package because they are not seeking credits, don't want to meet rehab standards, etc. on those specific buildings.
  7. From what I've seen, it looks like the new visitor center turned out quite nice--perhaps up to national park standards. Great to see this investment.
  8. It would look just fine without the PNC logo. It will also be nice not to have a PNC Center and a PNC Tower.
  9. No, the credits wouldn't require anything to be changed. But if the developer does elect to make changes, the design must meet federal rehabilitation standards. Ah, okay.
  10. ^I'm surprised they are removing that storefront. It is nice cut stone that would look sharp with a bath.
  11. ^Great pictures. Despite a couple big parking lots, that section of downtown is a very pleasant mix of old and new buildings and has seen a good amount of investment. All we need now is the Fortune 500 headquarters on the Denison Hotel site...
  12. Am I nuts or did McCrory have an entrance thru the 4th Street arcade building? I wonder if the passageway between One Dayton Center/Fifth Third Center will be reopened when the Third Street arcade is complete.
  13. ^Even many of the most dedicated preservationists I know think the carriage house would be quite difficult to save. I'm not opposed to the density or design of this, as long as you cannot see it easily from Town Street.
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