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  1. I love public transit, but Madison WI is probably one of the best walkable and most beautiful downtowns in the the US. This would be ugly.
  2. Nordstrom in Downtown Indy closed in 2011. Carson Pirie Scott closed last year. Put a fork in Indy's Downtown Department store scene...even with Simon propping it up, it's gone.
  3. Good public transportation, Planned Parenthood, Abortion Rights, LGBQT Rights, Environmental Policies...all pretty much fit this definition as innovative. Whether it was innovative 100 years ago, 50 years ago or today. Ohio is not innovative in this realm anymore. It needs to be. Innovating: to introduce changes and new ideas
  4. The last part of that video though "How pro technology and pro innovation our state government is" is dubious. Innovating is also advancing social issues. NE Ohio should certainly not rely on the lopsided GOP State Govt to provide progress in in that regard.
  5. Simon Malls is headquartered in Indianapolis and they own most of the "better" malls in the US. They are in a building right downtown near that Mall. I think that is why is a lot of the stuff is down there. There are no anchors in Circle Center anymore...was Nordstrom and Carson Pirie Scott...both gone. As leases run out it will probably become a dead mall. Carsons just closed last year. Dead Malls happen fast after anchors leave. I go to Indy often to visit my sister. The downtown is boring chain restaurant central. I was just there and we went up to Mass Ave to go to more local cool places..I actually feel like they are behind the times. What a mid -level city like Cincy or Cleveland or Pittsburgh was in the 90's or 2000's.
  6. Is there any reason to believe the Ohio EPA given the way the statehouse is run? Are they credible? Serious question.
  7. metrocity


    It's really getting hard to defend Ohio. Welcome to New Indiana...Ugh. Edit..probably more like New West Virginia. Planned Parenthood sites across Ohio receive notice of state funding termination Updated Mar 22, 2:42 PM; Posted Mar 22, 2:26 PM https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/03/planned-parenthood-sites-across-ohio-receive-notice-of-state-funding-termination.html
  8. Don't forget, picky Euro retailer "we will never go into smaller (ie: fat people) US markets"... Zara, also opened the first Ohio store at Beachwood Place. CLE was actually one of the first smaller markets in the country for Zara to open in.
  9. I think that would be the case in most states if you took away the best parts. PA for sure would probably be worse. The south and west too. It's kind of a dumb statement IMO. If you are in Appalachian Ohio, you are probably closer to resources than lot of places to get out of that cycle of poverty if you wanted to.
  10. This makes me sad, I always admired CSU for not backing down on pressure to remove controversial and offensive submissions to the Peoples Art Show. My Alma Mater, I loved CSU for that. Artist Sues Cleveland State for Censoring Trump Message on His Iconic 'The Politician: A Toy' Sculpture Lawyers representing artist Billie Lawless today filed a federal lawsuit against Cleveland State University accusing the school of violating his rights by placing a covering over the phrase "BUILD A WALL OF PUSSIE,"
  11. ^ Why is that? I feel like on residential side streets with lighter traffic, 4 way stop signs and well marked crosswalks are much more calming to traffic for pedestrians. Drivers see a green light and assume right of way, even when making right or left turns into pedestrian paths. We experienced it first hand crossing at a couple of the intersections mentioned.
  12. Along the sames lines, this summer I was showing my friend around Ohio City and noticed there are a lot of silly little traffic lights all over the neighborhood at a lot of intersections. Seems to me a lot of them could be turned into 4 way stop signs, with well striped crosswalks. It would fit the character of a residential neighborhood better and save the city money on maintenance. They seemed uneeded for how light traffic is around there. Some Examples: Bridge Ave and W. 28th Bridge Ave and W 30th Fulton and W 30th. Franklin and W 32nd
  13. Looking at the pics on the website, I think it was Alex Samoylovich. To be honest, I went with a friend, it was a terrible event, cash bar, weird people. I was pissed I could barely hear the interview because nobody would shut up. I only realized it was cedar street when he started to speak, and I own a condo in uptown so I wanted to hear what he had to say. They really are pioneers in underserved markets around Chicago. The Event was Nov 7 at the Fremont, 15 W Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60654
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