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  1. metrocity

    Rural Ohio is dying

    Canal Fulton is on that route, but its growth and health is definitely is driven by Akron/Canton/Jackson Township sprawl. The towpath trail though has also helped tremendously at putting it on the map. I have a friend that owns the Canal Boat lounge on the towpath, her and her husband get tons of business from the trail...they love Ralph Regula (despite being blue blood dems). To the west and south of there is mostly Amish country small towns, which seems to create a healthy micro economy of its own (kind of like Mexican enclaves in Chicago do). I have been visiting my folks at a lake for 4th of july near Mt Gilead for a few years now. From Chicago, I have been taking Route 30 instead of the Turnpike for the last 3 years, and taken a few detours to explore nearby towns in NW Ohio. Some of those small towns don't seem that bad off, like Van Wert, Bucyrus, Galion. I was surprised. Lima and Mansfield however seem too small to attract jobs and too big to be cute and quaint and are pretty rough.
  2. metrocity

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 2

    Most exurban suburbs in Ohio would be embarrassed by such cheap infrastructure. No sidewalks...ok it happens...but no curb or regular storm drains in a core city or inner ring burb! WTF! That place is gross. The race to the bottom is getting fierce...I'm glad Ohio is losing that race. Funniest quote on UO this year IMO
  3. metrocity

    Ohio Census / Population Trends

    You could say they are more connected now than then because of sprawl. I-77 wasn't connected to Cleveland's Willow freeway until the Valley View bridge was built in 1975. Painesville, Mentor, Avon Lake..etc probably weren't considered suburbs of Cleveland either in the 60's. Akron is not a suburb, but the urban boundries have been blurred a lot since the 60's. There used to be a lot more rural area and way less freeway connection between them. https://case.edu/ech/articles/w/willow-freeway
  4. metrocity

    IKEA - Cleveland

    ^It's actually really small, and the displays seemed geared toward the systems furniture, like Kitchens, Media Centers and closets...where you would design and plan it. They did have a good amount of staff to assist in that though. I guess the stand alone pieces you just look at pics in the catalog or online and order. I must say, that mall is super busy, and the stuff looked really beat up from the wear and tear. That's not normal residential usage of course and we know it's not commercial grade, but it didn't give a good impression for buyers. The hinges start to sag, finishes get scatched...etc.
  5. metrocity

    Cleveland sidewalks

    I was in Cleveland over labor day weekend, and did notice that they weirdly just close off sidewalks for construction projects, and the only option is to cross the street. No protected areas to walk around it using the street. There was a lot Downtown. It was especially annoying coming off the Red Line at Little Italy where you are pretty much forced to jaywalk across Mayfield to continue into Little Italy. To legally use a crosswalk would send you the opposite way toward Euclid Ave. In Chicago, it seems more the norm to have a devoloper provide safe ped access around a construction site on the same side of the street...especially Downtown. They place Jersey barriers around the path into the street.
  6. metrocity

    IKEA - Cleveland

    ^There is this at Westfield Stratford City in London https://www.designweek.co.uk/issues/29-august-4-september-2016/ikea-rolls-convenience-store-concept-westfield-stratford-city/
  7. metrocity

    Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail

    Thanks! I was having a hard time finding info on what to do, this is a big help!
  8. metrocity

    Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail

    Question, I would like to ride the Towpath trail from Canal Fulton to Downtown Cleveland next weekend for Labor Day. Does anyone have tips for navigating the trail where it stops and starts again south of Downtown Cleveland? Thanks!
  9. metrocity

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    ^Haha...thanks for the heads up. ;)
  10. That was a good movie, thanks for sharing. If it was shot in Painesville, does that mean it meant that is geographically where it took place? Like that would be the norm at the time even in a supposedly liberal northern state...which Ohio used to be at that time. Or maybe big cities like Cleveland were liberal but the hinterlands were not?
  11. metrocity

    Gay Rights

    The schools have no business doing this, and the law makes Ohio look even more backward than it already is. Emulating the south, or even Indiana is not in the best interest of moving Ohio into the future.
  12. ^HAHA! Seriously, those greedy conniving amish! Although...maybe the amish stuff can be tousist traps. Hmmm?? If that's the worst Ohio has, that's not so bad.
  13. metrocity

    Coseau's Random Cincinnati

    Cincinnati's urban fabric should be a national treasure.
  14. metrocity

    The Official *I Love Cleveland* Thread

    Saw this walking home from the store today. It was taped to an empty storefront window in the Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago on Cermak Ave near Wolcott.
  15. ^Is Lancaster a commuter exurb of Columbus at this point? It is 33 miles away, same as Medina from Cleveland. I had to google it because I thought the same thing, but didn't realize it was so close to Columbus. It's a beautiful restoration.