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  1. If I was Mayor of Cleveland, I'd implement a strategy to make the city more walkable by adding a ton of this kind of thing to promote walkability and healthy lifestyle. Mayor Daly did it in Chicago in the late 90's...4 way stops at tons of intersections with bump outs and clearly marked cross walks, and these little roundabouts. Drivers bitched about it, but it worked and drivers calmed down. I'd call the program Cleveland Walks! (play on Cleveland Rocks...duh)and make it a city wide initiative and a public awareness campaign. The city already has a good sidewalk infrastructure in place....unlike newer cities. (edit) Every council person would be able to do all over their ward in my program, not just in cute neighborhoods.
  2. Chicago has them all over the north side in residential neighborhoods. I mentioned this a while back, that Ohio City had a lot of silly little traffic lights that might be better served by a well designed 4 way stop. Cleveland seems to have too many of the residential area traffic lights that would be expensive to maintain I'd think. The ones along Bridge Ave..especially by Heck's comes to mind
  3. I always got them at Barneys, and that is now closed too as well as Co-op in lincoln park. In my defense, I work in the west loop and live in Pilsen. I rarely go across the river to N Michigan Ave. Good to know Nordstroms and Sak's have them. They didn't used to. They last forever...but I'm in need of some new pairs. Keeping it on topic...do the Cleveland stores carry them?
  4. Co-op unfortunately closed a few years ago in Chicago...are there any left? Where can I get my APC jeans. Edit...looks like SAK's mag mile has them according to the website.
  5. A few more notable notes or musings: Near Case Western, there was a Jewish guy speaking to a group of people in an outdoor forum about how and why the Jewish community power structure began to move to Beachwood in the 1970's In the same area in University Circle we heard 5 different languages being spoken in a matter of minutes. At the plaza near GLB there were a lot of political activists working to sign up people to vote in Cuyahoga county and make change. We saw multilple street perfomers singing and playing instruments...I always give those folks money. We passed what I think was a Nation of Islam group having a discussion on the street downtown...and videotaping it. I witnessed 4 people help an older lady get on the Healthline with her granny cart of groceries, my friend and I helped her get the cart off the bus at Playhouse square because the gap to the platform was too wide. People were riding Bird Scooters in all the neighborhoods On the rapid out the window, we saw a skateboard park full of kids at one point. Homeless asking for money...of course you'll have that. Worse than any other city? Probably less. In front of tower city? Seriously not bad. So yeah...all that looks really cool IMO to my friend
  6. So I went to visit a friend in Findlay OH over the weekend for the purpose of going to the haunted Mansfield Reformatory Prison on Saturday night. So he's from down near Columbus originally and has only been to Cleveland once to the RNR HOF. He explained that Findlay being south of Toledo on the I75 corridor, is not really connected to Cleveland directly and is not really on the radar of places to go for that part of Ohio. It's roundabout to go up 75 and turnpike...and takes a few hours. It's easier to go to Toledo (of course), fly for work out of Detroit, go to Columbus or Dayton...etc. So, I suggested that we go to Cleveland for the day, then drive down to Mansfield at night for the haunted prison. He was right...getting to the turnpike was a lot of country highways, took 2 hours. Valet parked at E 4th St. Walked around Downtown and an Amish Choir was singing on Public Square. Grabbed a slice at a pizza shop on Euclid. Went to the top of Terminal Tower. Took the rapid (he didn't even know CLE had trains) to WSM and GLB...all packed with people, and there was an outdoor thing going on in the little plaza by GLB. Took the rapid from Ohio City to Little Italy. Rapid seemed to be running nicely every 15 min as scheduled. Little Italy was packed with people, had coffee and some bakery. Walked over to University Circle. Tons of people out and wedding party photos being taken. Took the Healthline back to Playhouse Square, went in Heinen's and had a drink. Stopped into the candy store and popcorn shop at the 5th St arcade. Went to Greenhouse Tavern for Dinner, and had a drink at Society afterward. Picked up the car at the Valet...and it was off to Mansfield. My point? Everywhere was lively and filled with people. Rapid and Healthline were both full...we had to stand (not complaining). Saw TWO people randomly pick up trash from the street downtown and the rapid and throw it away. The City looked great, and the people were friendly and Cosmopolitan. It felt like a real city..and was so damn easy to have a great day site seeing. Granted, it was beautiful weather Saturday...but every time I go back to Cleveland it just gets better and better and there are more people out and about. My friend was really impressed. The End.
  7. A building can have a big skyline presence AND a good street level presence...its not that damn hard to figure out. Retail might mean a 7-11 and a cleaners. Better than a blank wall
  8. I love public transit, but Madison WI is probably one of the best walkable and most beautiful downtowns in the the US. This would be ugly.
  9. Nordstrom in Downtown Indy closed in 2011. Carson Pirie Scott closed last year. Put a fork in Indy's Downtown Department store scene...even with Simon propping it up, it's gone.
  10. Good public transportation, Planned Parenthood, Abortion Rights, LGBQT Rights, Environmental Policies...all pretty much fit this definition as innovative. Whether it was innovative 100 years ago, 50 years ago or today. Ohio is not innovative in this realm anymore. It needs to be. Innovating: to introduce changes and new ideas
  11. The last part of that video though "How pro technology and pro innovation our state government is" is dubious. Innovating is also advancing social issues. NE Ohio should certainly not rely on the lopsided GOP State Govt to provide progress in in that regard.
  12. Simon Malls is headquartered in Indianapolis and they own most of the "better" malls in the US. They are in a building right downtown near that Mall. I think that is why is a lot of the stuff is down there. There are no anchors in Circle Center anymore...was Nordstrom and Carson Pirie Scott...both gone. As leases run out it will probably become a dead mall. Carsons just closed last year. Dead Malls happen fast after anchors leave. I go to Indy often to visit my sister. The downtown is boring chain restaurant central. I was just there and we went up to Mass Ave to go to more local cool places..I actually feel like they are behind the times. What a mid -level city like Cincy or Cleveland or Pittsburgh was in the 90's or 2000's.
  13. Is there any reason to believe the Ohio EPA given the way the statehouse is run? Are they credible? Serious question.
  14. metrocity


    It's really getting hard to defend Ohio. Welcome to New Indiana...Ugh. Edit..probably more like New West Virginia. Planned Parenthood sites across Ohio receive notice of state funding termination Updated Mar 22, 2:42 PM; Posted Mar 22, 2:26 PM https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/03/planned-parenthood-sites-across-ohio-receive-notice-of-state-funding-termination.html
  15. Don't forget, picky Euro retailer "we will never go into smaller (ie: fat people) US markets"... Zara, also opened the first Ohio store at Beachwood Place. CLE was actually one of the first smaller markets in the country for Zara to open in.
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