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  1. Are there any plans to create a dedicated lane for a portion of the ride? I can only view the train via news sites as I no longer live in the nati. Also is bus traffic rerouted now to radiate out from the tram stops? Congrats Cincinnati on getting this project up and running.
  2. Jimmy Johns provides a good quick eat option. Overall I hope the area gets a little more diverse with its offerings - less sports bars and more sushi, middle east, mexican, jamaican etc at some point. The area seems like it has a lot of options for a game like environment and is okay but I do hope for a little more diversity in food offerings.
  3. Hey glad that you had a good time in Bogota.
  4. ^What they need to sign up there is an Olive Garden and/or an Au Bon Pain
  5. Really to me this sounds gimmicky, it really doesn't bring unique character to the place but since it's signed I hope the food is good.
  6. Congratulations richncincy would love to know your perspective on how things in the city are really going since you would understand first hand.
  7. If OTR was Hyde Park this would've been built 60 years ago. Alot of people are looking around and feeling no attachment to the streetcar because they don't see people like them benefiting. There's just very little demographic connection among certain groups.
  8. It's not just a generational thing it's a cultural thing - sounds to me like a a suburban guy who hates city life in Cincinnati but loves to go on trips out of the country to experience what he can't get back at home. And the reason that he can't get it is because he wants to prove that his lifestyle is superior so he can justify going to Europe to get it rationalizing it as the charms of Europe but he wouldn't be caught dead supporting something that would make life in Cincinnati comparatively enticing. Cincinnati has too many jerks like that whose instincts wont allow them to support something that represents the antithesis to their inconvenient car driven culture.
  9. It looks fine to me, spacious enough to accommodate decent crowds.
  10. I have been living in Asia for the past 2 years and haven't been back to Cincinnati. It's incredible that when I left all that was there was a big hold in the ground. Friend - "Where do you want to go for dinner?" Me - "Let's take the ladies to the Banks and then afterwards a walk along the River" This will be incredible.
  11. Residential would be a nice fit there and could help with creating a critical mass downtown.
  12. ^So the question is "Does anyone on the board know the managers of Tower Place Mall? and/or "Is anyone on the board a member of the team managing the mall?"
  13. Does the brick match Great American? Also, any plans for the brick elements of the design to be incorporated in general landscaping improvements around PBS?
  14. Also, I'm kinda disappointed that the survey doesn't allow more flexibility for non University affiliated people to take part and the retail options are a little limiting wish we could get a J.Crew or a Zara or MANGO or some of those options. Would be nice for his area to have a identity different from the suburbs or that we could get some nice local retail shops to open up - what's going on with the students from fashion design anyway?
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