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  1. Is this parking app just for CBD/Downtown/OTR or is it for every parking meter in the city?
  2. Another Pleasant Ridge Development: Fiberge Cincinnati is reopening in the 6200 Montgomery Building. This is where the old 4 Wireless store is. This is also next door to Red Balloon Play Cafe which is opening next month I believe. Fiberge will be a yarn, needlecraft and fabric/sewing store. The owner plans to have classes as well. Here is more information (and an official announcement) from their Facebook page. As of this week, there are already things being done on the inside of the space, including removal of the ugly metal bars on the windows. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fiberg%C3%A9/147523255287437?ref=stream&fref=nf
  3. Bump. City Council voted at the beginning of the month to approve PR to work with planning on form based code: ====================== 34-201500179 MOTION, dated 02/09/2015 submitted by Councilmembers Simpson, Young, Sittenfeld, Seelbach, Winburn and Vice Mayor Mann, We MOVE that the Administration initiate the steps necessary to determine whether to establish Form-Based Code zoning in Pleasant Ridge and, if so, to determine the details thereof including the appropriate area subject to the Form-Based Code. We further MOVE that the Administration identify the specific amount and potential sources of funding necessary to establish Form-Based Code zoning in Pleasant Ridge.
  4. I am not sure this belongs here, but there is a new children's play cafe opening soon on Montgomery: Red Balloon Play + Cafe. They are occupying the old Beans and Grapes space next to Walgreen's. The back half will be a play area for children from babies through school age and the front will be a coffee shop/cafe. Also -- the VFW building was purchased and it will become a restaurant. http://www.cincinnati.com/story/entertainment/dining/2015/02/18/casa-figuero/23618291/ :clap: Very exciting news along with the Nine Giant announcement. Its nice to see vacant storefronts become businesses again.
  5. It's good that they are planning on all of that stuff being close together near the university but the lab on Ridge is going to add to the ocean of vacant buildings there. Hopefully there will be a plan for that location or something.
  6. I agree. Last night at MPMF was pretty bad in several locations. You know I don't care if there is a bro spillover or whatever...but leave the douche behavior at home. I've seen more fights down there and just general disrespect of the area lately. Last night all I wanted to do was see a band play at Japp's and the people that were there acted like we didn't belong. I am always about everyone being included but there are definitely groups of people who act like certain bars are there for them and their frat brethren. Anyways, just because you don't live there doesn't give yiu any right to disrespect it.
  7. Charlie how can you abstain and want the tax rate to stay the same at the same time? I can't believe I actually watched all of this.
  8. Tax and budget discussion is on right now. Music Hall discussion got a bit chippy earlier.
  9. Thanks for the info. I was just curious, since I am not from the area and my friends said they moved because the taxes were too high and the schools weren't good.
  10. Yeah I saw the lady talking about the 16k check she has to write tomorrow. At first it was well meaning people and then you got other people like that guy who just...didn't really add to the discussion. It kind of turned into a "yell at City Council fest". Honest question: How do taxes and services in suburbs compare to this city? I am asking because I know someone who lives in Milford and their taxes are about the same as mine here in the city. Same size house and we have a little more yard than they do.
  11. Yes! Hahaha...one of the more interesting people. I am actually really disappointed at the number of younger people. All I have seen are people who are elderly, and yes while I know a tax increase will affect people on a fixed income more than younger people...but I am getting sick of the age war comments from a lot of these people speaking. What happens to the city once you are gone? Because none of them seem to give two craps about anyone else. Kind of depressing.
  12. Cranley sure looked like he was in campaign mode at the city council meeting today.
  13. Holy crap is anyone watching the budget and finance committee meeting on Citcable right now?
  14. I agree on the Burger King however the issue with 1 is that the vacant building you refer to was purchased recently and is being rehabbed. There is already 1-2 tenants scheduled to go in there as well, but I am not sure how much space they will be taking up. So all the businesses may not be able to relocate
  15. Everybody's is owned by different people than the buildings housing Gaslight, Ridge Jewelers and the Hair It Is. The people who own Everybody's already turned Walgreen's down this time. The people who own the other buildings live in Anderson Twp. Its an LLC. Some people already have sent letters their way I think.
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