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  1. The former Wendy's location, 220 E Fourth St., is under renovation. No indication of what might be going in there.
  2. At this point, is a lawsuit against the city needed?
  3. Since Liberty is outside of the CBD, I’d think not.
  4. This a great start. However, two questions: What is the impact to the ongoing (never ending) Downtown Traffic Study? How does one get a street added for consideration (I'd like to see Broadway extended two-way)?
  5. I was surprised when WLW fired him. He, along with former program director Darryl Parks, was way over the top when it came to the anti-streetcar rhetoric. WLW's bread & butter. Ironic that it was an Amtrak train that killed him.
  6. Somehow the wait staff at the 4th & Sycamore Skyline can afford the $2.75 an hour parking meters between 10:30 AM & 1:30 PM every weekday.
  7. I'd only support public money on a new arena if it was moved away from the river (e.g. by the casino). The coliseum and East Garage are terrible use of riverfront property.
  8. This ended up being Amazon: https://forum.urbanohio.com/topic/143-dayton-random-development-and-news/?do=findComment&comment=874833
  9. Amazon will bring several hundred new jobs to Southwest Ohio An official has confirmed the Fortune 100 company eyeing a new facility owned by a Cincinnati firm in the city of Kettering is retail giant Amazon. Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, is in negotiations to lease 87,000 square feet at 2000 Composite Drive, bringing "several hundred" new jobs to Kettering. The building, owned by Cincinnati real estate developer TW Development Group, will be converted into a distribution center. "The city of Kettering can confirm that the potential e-retail tenant for the Kettering Business Park is Amazon," said Kettering economic development manager Gregg Gorsuch. "TW Development is currently in negotiations with Amazon for a long-term lease that will bring a last-mile distribution center and several hundred new jobs to Kettering. We will continue to work with the developers in the coming months to make this potential deal a reality." Cont
  10. Bunbury 2019 (May 31 - June 2) lineup leaked 24 hours early... Fall Out Boy Greta Van Fleet The 1975 Girl Talk Run The Jewels NF Machine Gun Kelly Awolnation Stone Temple Pilots Sublime With Rome Dashboard Confessional Clutch Pigeons Playing Ping Pong LovelyTheBand Blue October Bayside Streelight Manifesto The Aces Poppy Joywave Jeremy Zucker Jukebox The Ghost Flora Cash Reignwolf Witt Lowry Lauren Sanderson The Clarks Shared Halfnoise Great Good Fine Ok The Blue Stones The Candescents Common Kings Tropidelic You Vs Yesterday Bülow Taylor Jansen Radattack The Orphan The Poet Triiibe
  11. Cygnus

    What are you watching?

    Ditto. Where that show started to where it ended was so bizarre.
  12. Cygnus

    The SimCity Thread

    @neilworms I toured St Peter in Chains Cathedral within the past 6-8 years. I believe we told them we were interested in getting married there and they suggested we sign-up for one of their guided tours.
  13. Cygnus

    What are you watching?

    Really enjoyed the first two seasons of The Man in the High Castle. Working through season three now. The sixth, and final, season of House of Cards is so, so bad.
  14. Lime pulls scooters off the streets One of Cincinnati’s scooter services could be pulling some of its devices off the streets. Fast-growing electric scooter company Lime has removed some of its models of scooters from every city where it operates due to safety concerns, the Washington Post reports. According to the report, some of Lime’s scooters manufactured by Okai may break while in use. It’s unclear how many Okai scooters were in Lime’s fleet or in each city where it operates. A company spokesperson didn’t immediately return a request for comment about the impact the recall could have on the Cincinnati market. Cont
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