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  1. Downtown's Mike & Carol Trotta (mens/womens clothing) is moving from their longtime home in the Mercantile Library Building (406 Walnut St) to 324 E Fourth St, across from Queen City Club.
  2. I've noticed in the mornings over the past week that the stoplights have been timed differently along 4th Street, between Sycamore and Walnut. Not sure of the ones further west.
  3. All of these Bruce Willis films have Randall Emmett behind them. He was just credited as a Producer on "The Irishman". While most believe that was a good movie, his others, specifically his Cincinnati shot films, are awful. "Mauraders" was a $15M film that grossed $1M. "10 Minutes Gone", a MoviePass production, and "Reprisal" barely made $100,000. Can't imagine “Open Source” will be any different. Speaking of "Mauraders", Netflix's $12M "Point Blank" (2019) was also partially filmed in Dixie Terminal. The only reason they'll ever be spoken in the same breath as "Rain Man".
  4. The Wood deal now appears dead.
  5. I dunno, Mt. Carmel has been making Ted's Amber Ale for years.
  6. Not surprising, tonight's Clipers vs. Lakers game has been postponed. Lakers will play again Saturday when they host the Trailblazers.
  7. HMS Host is everywhere; why wouldn't they bid?
  8. Couple of thoughts: Can't tell if these spots are reserved for EV's or if anyone can pay to park here If they are reserved for EV's, how aggressive will the ticketing be What is the maximum parking session It appears that downtown Columbus parking meters has two, really cheap, options: Three-hour meters with $1-an-hour rates 30-minute meters with $1.50-an-hour rates, or 75 cents for a half-hour Of course, in Cincinnati, registered EV's can park for free at meters.
  9. WCPO.com: Eastern bypass research halted by ODOT https://youtu.be/WR3NJsaslzA
  10. I had pretty much given up on baseball prior to this scandal. The fact that Houston cheated and still keeps their World Series title pushes me even further away from the sport.
  11. Cygnus

    What are you watching?

    Fargo season 4 is set to premiere on April 19.
  12. Cygnus

    What are you watching?

    Seconded for Fleabag; great series. Also just binged both seasons of Castle Rock. Really enjoyed the two separate, but tied together stories. Hoping for a third season.
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