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  1. Toss that cease-and-desist in the trash where it belongs. Here is Tesla’s response to the NHTSA Cease and Desist.
  2. I'd estimate that only 1/2 the people crossing E. Pete Rose Way at the Purple People Bridge actually activate the beacon. It'd be much better if the trigger was installed under the tactile paving of the crosswalk.
  3. ^ I used to work at the location in Moraine. Not sure what the difference is between that location and this new one by the mall.
  4. Nearly 3 years later, construction activity happening again at this location.
  5. Because this site has had multiple proposals that have not come to fruition. However, with this being the most underwhelming of them all, it no doubtfully will be built with Cranley in power.
  6. Really enjoyed their food but you are right, a sit down lunch was not an option for most downtown workers. I used Ritual a couple times to get a pick-up from them. Somehow they were always able to get an order ready in 15-20 minutes.
  7. Carew Tower refills former Boi Na Braza space Months after Boi Na Braza closed its downtown Cincinnati restaurant, Carew Tower has a new tenant that will fill the space. JP Morgan Chase & Co. has signed a long-term lease for 10,000 square feet of space in the iconic tower. Work is already underway transforming the former restaurant into a JP Morgan Chase branch. Andrew Blight, vice president of corporate communications with JP Morgan Chase, said the nation’s largest bank is “excited” to open a location in Carew Tower. Cont
  8. Why no tornado sirens? Dayton officials respond. Some residents have asked Dayton leaders why they didn’t hear emergency warning sirens during Monday’s tornadoes. The answer is simple: Dayton doesn’t have them. About 20 years ago, Dayton decided to unplug its warning siren system on the grounds the it was too expensive to operate. Cont
  9. https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/buildings/historic-conservation/historic-conservation-board/may-20-2019-staff-report-and-attachments/ Item 4 in the packet, Page 61-135
  10. Alan Koch relieved of his duties as FC Cincinnati head coach FC Cincinnati announced Tuesday that head coach Alan Koch has been relieved of his duties with the team. “After a series of recent issues and a team culture that had deteriorated, we determined that it’s time to make a change to return a club-centered focus to the team,” Jeff Berding, FC Cincinnati president and general manager said in a press release from the team. He adds that removing Koch as coach has less to do with the team's current game results, and more to do with an underlying culture issue that may be causing issues on the pitch. Cont
  11. FC Cincinnati yanks final development plan for now FC Cincinnati has pulled its final development plan from the Cincinnati Planning Commission until its new architect finishes the design for its Major League Soccer stadium in the city’s West End, according to a statement from the club. Populous, the new architect, was hired in March to complete the design. “FCC will pursue final planned development approval for the exterior after the design revisions are incorporated and reviewed by the community design committee, community coalition, community councils as well as our neighbors at Music Hall and the ballet,” the team’s statement said. Cont
  12. Hathaway's is still open. Stopped in Friday for a Pink Cloud (milkshake). The lady running the counter was mum on closing/staying open. Auntie Anne's just opened next door to them...
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