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  1. Moved the 'What I spend in a week as a 24-year-old in Cincinnati' video and "discussion" to the appropriate thread:
  2. "We each pay a fabulous price for our visions of paradise." - Rush, Mission
  3. Planning commissioner praises music venue design as panel OKs plans The Cincinnati Planning Commission approved changes to the Banks’ concept plan Friday that will allow for a music venue to be built on the mixed-use riverfront development, the second of three city actions remaining to make the venue a reality. Commissioner John Eby urged Music and Event Management Inc. not to alter the design of the venue as it gets closer to construction. MEMI is a fully owned subsidiary of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and will own and program the venue. “This design is bold. I love it,” he said. “Please do not allow them to value engineer out the coolness of this building.” The cost of the music venue has risen from $19 million to $26 million. The indoor seating capacity has gone from 4,000 seats to 4,500, said MEMI CEO Mike Smith. The venue will also feature outdoor concerts at the adjacent park to be built. Cont
  4. Let's eliminate the personal attacks in our arguments, please.
  5. This topic appears to have been lost... perhaps in the forum migration. While there is no new news on the subject, here is the original story: New Downtown hotel planned at Fourth and Walnut The new owner of Fourth & Walnut Centre in Downtown Cincinnati has big plans for the underutilized office complex. Dallas-based NewcrestImage Management is studying property improvements such as developing at least one lifestyle or luxury hotel, reconfiguring office space and adding new elements such as a grocery store, said Mehul “Mike” Patel, company chairman and CEO. NewcrestImage closed on a deal Friday to buy the property for $9.3 million, Patel said. And although plans are still in the design phase, Patel said the company could end up investing more than $100 million into the project. “Cincinnati has a lot to offer,” said Patel, who added the company began scouting property in Cincinnati four months ago. “We have a huge plan for this building.” Cont
  6. Assuming that demo/construction at Fourth & Walnut Center (which I'm all for) will use some of the eastern deliveries lane of Walnut. This will seriously impact what is already terrible traffic between 5th & 2nd streets during evening rush hour. Pick-up at the Scripps Center's Childtime daycare will go from bad to worse. Streetcar delays will increase. Hopefully the city is ahead of this development and looking at possible traffic solutions.
  7. From this article: Portune, Cranley strike a deal on developing the rest of the Banks The city and county will work together on options to place decks over Fort Washington Way.
  8. Any other Cincinnati voters get a random text message around 12:30 today? No idea how they got my number... "Election Alert: Please vote for GARY FAVORS for Cincinnati School Board. GARY FAVORS: CPS teacher for 22 years and Gulf War veteran. Gary will put kids 1st!"
  9. Forbes: Major League Soccer’s Most Valuable Teams 2019: Atlanta Stays On Top As Expansion Fees, Sale Prices Surge
  10. "U.S. Bank previously paid $300,000 a year for the naming rights" Can't imagine Heritage is paying anywhere near that.
  11. The Athletic subscription required: An inside look at why billionaires buy into money-losing Major League Soccer (hint: It’s not really losing money) With the addition of Sacramento Republic FC, Major League Soccer will gain a new squad of players, a new stadium, and a new home city to its ranks. It will also add another billionaire investor. That would be Ron Burkle, the LA private equity mogul and Pittsburgh Penguins owner who is also majority owner of the Sacramento team that MLS announced a week ago, to begin play in 2022. An MLS team seems like a normal investment for Burkle to be making on its face; after all, plenty of billionaires the world over own sports teams. But MLS ownership is unique in several respects, including one big one: the league has never turned a profit in its history. For big-money investors like Burkle, what’s the appeal? The answer is multifaceted, and reflective of the complexity of modern sports economics. Burkle and others aren’t merely buying teams. They’re buying into profitable companion businesses as well. At its simplest, an MLS club’s seasonal bottom line is one piece of a wider investment. Cont
  12. ^You appear to be the Musk-obsessed one.
  13. FUDsters having a rough morning...
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