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  1. https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/buildings/historic-conservation/historic-conservation-board/may-20-2019-staff-report-and-attachments/ Item 4 in the packet, Page 61-135
  2. Alan Koch relieved of his duties as FC Cincinnati head coach FC Cincinnati announced Tuesday that head coach Alan Koch has been relieved of his duties with the team. “After a series of recent issues and a team culture that had deteriorated, we determined that it’s time to make a change to return a club-centered focus to the team,” Jeff Berding, FC Cincinnati president and general manager said in a press release from the team. He adds that removing Koch as coach has less to do with the team's current game results, and more to do with an underlying culture issue that may be causing issues on the pitch. Cont
  3. FC Cincinnati yanks final development plan for now FC Cincinnati has pulled its final development plan from the Cincinnati Planning Commission until its new architect finishes the design for its Major League Soccer stadium in the city’s West End, according to a statement from the club. Populous, the new architect, was hired in March to complete the design. “FCC will pursue final planned development approval for the exterior after the design revisions are incorporated and reviewed by the community design committee, community coalition, community councils as well as our neighbors at Music Hall and the ballet,” the team’s statement said. Cont
  4. Hathaway's is still open. Stopped in Friday for a Pink Cloud (milkshake). The lady running the counter was mum on closing/staying open. Auntie Anne's just opened next door to them...
  5. Graeter's expanding Fountain Square ice cream parlor The ice cream parlor synonymous with Cincinnati is undergoing an upgrade and expansion at its Fountain Square location starting this summer. Graeter's Fountain Square location at 511 Walnut St. will undergo a renovation and expansion, which will see it closed from just after Labor Day until it reopens around the holidays, the company's chief of retail operations, Chip Graeter, told me. "Fountain Square has always been a great store for us." Graeter said. "It's had some challenges because it's a little smaller, but Fifth-Third came to us with their new lobby concept and it allowed for us to expand our store." Cont
  6. The former Wendy's location, 220 E Fourth St., is under renovation. No indication of what might be going in there.
  7. At this point, is a lawsuit against the city needed?
  8. Since Liberty is outside of the CBD, I’d think not.
  9. This a great start. However, two questions: What is the impact to the ongoing (never ending) Downtown Traffic Study? How does one get a street added for consideration (I'd like to see Broadway extended two-way)?
  10. I was surprised when WLW fired him. He, along with former program director Darryl Parks, was way over the top when it came to the anti-streetcar rhetoric. WLW's bread & butter. Ironic that it was an Amtrak train that killed him.
  11. Somehow the wait staff at the 4th & Sycamore Skyline can afford the $2.75 an hour parking meters between 10:30 AM & 1:30 PM every weekday.
  12. I'd only support public money on a new arena if it was moved away from the river (e.g. by the casino). The coliseum and East Garage are terrible use of riverfront property.
  13. This ended up being Amazon: https://forum.urbanohio.com/topic/143-dayton-random-development-and-news/?do=findComment&comment=874833
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