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  1. Has 5/3 agreed to its removal? They still have employees in the 530 & 580 buildings.
  2. $53M conversion to high-end hotel planned for former P&G HQ By Tom Demeropolis – Senior Staff Reporter, Cincinnati Business Courier The new owner of a historical downtown office building that formerly housed Procter & Gamble Co.’s headquarters is planning to transform the building into a high-end boutique hotel. NuovoRE, a Denver-based firm that focused on urban redevelopment, has submitted an application for the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program to convert the Gwynne Building into a 181-room hotel. NuovoRE is seeking a $5 million Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit for the planned project. The total investment would be nearly $53.5 million. “The goal is to update and refurbish the entire building bringing back its original glory,” according to the application. Officials with NuovoRE did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Cont
  3. Traffic way was worse than it needed to be due to what appears to be poor planning. The Taylor-Southgate bridge was closed for sometime for a 8:30 fireworks show; Light The Night event at Yeatman's Cove. Not sure why they couldn't have launched the fireworks from Newport vs. the bridge.
  4. This flat out is a ridiculous statement.
  5. Charge limits can be set/adjusted in car and in the Tesla app.
  6. It was also on a Friday night. Indeed, shocking! After FCC's final home match, I went to Adriatico's and there was a line to get a table. It was still that way at 9 PM when I left. On a Sunday!
  7. Wow... exactly one week after the last Reds home game of the season.
  8. Ditto on the lunchtime tour. Overall, the store itself is very nice. They do have a bar. However it is upstairs in the food court and you can't bring beverages downstairs as you have to leave the store to use the stairs/elevators. All the carts are the smaller type and they have cupholders. Unlike in Oakley which has a bar and no carts with cupholders.
  9. Take a look back at page 3 of the thread. Original plan was for two more condo buildings. In 2014-2015, they floated building one larger apartment building. They will have some serious competition with The Artistry now under construction down the street.
  10. Five+ years later... rumblings that Towne is again looking to start Phase II.
  11. Speaking of Big Ash, their self-serving taproom opened Friday in the former Tumbleweeds / Los Portales Mexican restaurant in Skytop Pavilion. It's an interesting concept, but a hassle when they are busy. I'll allow for them to work the kinks out and visit again in the coming months. WCPO article from February: https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/local-a-e/big-ash-brewing-to-put-beer-taps-in-hands-of-customers
  12. Stop by the Oakley Kroger. You can shop with an adult beverage or sit at the bar and try samples. Limit two full pours per person. It's generally always busy.
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