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  1. Cygnus

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Lime mishap at lunch today on Walnut St. between 4th & 3rd. It appeared that he just lost control...
  2. Cygnus

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Less than 3 days use:
  3. Started a thread for the Duttenhofer Building (6th & Sycamore) - No official news since summer of 2017... https://www.urbanohio.com/forum/index.php/topic,32133.new.html#new
  4. Is 3rd time the charm to convert former P&G office building into a hotel? A former Procter & Gamble Co. office building in downtown Cincinnati could get new life as a hotel. This marks the third time building owner Scott Street Partners has had a deal with a hotel operator to open a hotel at 299 E. Sixth St. The two previous deals to convert the 10-story historic building into a hotel did not come to fruition. According to the Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit application for the project, the conversion of the Duttenhofer Building, also known as the Sycamore Building, would be a $27.5 million investment. The project is requesting more than $2.7 million in tax credits. Cont.
  5. Cygnus

    Cincinnati: State of Downtown

    Take DCI's 2018 Downtown Cincinnati Perceptions Survey featuring a photo from taestell[/member] : https://www.research.net/r/2018DCISurvey
  6. Um, no thanks, Facebook.
  7. Cygnus

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    Doctor: Do something about the dangers of e-scooters Electric scooter boards, zipping past with their often helmet-free riders balanced atop, are rolling into American cities -- like my hometown of Atlanta -- at breakneck speed. Really. You could break your neck on one. The venture-funded companies behind this new business model are pushing out their web-based scooter rental networks in dozens of cities and college campuses -- in the same guerrilla fashion as Uber delivered its newfangled taxis years ago, miraculously drawing money forth from the regulatory void. And largely getting away with it. Meanwhile, the accidents are piling up. I'm a doctor and this is a problem. Cont.
  8. Cygnus

    Electric Scooter Sharing

    I tried a Bird Friday afternoon. Within 2 minutes of riding it on the street, a guy speeding his car through a yellow light yelled at me to get on the sidewalk. ::) I stayed on the street, but found the small tires on the scooter to be unforgiving of our rough roads. The handle felt as if it was going to come disconnected from the base. Which made me wonder, who's doing the maintenance on these things? And how often?! I'll stick with my RedBike subscription...
  9. Kings Island teases new coaster may be coming Some say it will be Son of Beast II The teasing has begun. Cedar Fair, owner of Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, has begun to drop hints that something big may soon be announced, possibly even a reborn Son of Beast, according to coaster enthusiast groups, the Kings Island Central Forum, and a Reddit forum. The Instagram group Emotional Rollercoasters has just posted a photo of a flier its members say was put up in the past few days around the Cedar Point amusement park in Northern Ohio. "Number 5 is alive!" That's what cryptic poster says, apparently referencing the defunct Son of Beast, which was torn down in 2012 after a decade of troubles and injuries to riders. The launch building for Son of Beast (which still remains and is used for Halloween Haunt) was called "Outpost 5." Cont.
  10. And just like that, all tents, save for one that moved down by Great American Tower, have returned to where they were prior to the “clean-up.”
  11. From WCPO on Twitter: Some tents relocated around the corner as city cleans area of homeless camp on Third Street http://bit.ly/2vAy1fZ
  12. Update: A judge denied a motion for a restraining order against the city filed by residents of the Third Street homeless camp, according to Josh Spring, CEO Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition.
  13. Homeless file lawsuit against the city: 'Do the right thing' says homeless coalition leader The homeless living on Third Street say they aren’t going anywhere today. The people living in the tent city filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday asking for relief from a city-scheduled cleanup. The lawsuit claims the city breaks constitutional law by evicting the homeless from Third Street and throwing away belongings. Cont
  14. City moves to clear out another homeless camp in downtown Cincinnati The city already cleared out one homeless camp Downtown. A second could be gone within days, too. Police served notices Tuesday afternoon to people living outdoors along Third Street, city spokesman Casey Weldon said. It gives people 72 hours to remove their property from the sidewalk and side of the street. Officers handed notices to people, if they were there; in some cases, they left notices on people's tents. Capt. Mike Neville, commander of the police department's Central Business District, said there was no "directive" to clear out the camp. Cont.
  15. Cygnus

    Cincinnati: Historic Photos

    Thanks for sharing!