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  1. ^That is so true. People forget that the buildings in OTR pre-rehab were downright dangerous to be in. No one, rich or poor, should live in a building where they have to worry about structural damage so bad that it could harm their health... and that doesn't even include all of the unsafe chemicals like lead paint, asbestos, etc. that were in these places.
  2. Was searching for something else and came across this thread... and the posts on the first few pages! They are definitely worth reading... above is one of my favorites to capture how things were. It’s crazy to think how different OTR was 15 years ago! Thankful for how it is now. Redevelopment can do bad things, and certainly gets a bad rap by some, but when you consider how much of our history and character has been saved by the rehabbers it absolutely happened at the right time.
  3. Bernie dropped out! It’s Biden vs Trump
  4. If he actually raped someone, it’s a problem. From what I can tell the evidence is shaky at best. We need to see some more development in that story to either prove it’s BS or put the issue into question. Unfortunately though we do have a rapist in chief right now, and there is mounds of evidence proving it happened. The other side is lining up behind their rapist leader without any issues... scary but if they try to pin Biden with false rape claims they will be so laughably hypocritical that even the dumbest of people could see through it. IMO the closest to a perfect candidate we were going to find was Buttigieg, but that ship has sailed... so it’ll be Biden or Bernie
  5. It is! They all have their own messed up kingdoms for sure. Theres a number of memes coming out, and I made this one myself for the Dayton area. Would have loved to focus more inside city limits but the characters lent themselves pretty well to this breakdown
  6. Any of you guys been watching the ever-so-classy documentary Tiger King in this Coronavirus isolation? i just finished it and am obsessed. There are some nice, subtle Ohio tie-ins in the documentary too, like a couple minutes on when all of the exotic animals were freed and killed in Zanesville in 2011 as well as a shot of Northgate Mall near Cincy
  7. I had something very similar back in November/December. It was a persistent cough that wouldn’t go away for weeks, slight fever, aches, shortness of breath, fatigue. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a lesser version of what had now become COVID-19, or within the same virus family.
  8. This is the primary reason I’m anti-Bernie. Some of his positions are good, most are insane, but the lack of ability to compromise/play nice with others is what kills his appeal. EDIT - forgot to mention this reason is only second to the Bro Cult. That’s the true #1 reason I’m anti-Bernie
  9. Definitely the first, probably the last time I’ll say I’m a fan of organized crime
  10. In other news, Solid Rock Church decided it was good idea to attempt to murder a to be determined number of their congregants to make a few bucks by holding services during Coronavirus: https://www.journal-news.com/news/area-megachurch-holds-sunday-services-despite-coronavirus-concerns/dXNfq0DeVaULjgNkpFCpjP/ Best of luck to them praying it away. God doesn't help the stupid. Maybe he will torch their dumb statue again.
  11. I also agree. There will always be a need for airlines so even if the government lets the major carriers go bankrupt new ones will be figured out soon. It’s not like people are just going to give up flying once this crisis is over. The workers on the other hand will definitely need help to get through this crisis.
  12. SWOH

    Elon Musk

    That's where I call BS. He is an opportunist, he isn't smart. He does a lot of things, and some of those things seem to stick. Genius he is not. Einstein was a genius.
  13. Honestly? I'm late to the party here, but I'd say the driving factor is the lively bar scene there (or was pre-Covid-19). It's on a whole different level than other cities its size... I was there on a Wednesday night in mid-May and every one of its ~50-ish bars was huge and had a line out the door. It was insane! And honestly a lot of fun. The "country music / sterotypical 'southern' (gross... sorry I couldn't help but interject my opinion)" popularity factors in too to make some people more comfortable with going to city bars... but the way I see it, the guarantee of a lively night any night of the week, like a Las Vegas or NYC type of party atmosphere, will keep the development rolling in as long as they can keep it up. I'd look to Miami as an example of how Nashville may look in ~30 years. It'll still be lively, but a bit cooled.
  14. Incredible little corner of the NYC metro... thanks for sharing!
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