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  1. I still stand by that. But if it’s a three way race and Bloomberg looks viable I’ll go for Bloomberg
  2. China definitely has issues but is very well positioned moving forward. It’s already a major world power, and it’ll be driving development in places like Africa instead of the USA. Its interesting you mention Poland, I agree they could do very well. Brazil and South/Central America has wayyyy too many issues to get ahead in my lifetime, unless something drastic changes. They will keep circling the drain IMO. Turkey is interesting because it’s a country that can go with Europe one second and with the Arab world the next. I know Ford right now is pulling production out of there as quickly as possible because of the instability. If they get their act together there may be upside.
  3. I agree 100%. If Bloomberg gets the nomination Sanders will definitely run as an independent. There’s a good chance he would stay in even if a non-billionaire candidate won it.
  4. ^that is true for sure, regulation is definitely necessary. Corporations aren’t going to act on their own in good faith, the motivation is profit. Its also true that there is only so much money in the economy. All of the handouts come at a price, which is why I’m a big fan of M4AWWI for instance. It’s paid for if the recent tax cut for corporations is repealed. Andrew Yang’s $1000/mo UBI came with gutting social services, which makes a lot of sense too. It’s paid for. The issue if we keep adding costs to companies without taking any expenses away is a lot of them will die. The Amazons, Facebooks, etc. of the world will be fine. But the smaller companies will continue to die off. And that will keep accelerating the rapid race of wealth to the very top. I say this as a member of a small business owning family. We need a balance, somehow. Some type of fully accessible guaranteed healthcare is critical to making this happen. This will allow small business to shift healthcare management and cost to the government. So is free community college to get employees trained in the skills they need to stay competitive in whatever the economy throws at us.
  5. Having to comply with more regulation does not add value to companies. It acts as an additional tax that forces companies to take on more labor, which in turn causes them to reduce capital expenditures and new investment. This includes new investment in R&D that is desperately needed to keep America competitive. Right now China is killing us in advancing 5G technology that will become the backbone for all cellular technology. It will also drive most all of the new innovation in smart home technology and the future of IoT (internet of things). As a country we really need to be thinking about how to push our consumes to lead in this field and not still be playing catch up to Huawei. Removing trillions of dollars in capital that could be used to fund this investment and channeling it into untested social programs that cost tremendously more than the entire current federal budget is the definition of an American experiment killing idea. This country isn’t guaranteed, and we absolutely need that money to protect our own future and place in the world. We will get beat by China in GDP by 2050, but in the meantime we shouldn’t drain the bank even more than it’s already drained. We need the cash cushion to stay viable and remain competitive.
  6. Bloomberg is committed to removing Trump, but Bernies policies would be awful for him too. Even if Bernie gets nothing done (which is what would happen), it’ll shake business confidence in investment and torpedo the economy. I cannot see Bloomberg dropping out if Sanders gets the nomination. I think Bloomberg figures he could pull off a Hail Mary and win it, like Ross Perot but actually be the guy at the end. My guess is that he will fail and Trump stays in, which is preferable to Bloomberg over a Sanders win.
  7. Looks like Sanders will win Nevada by a lot tonight. Here’s my sober prediction that I hate to admit... Sanders will win the Dem nomination. And Bloomberg will be the self funded third party option. I will go for Bloomberg, along with a lot of other people like me who think we can stop populism and give Bloomberg the plurality. The Dems will unofficially endorse Bloomberg even though they officially endorse Sanders, just like how Mike Pence endorsed Cruz but really endorsed Trump back in 2016. Bloomberg and Sanders will split the Dem vote, and Trump will run away with a plurality win for 2020. This sucks.
  8. Klobuchar did the exact opposite of doing well at the debate... she was awful. She isn’t up to the task. Warren definitely came out the winner in this debate. The issue is whether or not her policy can withstand scrutiny... she lost her front runner status the last time because her policy defenses were about as good as a wet paper bag’s defense against a sharp nail. I don’t suspect anything is different two months later. Pete as always had a solid performance, and did just enough to reveal that Amy is completely unhinged. I found it very amusing that at the end of the debate he tried to shake her hand like a civilized person and she ran away from him with her head down. How f***ing presidential of her. She is the worst.
  9. If Bernie gets the nomination, I don’t see the disaffected Democrats lining up behind his takeover of the party like Republicans did behind Trump. Democrats fall in love with their candidates, Republicans get in line behind theirs. And a lot of Dems aren’t loving Bernie. Warren is the closest we could get between the Bros and the Dems, but given the fact that the Bros have disowned her since she moderated her healthcare position after showing she couldn’t figure out how to fund it I don’t see that happening either. This is definitely the year where Bloomberg would make a third party run if Bernie is the nominee, running as a defector Dem labeled an independent, with most Dem leaders informally backing him.
  10. Agreed, but Klobuchar definitely attacks Buttigieg whenever she can. He has largely ignored her so far, but given her finish in New Hampshire I’m guessing he will come out swinging at tonight’s debate
  11. No. WTF is the “Consultancy class”?
  12. Yes... I don’t think there was any ill action or rigging. There was only incompetence that led to the Iowa caucus meltdown. Maybe I’m wrong, but if Trump is honestly most afraid to run against Biden he wouldn’t ask the Russians to confuse the results to help Biden. I think that Bernie probably got robbed on Iowa too. Even though this result was right in line with past polling, he solidified that he was the populist radical Democrat-ish candidate in place of Warren. He has become the undisputed leader of the populist Left. The Iowa chaos takes away from this narrative, but I don’t think he will have an issue reclaiming it in New Hampshire.
  13. True. That and with the way growth is going in downtown Cincinnati I don't think filling the vacant Macy's tower space will be all that much of an issue. Hopefully the owners give it a refresh inside and out to make sure it is a solid Class A property.
  14. ^ it is a massive transformation... honestly the rebirth of downtown Dayton east of Main to, say, Keowee is probably the fastest growing part of the Dayton region, aside from all of the houses being built out in Carriage Trails in Huber. It's definitely the fastest growing office and restaurant/bar area around. Huge change from 7-8 years ago when we were all just hoping the vacant buildings could avoid demolition... what a great change!
  15. They did a complete renovation on MapleStreet Station dining hall, built in 2014 with seven standalone restaurants, back in 2016/2017. It has been renamed MapleStreet Commons. They converted four of the restaurants to a large buffet dining hall. The former New York style pizza restaurant was converted into a convenience store market. I'm not quite sure what happened to the former Starbucks & sandwich shop, and The reason for the renovation wasn't because of aesthetics, it was because they couldn't get enough students to work the seven different fast-casual restaurants inside the dining hall. Having worked there for a while, I can say staffing was a nightmare... the food concepts were way too elaborate (labor heavy) and expensive to work for the student base. It was $10 gourmet hamburgers, fancy coffee drinks, Winans chocolates, artisan deli/grill sandwiches, etc. The food, despite the price, was great quality and delicious. In a way it's a shame it's gone, the menu was very innovative. But there's no way you can make a place work when you're running a skeleton crew with sky high food prices.
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