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  1. Found this graph: Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-white-house-probably-wont-be-tweeting-this-trump-vs-obama-chart-2018-11-12 The Dow Jones Industrial Average was worse: Source: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-president-trumps-stock-market-scorecard-after-2-years-in-office-2019-01-22 My apologies if either of these have already been posted, feel free to delete if that is the case.
  2. Not to argue for the sake of arguing, but this is exactly what I'm doing and it's going OK. If I was doing my dream job I'd be a city planner, but there's not as much flexibility in public policy fields as there is in engineering. Sometimes it's worth understanding that people work to live, not the other way around. It's part of the reason why there's been not enough younger people going into skilled trades in recent years... nobody wants to be a plumber, but people need plumbers every day so if you know how to do it it's possible to make an excellent living with a relatively low barrier to entry.
  3. Not saying I have experience with bachelorette parties, but from my experience with bachelor parties and similar: Chicago > Detroit = Vegas = Cincy (being a Cincy quasi-local helps) >>> Nashville. I don't get the Nashville bachelor party / bachelorette party draw. Nashville certainly would have Gatlinburg beat IMO
  4. I missed this earlier... this is a really good idea. Minimal impact to buildings, a decent amount of the grading is already done, plenty of room past the bridge to slope the entrance and exit from this road down to US 50 if needed. It'd work well. All we need is the political will to make this happen, or some influential group strong enough to oppose the Fischer Homes people and back it instead of the Eastern Corridor.
  5. Trotwood: We can win Fuyao expansion The executive director of Trotwood’s community improvement corporation (CIC) thinks the city has “at least” a 50-50 shot at winning a distribution site linked to Fuyao Glass America’s Moraine complex. However, decision-makers at Fuyao aren’t publicly discussing the matter. For months, leaders at Moraine-based Fuyao Glass America — the complex the company says is the world’s largest factory producing automotive safety glass — have talked of the need to secure additional warehousing space. More below: https://www.daytondailynews.com/business/trotwood-can-win-fuyao-expansion/9FEbCkt5GRJORvIWi46g4J/?icmp=cmgoBusinessStoryLink ...Looks like it'd be a 250,000 - 300,000 square foot warehouse if it were to be built. It also looks like most of this warehousing is currently being done in Moraine in part of their building / former GM Moraine.
  6. That is true, and a really good point. Access down to US 50 (which would be critical to making any kind of proposal like this work) would be really tricky with the massive elevation drop. Your proposal sounds good and workable for sure, but it seems like if this were to ever happen there'd be a lot of pushback from Mount St. Joseph. The more I look at the map, the more I wonder if it'd make more sense to tie in at Minneola instead? The bridge would essentially replace the Anderson Ferry because it'd be located right over top of its current path.
  7. Interesting, never realized there was a proposal for a bridge from the airport across the river to the west side already... amazing to think where we would be if Qualls was mayor instead of Cranley. Seems like a bridge in this area would be at least 80% cheaper than building a giant unnecessary Eastern Bypass highway. Also it'd tear down a lot fewer houses and disrupt a lot fewer people's lives.
  8. Interesting post about Wright-Dunbar from an interesting and new-to-me blog about Dayton: https://daytonvistas.com/history-of-west-third-street-buildings-in-wright-dunbar/ Wonder if the author is a Urban Ohio member or lurker...
  9. This is what I'd do... it wouldn't tear up any neighborhoods and really improve interstate access for the west side. I'd leave it as a "super street" grade road with a 55mph speed limit rather than a full highway. It's poorly drawn, but I'd include an interstate grade interchange to US 50 (which is built to almost highway grade itself). I'd also include: - A bridge over the OH river and KY-8 - Improvements to KY-20 to withstand increased traffic down to KY-8 - A traffic circle at the intersection of Terminal Drive and Delhi Pike - A Michigan Left or similar interchange at Terminal Drive / Petersburg Rd. to keep traffic from clogging down to I-275. What would be really awesome is if some type of rail infrastructure could be included along this road and across its bridge too for future mass transit to CVG.
  10. The points on their website ( http://www.cincyeasternbypass.com/ ) are laughably dumb... below is one of their main selling points: Apparently these people love facts & data to support their conclusions rather than blind intuition and feelings. If you guys notice this proposal's northern trajectory between 71 and 75 in Warren county, I don't understand why they don't show using OH-48, which is built just below highway grade as part of their plan. I doubt the tea partiers of Springboro, the same crowd they are trying to court with this proposal, would be happy with a highway in their backyard. Power to whoever is backing this for being that stupid.
  11. Agreed, but... What about pedestrian bridges? It seems like there are many ways to calm traffic and get MLK to be at least somewhat pedestrian, but given the big fight that's been going on over Liberty St. I doubt the Cranley administration is going to be too keen on truly making the area more walkable. I have my reservations about pedestrian bridges, or at least I did until I went to Las Vegas. The environment is a lot different, they can do things like have outdoor, uncovered escalators. But the pedestrian bridges did a decent job of making a completely pedestrian-hostile corridor with buildings well beyond human scale somewhat navigable. The alternative I see would be suburban-style pedestrian tunnels, the ones like they use to keep kids riding bikes off of busier streets in a subdivision. I haven't had a chance to read the plan so maybe one or both of these elements are included.
  12. Looking forward to what they have to say... Even though we know UD and some of the other major players getting this done it seems like actual, tangible details on what will be opening in the arcade are non-existent. Hopefully the big announcement will clear some of that up.
  13. I'm guessing this is more of an asset than a liability in the 2020 Democratic primary. To use a good '80's sitcom reference... He's basically a liberal Michael J. Fox from Family Ties with his background. To me it looks like Mayor Pete is one of the few candidates in the race that can actually pull off 55+% of the popular vote if he were to make it to the general election. He appeals to normal voters on both sides, and his positions are solidly in the norm for the Democrats.
  14. ^What's hilarious is the fact that Clayton has an actual downtown.... It's on the far western edge of town, right next to 49 North exit off I-70 (Exit 24). It was originally called Salem, and Salem Ave. went there. There's not much to it. Apparently even civic leaders in Clayton forgot their own history. If Clayton can pull it off, great, but housing values there are not increasing. They already have a failed new urbanist development that hopefully can be re-launched but the odds of that being a success are long. Plus the North Main corridor they are planning to make urban south to downtown is one of the most blighted commercial corridors in Ohio... not that the city of Clayton can really impact that corridor but it'll certainly impact what scared suburbanites think about moving to the north end of the corridor in Clayton. I'm hoping they have the budget for the streetscape improvements at least, it'll be a good first step for keeping North Main up there from becoming as blighted as the rest of North Main in Dayton.
  15. Honestly the most polluted place I ever lived was Indiana... actual farming smells a lot worse than most city smells IMO and the pesticides / poisons used on a farm, as well as the ones used on suburban lawns, are a lot stronger than anything consumer grade you'd find used in most urban areas. That being said, if Dayton could fix their wastewater treatment facility so it didn't smell like a sewer pipe in Moraine and west Dayton most days that would be awesome
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