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  1. I went. Had fun, walked around East bank when we got to the other end. Did not seem to be as many people this year, but was a ton going on last weekend.
  2. I was very upset last night when I saw the riders headed back East with State Highway Patrol and Lawewood police chasing them at high rates of speed. I have been asking for awhile for a piece of investigative journalism that examines the intersection of the CPD Police misconduct jury awards, the Federal consent decree, and the decrease in safety to local Cleveland residents. IOW: It is my understanding that the reason there is a "no chase" order in effect on CPD is because of the jury awards and the consent decree. What we get as citizens is less safe streets and I think these things should be discussed publicly. This comment from the city ignores the fact that the riders had to drive through the city in order to get to the E and W suburbs. "The Jackson administration did not have an immediate comment Monday on the weekend activities. A spokeswoman for Cleveland police noted, though, that most of the activity occurred outside the city and that Cleveland made no arrests. " https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/index.ssf/2018/08/cleveland_long_has_wrestled_wi.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  3. ^ Thanks for clearing up the Monsters fallacies. I was going to post that about us being 2nd in AHL in attendance. I go to the games and dont find the kids to be distracting. Thats just nonsense.
  4. I'd like think this is true but the city has lost roughly 500,000 people over about 65 years. Well yeah, he's obviously pandering for votes. Thats another YUGE issue in the US, the low information voter.
  5. Found this tidbit interesting and frustrating when put in perspective in the article. FTFA: ""The citizens of the 34 Cleveland neighborhoods are smart enough to know what is in their best interest and what will advance the city," Johnson said. Perhaps. It can also be noted, however, that citizens of Cleveland aren't particularly avid about using suffrage to advance their interests. Fewer than 30 percent of eligible voters bothered to cast a ballot in the last mayoral election." http://www.cleveland.com/morris/index.ssf/2017/08/cleveland_cavaliers_are_done_i.html
  6. The irony to me on this issue has been that the group of churches that pushed this are advocating for how tax dollars are spent while they are members and representatives of tax free institutions. Furthermore I have yet to see a plan put forth by this group to demonstrate how to constructively spend money in troubled Cleveland neighborhoods to improve them. Lacking a plan, the optics to me are a group with their hands out ready to burn money because: neighborhoods?
  7. ^ The issue, as I understand it, is not with the program but the lack of "limits" imposed on the program. There were some commonsense items (serious military hardware) excluded from the program but now everything is fair game to distribute to the police. IMO the discussion should be centered around if the United States wants a police force that is civilian or military in nature and the gear that police forces have should be part of that discussion and at some point, be codified into law.
  8. Yep. I tire of both extremes. & I used to page through the ACookbook in the bookstore back in the day but never bought a copy. I did see recently where the guy that wrote it was upset that he did. Noted on the formatting. Obviously I can do better. As an aside, this is a strange place in terms of the formality and that largely keeps me from posting here but I understand that it serves a purpose and keeps a certain tenor on this board which is valuable for legibility.
  9. ^^^ “With Donald Trump in office, I can understand why folks would think that those groups could potentially be more of a threat but the perception of that threat has now been greatly exaggerated by the media and that concerns me.” & “but I think the punk-ss[/member] hate groups that assembled in Charlottesville with their back-yard Tiki Torches from Dollar General were not worth provoking the escalation that ensued with counter-protestors. From here, it's only going to get worse or better and hopefully it gets better with the realization that those groups don't have any real power.” Deansheen - This explanation was offered to me about the threat that these groups present. Read the tweets on August 26th. https://twitter.com/jjmacnab This series of tweets talks about the relation between Trump, Cliven Bundy, and anti-Govt groups. These Nazi’s in Charlottesville are the tip of the iceberg. The armed, ignorant, and angry may get violent yet. And yes, the counter protestors better watch out because it may become dangerous if these guys become inflamed & I say that as someone who supports efforts against the extremists on the right. From the Tweets: “Arpaio is a very well known "Constitutional Sheriff," a subgroup to the overall Anti-Government Extremist (A.G.E.) movement. 2/”
  10. Deansheen - No, it's not unfortunate for reasons in the article below which is exactly the reason the ACLU decided to change their policy. >> We asked the judge to shut down the Klan’s paramilitary activities. Since this law had never been interpreted, we developed a legal standard to define the barred activity—a guideline that would distinguish scouts, hunters and Civil Air Patrol cadets from heavily armed men with assault weapons practicing for violent confrontations. We focused on private efforts to create a military or paramilitary organization that had “command structure, training and discipline so as to function as a combat or combat support unit.” >> The Second Amendment arguments can be—and have been—overcome. Individuals may have a right to bear arms for self-defense, but they do not have a right to organize and train as a private military group. https://www.lawfareblog.com/domestic-terrorism-danger-focus-unauthorized-private-military-groups
  11. I watched the Vice documentary on Charlottesville. It was surreal hearing the competing chants of "WLM" - "BLM". So insane. There has to be a better way.
  12. The Terrestrial vibe can be a bit stiff depending on who is serving you. Agree on Toast in that it is a slower place, I do like it there on occasion but not a regular. Parkview is still chill and still mostly the Parkview......for now. I said fast casual because I think that space, and the neighborhood need something functional as far as atmosphere and food service. I was bummed that the Mediterranean place on Detroit was not more like Aladdin's in that one could just walk up to the counter and place an order and be out and on your way shortly. It does feel like a chore to me to always have to go through the waiter/waitress rigamarole. The other thing about some more efficient dining is that people who are down at Edgewater chilling could say to each other "I don't really feel like waiting in line at the Boathouse for food but there is that place we can walk to up the hill that is casual enough that we don't have to worry about our attire and we can just go chill up there and grab a bite thats not gonna cost us an arm and a leg." But as noted upthread, if your gonna go for the volume, the parking thing is an issue. Also, I had heard sometime ago way before Terrestrial was built that the rent the landlord wanted was insane. This was from a fast casual hybrid that was kicking the tires on the place. So yeah, I guess I'm just wasting pixels here.
  13. Went there a few times. Never felt much of a need to go back. With all the apartments around there and the brewery next door, some fast casual?
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