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  1. If I said something incorrect, please correct me instead of whining about it. You might notice that there were a lot of responses that inferred QUITE a bit of information from my post. I offered my interpretation of a post by Robclevoh, and I get a slew of personal attacks based on what folks WANTED to read. My question is, are you incapable of recognizing complex, interwined relationships within an urban organism, or do you choose to think in overly simplistic terms? You can't isolate Steelyard Commons from the rest of the city. There is going to be an impact on the community at whole, for better or for worse. Maybe the snotty attitudes toward "outsiders" or those who dare to think differently beyond your provincial utopia is a big part of why Ohio bleeds college graduates and talent like a hemophiliac. Possibility? As you'll note, I never said anything personal. YOU folks have took it upon yourselves to make it personal instead of addressing the question at hand. I give you credit for actually answering my question, and I have noted your response. Negative points for the pompous personal attack, my friend. And if this gets me banned from your mutually-assuring circle jerk of forum, so be it. It's your city, so screw it up all you want.
  2. ^Again with the lists. Which brochure is that from? You miss the point entirely. Street life in Cleveland is diminished from what it used to be, as people spend more time in cars, and public facilities like sidewalks and streets are replaced by privately held POSs like Steelyard Commons. When was the last time you ran into a friend or co-worker while walking down the sidewalk, on the bus, in the park, walking your dog, or in a coffeeshop? It's sad that we have substituted schlepping to Target via private automobile for the chance encounter on the street. If my handle were "ILoveCleveland", you know damn well you wouldn't be giving me this difficult a time.
  3. Was I incorrect? Privately-held property is no substitute for the public domain.
  4. ^In other words, there's a dearth of civic amenities and street life, something not easily rectified in the private domain.
  5. I couldn't tell you where Westfield is, either. The job downtown might pay less, but you can commute by transit, which saves a hell of a lot of money--especially if your employer gives you transit benefits.
  6. Even here in the DC area, which has no shortage of young people, I know a few folks who turned down job offers simply because the job was located in Tysons Corner or Reston, Virginia. Most of them opted for a job in-town, accessible by Metro.
  7. That's because everyone was in line at Dunkin Donuts.
  8. ^Choices, such as: Ruby Tuesday or TGI Fridays?
  9. There are places that are worse. It all depends where you want to set your standard. Would you be happier if I used Gary and Camden as the basis for comparison? I don't think that's the direction we want Cleveland to go, is it? To me, Cleveland doesn't seem nearly as lively as it used to. Perhaps it's because I lived: 1) in a college town for 5 years and 2) in DC for six, but aside from rush hour, when most of the activity is automobiles, it's a stretch to call it "lively".
  10. It's the persistence of attitudes like O'Brien's that have weakened Ohio's cities and led to the status quo. Personal liberty and responsibility (fiscal, environmental, and otherwise) are NOT mutually exclusive. What about the freedom to live in an urban neighborhood that isn't completely devastated due to subsidized investment in new suburbs? Has O'Brien accounted for that freedom?
  11. When you refute it, please send it to the PD editorial page.
  12. If Mexx is closing, I may have to run across the street after work and stock up!
  13. ^Is there a press release, or other source for the reported U.S. Mexx closings? I really like their clothes. I don't think European styling has anything to do with it--there are plenty of Europeans in DC, for example, and stores like Zara and Benetton don't appear to be closing anytime soon....
  14. Seems to me that most of you are more concerned about how Cleveland looks on paper, vis-a-vis what the experience of walking down E 9th on a weekday afternoon is like. Which do you consider to be more important, and to leave the more lasting impression? Yes, there are improvements happening downtown. I understand that. But I refuse to believe that the weather is the single biggest determining factor in the lack of people on the street. I've been in New York and Chicago when it was 10 degrees and windy, and there were still plenty of people outside. When you live somewhere where you are accustomed to seeing people walking on the street, downtown Cleveland does feel downright dead. One weekday afternoon this past December, I was on Public Square, among other places. I was almost convinced that it was a holiday, because there were so few people walking on the street. That was my perception, but you can believe what you want.
  15. That doesn't make sense. Mexx is owned by Liz Claiborne.
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