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  1. What the heck is that gray column to the left of the crane in this picture?
  2. Foraker

    Global Warming

    Do you believe that a universal income would lead to increased consumption? Increasing consumption would boost the economy. Politicians on the right oppose a universal income. Are Republicans against boosting the economy?!?
  3. Foraker

    Global Warming

    A lot of coal-fired plants are no longer profitable because natural gas has become so cheap. And there aren't a ton of people dependent on coal in the US any more. https://www.carbontracker.org/42-of-global-coal-power-plants-run-at-a-loss-finds-world-first-study/ But to your larger point, I agree (and I think most on the left would agree) that when there is disruption to an industry, the government can and should step in to provide assistance for those displaced. The car industry, the steel industry, previous hits to coal -- we have lots of examples where I don't think we did enough to help workers in those industries transition to something else. I think this is a major distinction between the left and the right. The right views massive assistance to displaced workers with horror, as the general view on the right seems to be that government should not be "interfering in the market" in the first place. As if the "market" were an idealized free-market capitalistic system in the first place....
  4. Foraker

    Global Warming

    Original demands were for repeal of the fuel tax increases. Now that they have Macron's attention, they want income tax reform, minimum wage increase, etc., diluting the attention being paid to the original demand for repeal of the fuel tax increases.
  5. Foraker

    Global Warming

    Maybe, but there's more going on in France than just taxes on fuel. France's taxes on fuel are already higher than in other European countries, so part of the problem may have been too much of a FURTHER increase, and too quickly imposed. Protestors in France also are demanding an increase in the minimum wage (to help offset the tax increase on fuel) and for the wealthy to bear more of the tax burden (France lowered taxes on the rich similar to the policies in the U.S.) Here's one article on the subject. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/03/who-are-the-gilets-jaunes-and-what-do-they-want From various articles I've seen, it seems like now that the protestors have Macron's attention, the demands are increasing and the protestors' original demands are being diluted.
  6. Foraker

    The Trump Presidency

    Remember that we don't elect Presidents by popular vote.
  7. That would be ideal -- add some height and put retail at street level, I wouldn't object to a dollar store as part of that project. The building does not provide an ideal street presence on Larchmere. A long blank wall (with an attached mural) faces Larchmere and the parking lot is on the corner with E121st. The "front" of the building actually faces E121, not Larchmere, and is set back from E121 by the parking lot. https://www.google.com/maps/@41.4880488,-81.5977892,3a,75y,60.51h,89.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shqp17aiOKvxa_QIZiT-zMg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  8. I use E55 and I490 regularly and never have any problems or see any accidents -- which makes the frequent hating on that intersection mystifying. I don't think adding a stoplight less than 100 yard further along is going to make much of a difference -- although I'll completely stop using E55 if I have to take a ramp to another light. This also will be terrible for TOD opportunities south of that intersection.
  9. UGH. Watching that "simulation" video makes me think that this is going to be the eastside version of the Shoreway where it enters downtown Cleveland. "Boulevard" is laughable. Really, really disagree with the decision to route the corridor UNDER E55th and the width of this roadway (looks like 5 lanes, with a sixth turn lane at intersections). If we really must add this new road, how do we minimize future maintenance costs? I keep coming back to this fact that Ohio is not adequately funding its roadway maintenance to begin with, the City of Cleveland clearly doesn't have the funds to make up any deficiencies, so we really should be minimizing lane-miles and the number of bridges. It doesn't look like there is going to be any further public input. ODOT is moving ahead with this design -- is that correct?
  10. Foraker


    NPR was saying that only 100 claims were being processed per day and there were close to 9000 people in Tijuana waiting to hear on their claims. That was supposedly the reason for the protest that started peacefully and ended with some fence-rushing and tear-gassing. I suspect that only 100 per day were being processed in Tijuana and the 500 number is a total number of claims processed nationally every day, but do you have a cite? Both the left and right would agree about all of vetting, expeditious processing of claims, and exclusion of criminals. Definitions of what is required for proper vetting, "expeditious processing," and what "criminals" to exclude may not be at concensus yet, but should be something that could be worked out.
  11. Foraker

    Income Inequality

    In all fairness, let me play Devil's Advocate for a second and just mention that the bailout did slow the rate at which GM shed workers. Without the bailout, all of GM would have been out of work in an instant. With the bailout, most of the workers continued to get paid (and paid Fed/State/Local/SS/Medicare taxes and put money into their retirement accounts) for another decade. The collapse is still happening, but hopefully at a rate that the economy can absorb with less disruption. But yes, you're absolutely correct that GM (and other benefactors of the recent tax cuts) spent the money on top-tier management and stock buybacks over investments in their plants, R&D, or increasing worker's skills.
  12. Trump was elected by the [more-]conservative party. Is the Republican Party still "conservative"? What does that even mean today? Today's Republican Party appears to favor: 1. tax cuts and minimal taxes for corporations and the wealthy 2. pro-business (particularly those with strong lobbyists, such as pharma, wall street, the gun business) (including anti- any regulations that impede business in any way) 3. anti- international cooperation (whether multi-lateral trade deals, or multi-lateral weapons polifieration deals, etc.) 4. pro- unlimited military spending 5. pro- religious-conservative social policy Is this not accurate? It's not Eisenhower's or even Reagan's Republican Party.
  13. This is an aside to the building of this tower, but we did some research on the chemistry of concrete and at the end of the day it was surprising how much of that chemical process is still not well understood. There are a lot of variables, including the chemistry of the aggregate and the water that is used, that can affect the quality of the resulting concrete. Lots of "experts" in the field seemed to be operating on their gut rather than science. Reminds me of some really good tool and die makers -- where experience and passed-down knowledge trump scientific understanding. Nice to see the basement pour is nearing completion -- now construction can move up!
  14. Foraker

    Terrorism / Mass Shootings

    Washington State passed some very reasonable gun control measures. https://www.seattletimes.com/opinion/editorials/i-1639-weary-voters-rightly-say-enough-to-gun-violence/
  15. Foraker

    The Democratic Party

    New districts (with likely loss of another district) won't be drawn until after the 2020 election.