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  1. Speaking of Stacey Abrams as VP -- seems highly likely that she will be seriously considered by whoever is the nominee. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/483382-stacey-abrams-on-being-vp-pick-of-course-i-want-it
  2. Unfortunately, the ideal skills for running a complex organization like the United States government are not the same set of skills needed to win an election campaign.
  3. Around 10pm last night, Cleveland Heights City Council voted unanimously (7-0) to approve the financing package (TIF and city contribution, to be funded with non-tax revenue bonds). After four years of planning and meetings and design changes -- Top of the Hill is finally underway. I don't go to many city council meetings but I was impressed with the attendance (the fire marshal had to issue some warnings to the overflow crowd in the hall). Speakers were probably 2-1 against approval of the project, almost exclusively because of the design -- not good enough for the gateway to Cleveland Heights, too tall, blocks the view from the Buckingham building, the developer wasn't good enough, etc. There was a lot of strong emotions and anger in that group. There were also proponents, few of whom were really excited about the design but many expressed concerns that after the developer bent over backwards for four years further delay might kill this deal and utterly discourage any other developers from doing business in Cleveland Heights for the foreseeable future. I thought the council's comments after the public comment period were well thought out. New councilperson Melody Joy Hart in particular did a good job of explaining that the planning commission, the architectural review board, and City Council had already approved the design last year and the city couldn't now void those agreements without paying a substantial penalty, and that the only issue before council was whether to approve the financing. The financing was well explained by the City Manager, Tanisha Briley, and Councilperson Hart subsequently explained the due diligence that went into it and why she thought the financing was sound and why she was voting in favor despite having been elected to bring "change" to the city government. I was surprised at the unanimous vote though. Several members of council have not been enthusiastic supporters, to say the least, and the new council members were under a lot of pressure to try to change course. Councilperson Hart also said that they would be doing a review of the process to improve it before the next development project.
  4. Lots of economic info on this project on the city's economic development website. https://www.clevelandheights.com/1081/TOH-Economic-Impact-and-TIF-Information
  5. The Keith building is not empty, but I'd guess that OnShift's four floors will create a significant opening. The first couple floors are pretty small spaces due to the Connor Palace lobby and dual elevator banks (one side for floors 1-10, the other for floors 10-20). My understanding is that there are a bunch of internet server rooms in the building connected to the high speed fiber highway under Euclid. It will be interesting to see what K&D has planned for that space after they shift OnShift to another property.
  6. I think the biggest knock on her is that she can be a jerk to her staff -- although there are plenty of CEOs who are as well, so that's not necessarily a disqualification. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/22/us/politics/amy-klobuchar-staff.html
  7. Sentencing guidelines don't apply to FOT (Friends of Trump). All four prosecuting attorneys have now resigned.
  8. Cheering for more government regulations. Hmm.
  9. Drove by that site earlier this week -- didn't realize that there was room for development there. Hooray for density!
  10. That's a lie. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bernie-sanders-distances-himself-from-venezuela-president-nicolas-maduro-when-pressed-on-socialism-at-debate/ Bernie claims to follow the DEMOCRATIC socialist countries like Sweden and Norway (and to a lesser degree Germany and France). Democratic socialism does not advocate for government ownership of private businesses or regulation of how many shoes the economy produces. https://www.businessinsider.com/difference-between-socialist-and-democratic-socialist-2018-6
  11. How did Sarah Pitlyk get on the bench? Never tried a case, taken a deposition, or argued a motion, and had no significant trial experience. Understandably the ABA said she was not qualified for a lifetime appointment as a federal judge. Have the Republican "checks and vetting institutions" run out of "genuine conservative legal talent" with courtroom experience?!? No, she was a clerk for Kavanaugh. "Both parties do it" doesn't make it ok. Democratic Party values: Respect for diversity of opinions. Regulated markets. Government support for the less fortunate/poor. Investment in people, not weapons. The Democratic Party values can be expressed a lot of different ways, but generally, the Democratic Party aims to help minorities, the poor, and disadvantaged first. To Democrats, the government is the people, and we the people need to look out for the less fortunate and less powerful in our community. https://democrats.org/where-we-stand/party-platform/ Are there people who call themselves Democrats who do not fully support the Party platform relevant to these issues? Yes, but those are still the values of the party and the Democratic Party pushes legislation in favor of those values even when not every Democrat votes in favor of every Democratically-sponsored bill. Republican Party values have traditionally centered on the individual -- individual rights and responsibilities -- the Republican Party aims to stand between the government (other) and the people and protect the people from the government. Family values (faith, traditional family unit), fiscal responsibility, boundless military spending -- those are Republican values. In saying that Republican values vary, are you saying that fiscal responsibility, for example, is not a Republican Party value but a personal one? Sort of back to the focus on individual liberty?
  12. Foraker

    Peak Oil

  13. The Senate's jury nullification of Trump's impeachment is reminiscent of the ancient Roman senate’s compliance with the autocratic rule of the emperors and its transformation into a body largely reliant on the emperors’ whims. Trump’s lawyers (and many in his cabinet have done so as well) argued that the president’s personal position is inseparable from that of the nation itself. The old Nixonian view that when the president does it, it cannot be illegal. A similar view of Roman leaders occurred during the ascendancy of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, 31 B.C. to A.D. 14 -- the leader is the state. Of course, the Roman senate's acquiescence at least initially was encouraged by August bringing his army into Rome. A not-so-veiled threat. So yes, there are some differences. But in acquitting Trump's obstruction of justice, what incentive is there for the executive to ever testify or provide documents to Congress? Are we on the same path toward authoritarianism?
  14. Maybe not, but density is increasing on that corridor -- Top of the Hill in Cleveland Heights, further down the line Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook will add density, UH is building at Cedar-Taylor and density is increasing at Cedar-Warrensville -- it will take a while to do the planning study and get each of the cities along the way on board, so why not start and work with the cities/county/NOACA to provide incentives to further density as a precondition for construction. Freeway medians are the definition of low density, that would be the last place to put BRT.
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