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  1. (From the Cleveland Historic Photos thread) Just imagine how a boulevard would change the experience for pedestrians. Cyclists. If we really want to access the lake from downtown, converting the Shoreway to a boulevard should be a high priority.
  2. So if we want to move toward a nicer lakefront downtown we need to convert the Shoreway to a boulevard, eh? let's do it!
  3. That's ridiculous. Bernie has praised Cuba for their literacy program and criticized Cuba for their human rights violations. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/02/bernie-sanders-cuban-revolution-castro-buttigieg-obama What makes you think that Bernie's pleas for the plebeians in his campaign speeches is just an act, and that he really wants a Cuba-style communist dictatorship? What convinced you that Bernie is not really a democratic socialist in the Swedish model -- which of his votes in Congress (actions rather than words) support your theory? Was it Bernie or Trump who suggested that the President should have greater authority over the economy?
  4. Foraker


    As progressive as Jefferson seems today in some ways, he was still a product of his times (and a successful one at that). Voting rights in the early years of this country were restricted to landowners, despite the lofty aims of the Declaration of Independence. They "represented" local interests only in the sense that they represented the local landowners' interests. I think we have moved past Jefferson's actions (accepting voting by the upper class only, essentially) further toward perfecting the ideals set forth in the Declaration. X nailed it. I know plenty of well-educated people who never do any due-diligence before heading to the voting booth (and many who don't vote, but complain about every government program they don't like), and we've seen how government testing works to punish schools. A test to "earn" the right to vote is a mechanism to decide who gets to vote. We also should expand the franchise to eliminate wasteful bureaucracy. Why do we have to "register" to vote when we have secure ID? Shouldn't a state ID or driver's license be sufficient?
  5. So why isn't Amtrak learning from foreign operators and the airlines and moving to food cart service and fewer sleeping cars? Most Americans would be shocked at how spacious and comfortable (and reclinable) Amtrak's seats are compared to the increasingly cramped airline seats that everyone knows.
  6. Totally impossible now, but if we had acted sooner (maybe if we had followed South Korea's example!) we could have contained the spread and greatly reduced the number of people who got sick. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/26/821688981/how-south-korea-reigned-in-the-outbreak-without-shutting-everything-down
  7. Bully tactics. Make them spend money to defend themselves.
  8. Good questions, my guess is that most people in Taipai, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, and NYC all commute on crowded public transit. You might think that the transportation density would increase transmission of communicable disease. And yet each of those cities has had different experiences with this illness that is not correlated with their density. And as the article notes, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island also have different densities and likely all commute by public transit (I don't know NYC very well, so someone else will surely chime in). But the rates of illness appear to be inverse to the density of those neighborhoods. Can you elaborate on the point you're trying to make?
  9. Density may be a contributing factor, but density alone does not seem to be. https://www.treehugger.com/urban-design/urban-density-not-enemy-it-your-friend.html
  10. Since we know that not everyone carrying the virus is being tested, hospitalizations seem like a much better metric to track.
  11. And the PD catches up.... https://www.cleveland.com/community/2020/03/from-carriage-house-estate-to-boardinghouse-dorms-across-from-top-of-the-hill.html
  12. Reminder -- https://janresseger.wordpress.com/
  13. Wow. Anyone know who is behind this?
  14. Lots of good points. Let's also remember that we do not know the extent of lasting damage in the survivors.
  15. Amen. I think this is the case much more often than that people like Biden's policies better than Sanders's policies.
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