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  1. Visitors to NZ can obtain a temporary permit that is good for a year. That's a pretty big loophole. And one that is likely going to close quickly. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/17/asia/gun-laws-new-zealand-intl/index.html
  2. No, just no. Any time we get to say that others are not American-enough is a step too far. Even mass-murderers are not stripped of their citizenship despite their horrible views and horrible actions. Advocate for better, certainly, but love thy (wrong) fellow citizen.
  3. On 3/13/19 The City of Cleveland Heights Landmark Commission denied a demolition request for the Painter Mansion located on the campus of Beaumont School. Beaumont presented a request to demolish this historic structure with the intent of replacing the building with green space. The school's master plan calls for the site to eventually have an athletic field after fundraising and planning efforts can be implemented. The City of Cleveland Heights Planning Commission will review the demolition proposal at their next meeting on 4/10/19 at 7 p.m. at Cleveland Heights City Hall 40 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118. The Planning Commission can approve or deny the demolition application. This meeting is open to the public and comments are welcome. The Painter Mansion was designated as a local landmark in 1979 for its association with the Painter family, the Ursuline Sisters, and as outstanding example of Jacobean Tudor Revival architecture designed by architect Frank Skeel and later remodeled by renowned architects Eckel and Aldrich. Read more about the history of the Painter Estate here. http://www.chhistory.org/Places.php?PlacesContent=PainterEstate
  4. Foraker

    Global Warming

    But will Nebraskans recognize this as climate change before they've repaired the damage two or three times over?
  5. Let's also remember that more guns means more suicides and more accidental gun injuries and deaths (particularly sad when children are involved). https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/more-20-000-people-die-gun-suicide-each-year-alarmed-n906796 These are not problems that will be solved with "more good guys with guns." *Reasonable* regulations do exist to keep guns out of the hands of people having mental health problems and to REQUIRE gun owners to secure their weapons out of the reach of children or lose the privilege of owning their own weapon.
  6. Let's also remember that there were 6+ Congressional committee investigations of Hilary as well (and zero criminal referrals). Face it -- Hilary's emails have been investigated, thoroughly, and the reason there were no indictments is that there was nothing there. Let it go already. If you're saying that Republican Congressmen are incompetent, I might agree, but not for the same reasons.
  7. Lots of agreement on this site. Would help to have the downtown business district (at least) use a land tax -- higher tax on the land to encourage owners to build up to generate more revenue per acre. Pittsburgh has a land tax, right? How many surface lots in downtown Pittsburgh disappeared after enactment? (Admittedly, Pittsburgh's hill-bounded downtown was never as spread-out as Cleveland's so they probably never had as much surface parking as we do.)
  8. LOL -- "good people on both sides" with security clearances.
  9. Actually, the article says that those projects are "at risk" without an 18-cent gas tax increase. Given ODOT's preferences for road-building, I wouldn't count those projects out under an only-10-cent gas tax increase. Ironic that the conservative party wants to spend money to add to our maintenance expenses rather than take care of those maintenance expenses in the first place. Not much "conserving" of resources by the Republicans controlling Ohio's government.
  10. Cleveland Heights (finally) adopts a landmarks ordinance. https://www.cleveland.com/cleveland-heights/2019/03/cleveland_heights_landmark_ame.html
  11. Fox News leads the way in demonstrating how journalism should work -- investigate prior to pushing a story....
  12. Foraker


    Got a source? Preferably a medical source and not a faith-based one. I hope you would agree that any suggestion that a rape victim who promptly seeks an abortion is just seeking an elective facelift is offensive. The CDC does say that the number of abortions in the U.S. is decreasing, and 91% of abortions occur within the first 8 weeks -- you may be right that most of those could be "oh, shit - I can't get pregnant!" but we don't know. Only 1.3% occurred after 21 weeks, and I would guess that it is just as likely that almost ALL of those were medically necessary. But again, without facts we can both just "believe" whatever we like. https://www.cdc.gov/reproductivehealth/data_stats/abortion.htm
  13. Foraker


    Neither "pro-choice" nor "pro-life" adequately capture the range of positions within each camp. I'm anti-abortion, but when a doctor says that an abortion is medically necessary I would leave the decision up to the woman carrying the parasite and the doctor. Get the government out of the picture. Yes, I would like the pro-life movement to rail against the killing of murderers, to encourage sex education and free contraceptives, to recognize that women should not be forced to carry all-but-dead babies to term and there is mercy in that killing, to stop shaming pregnant women, and stop threatening doctors at Planned Parenthood medical clinics. Where's the love that Christ called you to rain down on the despicables, people?! And, I would like the pro-choice movement to recognize that non-medically-necessary abortions should result in a doctor losing his medical license, permanently. but we're not there yet, are we?
  14. Not only does she not appear to have any particular expertise for which the nation would benefit from her having a security clearance, but what IS she doing that she needs a security clearance for?!?
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