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  1. There's a For Sale sign in front of A1 Luxury Cars at the corner of West 49th and Detroit. Hopefully it gets redeveloped into something other than a used car lot!
  2. How possible is this? Can the City of Cleveland just pass a law that says "Parking lot owners now need to pay an additional $50/month per spot on any lot they own."? Guessing it can't be that simple.
  3. Are there any formal plans or anything from Kertesz? I know Haken owns Saigon, but not much has happened yet. Re: Kertesz, not that I've seen. Hawken owns surrounding properties too and continues to raise funds, last I'd heard. It sounds like the Hawken project is dead. They sent out an email August 9 saying, in part: As you know, Hawken School announced in the fall of 2016 that we would be moving forward with plans to open an early childhood center in Gordon Square. Our intent was to create more opportunities for students from that area to gain early access to a Hawken education, and we determined that there was tremendous interest in the project on the part of young families. However, in spite of the enthusiasm for this project among many constituents, we regret to announce that we are unable to move forward with the renovation of Saigon Plaza building to create a Hawken Early Childhood Center in Gordon Square. They sited lack of philanthropic and tax credit funding.
  4. There she is. Those "saucers" are reflections on the window from internal lighting, not UFOs. Crane on top of the 515 Euclid parking garage. by jborger, on Flickr
  5. I do, but unfortunately Friday is my last day with this company. :| I'll get some of my soon to be ex-coworkers to take some pictures.
  6. Crane porn: Crane atop 515 Euclid Ave for The Beacon apartments by jborger, on Flickr
  7. Many of these units are $3+ per square foot per month. "The Newton" 4 bedroom floorplan is $3.17. There's money to be made in student housing.
  8. For something that is supposedly over and done with, the Cavs press release was very detailed. It reiterated all its benefits, the support it had from public officials and how important The Q is to the region. Why? Was it just the Cavs swan song? Their last chance to tell the opposition how short sighted they were? Then at the end, in bold letters, it stated, "The Cavaliers organization will no longer participate in the partnership formed for The Q Transformation project and the need for a referendum no longer exists." Again, why state this? They wouldn't be trying to help the opposition by saving them the work of getting something on the ballot. That statement indicates the Cavs want the opposition to drop the referendum. But if that happens (and why wouldn't it), then what? What's the deadline to get an issue on the November ballot?
  9. So, there's no parking spots due to retail but retail needs needs more parking to thrive? What's the saying? "No one goes there anymore because it's too crowded."
  10. Do they have those due to some coding or regulation? Is it a cost saving measure? Or do some people just like them?
  11. Yesterday, Matt Zone posted on Nextdoor that "The extension of Battery Park drive, between W. 70-73 will begin in 2018."
  12. It's becoming a common business model around college campuses. http://www.theprovincekent.com/ Being that you have some insight into this type housing, do you think it's a good investment? Increases the up-front costs and makes it harder for first timers I would assume. (sorry for the late response, but had to jump back in...) Regarding this being a good investment... Euclid 116 advertises its 4 bedroom apartment as their "best value". It's 1,228 sq ft and $950/month per bedroom. That's a total of $3,800/month or $3.09 per square foot. That's the most expensive residential real estate in the city! Yes, it's furnished, but I doubt it's that high end considering this is student housing. So yes, I'd say it's a good investment.
  13. It's becoming a common business model around college campuses. http://www.theprovincekent.com/
  14. Maybe now there will be more constructive conversations about continuing the boardwalk.
  15. Oh, I love the flipped over cars! If art is supposed to be an eye-catching conversation starter, this wins.
  16. Tower City tried that before: it opened with all these new stores that weren't in the suburbs. Then they opened in the suburbs and Tower City collapsed. If Uniqlo is interested in Northeast Ohio, they'll do their market research and probably determine downtown Cleveland isn't the right spot for them. Trying to lure suburbanites to Tower City with "unique" chain stores is not a recipe for long term success, which we've already seen. Create something that can't be duplicated in the suburbs.
  17. I love the idea of an outlet mall downtown but agree it should be in Tower City. These guys need to talk to Dan Gilbert.
  18. Well, 190 apartments will definitely help the empty storefronts on East 6th between Euclid and Superior.
  19. When your condo was built, you were told lake and city views. You have lake and city views. It didn't say those were guaranteed for life. Now new development is going up on the vacant land near your property that will obstruct your view. Did you think that land would just sit there vacant forever? First world problems.
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