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  1. The ball pit is always the most germ infected place in any play-place. Want to take a guess as to what germs are floating around an adults only one ....
  2. Yes they do ... they even said exactly that. https://www.autonews.com/article/20170114/OEM03/301169996/why-honda-skipped-awd-on-odyssey If this meant giving up a few buyers who wanted both a van and awd, it was a risk Honda was willing to take. "For that customer we have the Pilot," John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda, told Automotive News
  3. It still astounds me that Toyota is the only manufacturer of an AWD minivan. We were seriously considering an Odyssey last year, but the lack of AWD was a major deterrent. I understand that there are actually few manufacturers of minivans, just Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, and Kia I think. But it seems like a feature that would be beneficial to a wider set of users than it is currently marketed as. The AWD is desired because of our trips to western NY for ski trips, along with Cleveland's always fun winter weather. We ended up with a Honda Ridgeline because it has the AWD and can haul all our ski gear and overnight bags. Hopefully in a few years there will be another option for an AWD minivan, otherwise at least we can do doughnuts in parking lots.
  4. The idea behind not doing that interchange, besides the spatial and land costs, is that 176 to the east provides a much more direct route into downtown form those that are not served here, basically Parma and Parma Heights.
  5. ^ No I agree that none of their "other" parks outside of those you mentioned and Knotts get much. But every once in a while they do need some kind of investment, and Worlds of Fun and Dorney have not had anything go into their parks in quite a while.
  6. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is the last weekend that CP will be open. There could be a few extra people there for that reason. Also, CP released a $100 season pass for next year that included the remainder of this season. Crowds have been way up in general due to that. But more likely it will depend on the weather. While Fall Saturday's are usually crazy busy, if the weather doesn't look good people will stay away. At this point most of the park goers are local and not staying overnight (as much). If you haven't already bough your fastlane pass it may be worth it to wait until you are in the park to see if it is truely needed. Early in the day waits can be pretty low, also later as more people go into the Haunts.
  7. I don't think Cedar Fair could have rejected this offer any quicker. I have to believe that Mr. Zimmerman was laughing as he presented the offer to the board, I mean 48 hrs to turn them down .... that's pretty much a corporate slap in the face. It will be interesting to see what comes in the next few year for Cedar Fair, and how they integrate their Schlitterbahn purchase. Also, their expansion in the Sandusky area is becoming quite diverse (Sports Force Park Arena, Sawmill Creek purchase, BGSU partnership). Some of the other parks in their portfolio are probably in need of an update too. The one thing it does seem that Cedar Fair does well, is focus more on what makes their individual parks different and find ways to highlight that. Whereas Six Flags tries to give each park the same ride.
  8. Honestly surprised that KI got their long rumored giga this year .... supposedly both Mystic Timbers and Banshee did not do much to increase attendance or more importantly for KI season pass sales. If Orion doesn't move people through the gates then I think it could be a good while before another major roller coaster is installed. Among the other Cedar Fair parks Worlds of Fun, Dorney, and Valleyfair are all due to get something of a significant upgrade soon. And I would not be surprised if Cedar Point gets something significant for 2021, the year after they celebrate their historical 150th season.
  9. having grown up, and worked, at KI this whas the thing that always stood out to me when going to CP. There was no gradual transition from small to large coaster. It was basically kiddie coaster and then you were expected to just be OK with a 100+ foot drop. KI def has a better stepping stone line up of coasters in that regard, while CP has the higher end of the coaster realm covered. I think adding the rumored giga coaster to KI will do wonders for their line up. And I would say the same about CP either adding a true family coaster that has a moderate height requirement, or just changing some of their existing requirements (you can't tell me with a straight face that Iron Dragon or Mine Train need to have a 48" requirement when Millennium Force has the same).
  10. Have any of you actually been to a soccer game at FES? Even with the US mens team drawing a healthy crowd of say 25K the stadium still feels empty, and FES is one of the better NFL stadiums to use. Part of the reason it feels so empty, besides the deserted upper levels, is that the field is much further away thank at a Soccer Specific Stadium. This is really true along the sidelines, there isn't all the associated personnel that come with a football game so it becomes wasted space. A new stadium downtown would be best, with 15K that is easily expandable to 25K as capacity would be best. The atmosphere going into the stadium is just as important.
  11. Exterior is always going to be better for antennas, less interference. Also, moving even just a foot in any direction can make a big difference. I would expect that the metal studs are impeding the signal too. Channel 19 has always seemed to have the weakest broadcast of the major local over the air stations, probably just because they aren't pushing out the power of the others. I had noticed more issues with channel 8 recently which is what pushed me to install the exterior antenna. So far that has made quite the difference.
  12. ^ and this is what Ohio (and some other rust belt states) misses out on. Ohio gets split between 3 major cities and 4 or 5 smaller ones. also, as we all know, they tend to cannibalize on each other. So without having the state able to focus on any one major city, or two major cities, all that collective wealth gets spread out.
  13. I am really glad to be a marina member this season, platinum pass included with dockage so I get an hour early entry. Pretty sure that the only time I will ride as a 2+ hour wait is going to be insane. Although maybe Millennium Force and other rides will benefit with drastically reduced wait times. I don't recall a ride being installed with there being this much hype surrounding it since I have been up here. That was 2005 though so I was not around for all the build up to Millennium or Top Thrill Dragster, were they at all like this? I don't recall Maverick, Gatekepper, or even Valraven having this much hype.
  14. So these Shaker Heights townhomes are listing/selling for up to $350,000 but not selling very fast. Meanwhile in the Midtown thread, townhouses at East 72nd Street are listing/selling for up to $479,000. Either someone is doing/not doing their marketing very well, or we're really in an upside-down real estate market these days. I think they made a mistake when only making them 2 bedrooms, and not having any 3 bedroom options in the first phase.
  15. Seems like there's an opportunity for some of these inner ring suburbs, especially on the east side, to reinvent themselves. I haven't heard much of the County Land Bank recently but it would be good to see what parcels they have available and start having some real discussions on redevelopment at this point. Cleveland Heights doesn't seem to be having the same success as Lakewood but I've heard anecdotally that Shaker Heights is buzzing. Completely anecdotal as far as trends, but the house behind me (in Shaker Heights) sold without going to market; and they are from Florida. The house does need a lot of work though as the previous owner was 90+ before her kids moved her out. And much like another poster alluded to, the houses that have been updated in the Heights, and are above 2K sq ft, seem to be selling rather quick.
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