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  1. having grown up, and worked, at KI this whas the thing that always stood out to me when going to CP. There was no gradual transition from small to large coaster. It was basically kiddie coaster and then you were expected to just be OK with a 100+ foot drop. KI def has a better stepping stone line up of coasters in that regard, while CP has the higher end of the coaster realm covered. I think adding the rumored giga coaster to KI will do wonders for their line up. And I would say the same about CP either adding a true family coaster that has a moderate height requirement, or just changing some of their existing requirements (you can't tell me with a straight face that Iron Dragon or Mine Train need to have a 48" requirement when Millennium Force has the same).
  2. Have any of you actually been to a soccer game at FES? Even with the US mens team drawing a healthy crowd of say 25K the stadium still feels empty, and FES is one of the better NFL stadiums to use. Part of the reason it feels so empty, besides the deserted upper levels, is that the field is much further away thank at a Soccer Specific Stadium. This is really true along the sidelines, there isn't all the associated personnel that come with a football game so it becomes wasted space. A new stadium downtown would be best, with 15K that is easily expandable to 25K as capacity would be best. The atmosphere going into the stadium is just as important.
  3. Exterior is always going to be better for antennas, less interference. Also, moving even just a foot in any direction can make a big difference. I would expect that the metal studs are impeding the signal too. Channel 19 has always seemed to have the weakest broadcast of the major local over the air stations, probably just because they aren't pushing out the power of the others. I had noticed more issues with channel 8 recently which is what pushed me to install the exterior antenna. So far that has made quite the difference.
  4. ^ and this is what Ohio (and some other rust belt states) misses out on. Ohio gets split between 3 major cities and 4 or 5 smaller ones. also, as we all know, they tend to cannibalize on each other. So without having the state able to focus on any one major city, or two major cities, all that collective wealth gets spread out.
  5. I am really glad to be a marina member this season, platinum pass included with dockage so I get an hour early entry. Pretty sure that the only time I will ride as a 2+ hour wait is going to be insane. Although maybe Millennium Force and other rides will benefit with drastically reduced wait times. I don't recall a ride being installed with there being this much hype surrounding it since I have been up here. That was 2005 though so I was not around for all the build up to Millennium or Top Thrill Dragster, were they at all like this? I don't recall Maverick, Gatekepper, or even Valraven having this much hype.
  6. So these Shaker Heights townhomes are listing/selling for up to $350,000 but not selling very fast. Meanwhile in the Midtown thread, townhouses at East 72nd Street are listing/selling for up to $479,000. Either someone is doing/not doing their marketing very well, or we're really in an upside-down real estate market these days. I think they made a mistake when only making them 2 bedrooms, and not having any 3 bedroom options in the first phase.
  7. Seems like there's an opportunity for some of these inner ring suburbs, especially on the east side, to reinvent themselves. I haven't heard much of the County Land Bank recently but it would be good to see what parcels they have available and start having some real discussions on redevelopment at this point. Cleveland Heights doesn't seem to be having the same success as Lakewood but I've heard anecdotally that Shaker Heights is buzzing. Completely anecdotal as far as trends, but the house behind me (in Shaker Heights) sold without going to market; and they are from Florida. The house does need a lot of work though as the previous owner was 90+ before her kids moved her out. And much like another poster alluded to, the houses that have been updated in the Heights, and are above 2K sq ft, seem to be selling rather quick.
  8. Cedar Point, despite having the greatest collection of coasters overall, may have the worst names for almost all of their major rides. Magnum XL 200 (that is the full name though no one uses it), Millenium Force, Steel Vengance, Wicked Twister, Iron Dragon, Power Tower. Maverick, Gemini, and Corkscrew are easily their best named rides. Another thing that was added for this coming season is a Boardwalk that stretches from the front parking lot all along the beach past Breakers. This will hopefully help some of their parking problems that they had with the water park last year. We keep our boat there and there were some afternoons when the road to get back there was bumper to bumper all the way to the marina. My excitement for the expanded boardwalk is solely due to them adding an outdoor bar along said boardwalk, and appropriately named "Sandbar". Cocktails and sunsets this summer.
  9. Please for the love of god don't call it that. I hate people that call Millennium Force "Millie". Regardless this does look amazing, and should keep the park at record attendance for another year. This will be a good year to get quick rides on Raptor and maybe Millennium as everyone gets sucked to the back of the park. On another CP note, they are going to create a Resort and Attraction Management major in conjunction with BGSU. It is interesting as the only other university that has something like it is Central Florida in conjunction with WDW. http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2018/03/cedar_fair_bowling_green_state.html Cedar Fair, Bowling Green State University partner to offer new tourism degree in Sandusky SANDUSKY, Ohio - There's more to working at an amusement park than operating rides and filling drink cups. There's accounting and marketing, customer relations and safety regulations. Those topics, and more, will make up a new four-year degree offered by Bowling Green State University, in a partnership with the city of Sandusky and Cedar Fair, the parent company of Cedar Point. The new degree in Resort and Attraction Management will be offered at a new BGSU campus in downtown Sandusky, set to open as soon as the fall of 2020.
  10. ^ I have to imagine that they have looked at where their online sales are going to in the CLE MSA, and determined that Van Aken gives them better access to those that are making purchases. While there is good money in Gates Mills, etc. there is also the same in the country club district of Shaker. You are right though that they are spending a good chunk of money for the development. So I too am hoping that it succeeds wildly. I know my wife is eagerly waiting for the Mitchells to open. We have biked to the one in University Circle from Shaker, and that hill back up after ice cream is not so easy. A quick trip down Van Aken will be much better.
  11. ^ I think the Van Aken District is not trying to be like those lifestyle centers though, its smaller and not bringing in bigger chains from out of the area. There really isn't a ton of retail space, 1/3 of pinecrest. I just hope if this does well they don't go too overboard with their second phase across the tracks. They still have the space that Fresh market was going to move to as well to build on. One thing they have done well is to provide lots of opportunities for shakerites to come together, having events both in the summer and winter. Keeping those going will help all the prospective business that open there.
  12. Just as a note, Shaker Towne Square (that Shaker Heights retail plaza on Chagrin) is fully leased. It still may not be financially viable, but I suspect it probably is. Also, isn't the upgrade to Van Aken exactly what you are asking for? A development to an existing retail center? I think if that does well then University square may be able to use that in part of their pitch to change around that shopping center.
  13. ^ Boss Dog Brewery is moving into the Lemongrass space. http://www.cleveland.com/cleveland-heights/index.ssf/2017/02/cleveland_heights_approves_200.html Cleveland Heights approves $200,000 revolving loan for Boss Dog Brewing Co. on Cedar-Lee CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- A $200,000 commercial revolving loan is on tap for Boss Dog Brewing Co. to move into the former Lemon Grass restaurant on Cedar-Lee. Brothers Josh and Jason Sweet, who are originally from Cleveland Heights, are working toward a late spring opening for the full-service brewpub at 2179 Lee Road.
  14. Pretty sure thats the case. There was an extremely small convenience store that is becoming a sushi joint, Marble Room Sushi. This article describes the restaurants being added/updated: http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/08/4_restaurants_coming_to_key_ce.html
  15. FI already flies to Anchorage and Seattle and Chicago--so AS doesn't need CLE for a connection to Iceland. If AS starts CLE it would be because they thought it was smart to do so (which it is), but not because of FI. I agree, but if a company is sitting on the fence to wait for more data this may be the proverbial straw. I'm not sure how much connecting pax there could be, but I would think it would be easier to do in CLE than trying to time up routes going through O'hare, even Detroit or Minneapolis could be more challenging. Either way just a thought and it would be good to get more competition to the west coast.
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