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  1. More lakefront related, less development related.......Recently learned via an email that Pace has an idea to create a beach along the end of the e.9 pier. This would require a jetty, most likely, even though its inside the break wall. He had initially planned a floating fresh water pool, which i think was based on an implementation in Europe. He has ambitious plans to clean the water using an updated vesion of a Living Machine. I sincerely hope he can figure it out. Ice skating inside the break wall in winter would be another attractant to our Great Lake. Cleveland needs and deserves a stronger connection to its Great Lake. More places to touch and experience the water downtown would be fantastic. DId you know that we’ve destroyed 95% of lake-shore wetlands in the last 50+ years? Wetlands can be thought of as the kidneys of the watershed ecology. They filter and clean water while providing habitat for myriad plant and animal Species.
  2. Hello Columbus (from Cleveland): I spent a few days in C-Bus for a conference my wife was attending and I must say, I had the BEST espresso and latte, this side of the Pacific NW, that these lips have ever tasted. Cafe Brioso delivered on such a high level of craft, it left my head spinning. Any knowledge on the origin of the place would be most appreciated. Columbus has it goin on!
  3. With a goal of reconnecting neighborhoods to the lakefront, what do you all think of capping the shoreway from roughly W65 to Lake Ave? Such a scenario would enable incredible connections between neighborhoods and the lakefront while continuing to expedite car traffic (ODoT loves that idea). The only thing in the way of N/S connections to the lakefront is the railroad. You'd need to construct some pretty wide tunnels under the railroad to take advantage of the expanse offered by a great lawn crossing over the Shoreway. Any idea on cost for capping such a large swath of roadway?
  4. Re: motorized traffic in the greater Battery Park neighborhood (~W78 to ~W65) and the termination of Father Caruso at W73, Councilman Matt Zone informed me that Father Frascati, which currently terminates at W73 will be extended to W70 upon construction of the W73rd underpass. My greater priority for neighborhood, aka non-motorized, traffic is to create a neighborhood-scale connection, likely following Herman Ave, between W73 and W69 and a separate connection between W76 and W78 following Battery Park Blvd. Both rights-of-way are currently occupied by vacant land and/or parking lots, which should, in theory make development of this neighborhood connector a more easily realized project. Does anyone on this board have experience developing such projects? If so, your comments would be appreciated.
  5. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703712504576236683591903882.html?mod=googlenews_wsj&hq_e=el&hq_m=153845&hq_l=1&hq_v=caca69dc22 "......Next on the agenda is housing, according to Allen Wiant, who recently joined PlayhouseSquare from high-level positions with top commercial real-estate outfits Trammell Crow and C.B. Richard Ellis. "We want to build 58 stories of housing in the next few years." Virtually nobody lived in downtown Cleveland when this project began in the '70s. Now there are about 12,000 downtown residents and the residential occupancy rate is about 95%."
  6. ^ & ^^ we could be on a pace to deliver the best average attendance at Wolstein: Hope to see all on this board at the Valpo game on Thursnite and Butler on Sat Noon. I will be the one yelling: 'pillage, plunder, set their town on fire!" http://www.cleveland.com/sports/csu/index.ssf/2011/01/good_day_for_offense_defense_n.html By the numbers: Cleveland State's success this season has led to a turnstile boost. The Vikings are averaging 2,694 fans per game in their 12 home games this season. They have averaged 3,806 over the past five games, which is higher than the season-long average of 3,222 the Vikings averaged during the 2000-01 season. For the Vikings to top that average, they would need to get 4,490 people into the Wolstein Center for each of the five remaining home games. The season high was 4,711 on Dec. 22 for the game against South Florida. The next highest was 4,615 for the Vikings' most recent home game, a 65-46 win over Wright State on Jan. 22.
  7. ^What's the difference between Wal-Mart and Target? Don't they both sell disposable consumer items at low prices?
  8. This is an interesting discussion about zoning. Can someone create a thread solely for a discussion on CLE Zoning? I have largely understood zoning as a restriction/guideline for intended use and less as a restriction of building form, but this discussion regarding the UC/LI Hotel and Schofield Bldg seem to be about building form. My only knowledge of zoning in Cleveland that restricted form was the code adopted (but not always enforced) by Midtown Cleveland. Education on this topic would be appreciated. (at least by me)
  9. Interesting and perhaps telling that one of the larger finders if thus aquarium are the parking lot people at AMPCO.
  10. Sweet Moses (as in Cleveland) Soda Fountain and Treat Shop opening this winter at 6800 Detroit. http://www.sweetmosestreats.com/ This place will be top shelf and a welcome addition to the neighborhood, especially great for all the youths that the eventual relocation of Near West Theater will bring.
  11. Any updates on a watch party or televised channel for Saturday's game vs. WVU?
  12. The building you are referring to is not part of the Cheerio Storefront/Apartment project. As I understand it, the current condition of the building you mention would require substantially more investment than the Cheerio Building.
  13. I like the vid^ Check out Suckers!
  14. Sweet Moses Treat Shop is the storefront renovation happening at 6804 Detroit http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/photo/09092010/index.php Re: Nikos, no relation to the Lakewood restaurant, but will be operated as a mom & pop restaurant preparing and serving authentic Greek specialties.
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