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  1. Yes. Saying we lose jobs is a bit overstated. The jobs stay in the region and ate available to city residents. It's different than say moving to Cleveland. The lost income taxes are minor in the grand scheme of things and worth it for a music venue plus moving an industrial facility off such prime location
  2. I am trying to understand what a 3rd party developer has to gain in buying the property, demolishing the hotel then using that land for the convention space. Clearly the 3rd party developer wants a return on this investment, so I would assume they plan to develop the lot, which would mean it would be something other than the convention expansion. Unless it would be used as a land swap with the lot south of the convention center for them to develop? If it were to be used for convention center space, I would think the county/port/etc would be buying the hotel directly.
  3. One name for you - Josh Spring. I think he and is cohorts would still criticize regardless of the 100,000 jobs. Now, how much attention that criticism gets played in the media and credibility it gets, and how much this impacts political decisions, clearly would likely be reduced compared to what is happening now. But don't think everyone would be swayed by creating jobs or larger investment.
  4. As an auditor I have seen numerous companies in the past year where top level employees took across the board pay cuts, then at lower levels not only were wages frozen (which amounts to a decrease with inflation) but people were cut to 4 day or 36 hour work weeks which is equivalent to a pay cut. As a specific example, the Cincinnati Enquirer is one quarterly furloughs, where each employee needs to take an unpaid week off each quarter. Also it is important to remember that there is not a lot of hiring going on, so companies are able to cut wages and/or hours and not lose employees because there is no where for them to go. The key is to make it up to them when things turn around.
  5. Does anyone know that with the all the work going on to replace the sidewalks up vine street, are all the power lines along the west side of the street going to remain, or has all of that been, or going to be, put underground? Also with all the renovations planned for the 1400 block of vine on the west side of the street, is it just the apartments being renovated or are the remaining businesses on the street level being thrown out and their areas being fixed up as well?
  6. The last thing I heard, there was talk of trying to use that building for a restaurant.
  7. Any word on how much the Gateway Quarter condos are selling for in relation to their list prices? Have the developers been willing to give at all on the prices? I'm looking into a few places and wondering if its realistic to give a low ball offer and have them bend at all. Anyone with experience out there?
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