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  1. Good signs here. He really hates the Steelers :-)
  2. Yeah I know for sure a few cities over there have pay toliets that actually clean themselves with a spray down afterward. Also I believe they actually have some sort of system that manages time spent inside (I can't remember what happens when you run out of time, but there's some sort of travel site that I remember reading this stuff on).
  3. There is a sushi place out in one of those business parks by the airport. I hear all the Toyota execs go there when they're in from Japan so I'd assume it must be pretty good. I think it might be called Jo Ann or something
  4. Very good article. Having been to Europe and Japan, these systems are a godsend. I can't think of anyone I know of whose been over there and hasn't liked it.
  5. Ugh Chris Henry. So much talent... Here's to hoping they find a way to reform him somehow. I would hate to see him latch on somewhere else and get things right. He could be very very good with that size and speed.
  6. Helicopter shots are always awesome. It'd be nice to have some updated ones. Maybe someone could try to get some night shots? Those would be very cool.
  7. Wow. I didn't realize NOTL rugs were the hot ticket item these days? Maybe we can get a smuggling ring together and steal couple? I bet we could make a killing! :) LMAO
  8. Jeez the last two games I've went to someone has gone onto the field. At Sunday Night Football last year someone ran onto the field but got no where near the play. It never got on TV either. Some idiots on TV today were saying he should have been penalized by the refs. If that were the case, I hope someone would run out in Colts gear if that game came down to that. The Colts game got moved to 4:15 BTW. National TV baby!
  9. Wasn't one of those island vacation home deals they were going to build be a map of the world and customers could buy certain spots of the globe? Wild. I wonder what happens though down the line when all that oil revenue stops.
  10. It's near Buttermilk Pike, the big road through Cresent Springs. This place is extremely disapointing and lame. If I wanted this crap, I could just go ten minutes out to Florence. Furniture stores and chain Mexican restaurants suck.
  11. Ugh Leo Mullin was an idiot. And his retirement package is still on the payroll. It seems like him and his buddies are to blame for most of the mess. Delta was a great airline before they came along.
  12. Something else I've noticed that might help ridership of a high-speed link between really cities anywhere in the U.S. would be to have a strong rail system within the city in place. I know when I was in Germany you could get to the bigger suburbs via the Hauptbahnhof either by local, commuter rail type trains or smaller EMU S-bahn trains. Then you can feed the main train station with traffic and for the passenger it couldn't be any easier than to just switch trains. I remember stuff like this being in place in some of the smaller cities too. It's certainly going to take a lot of work to get a system like that put in but the local connections are something that jet transportation can't easily supply. Couldn't the profits of such a system pooled with other cities help pay for the advancement of HSR? I'd imagine it'd take some money to set up the commuter system, but many areas already have freight lines that could carry the low-speed traffic.
  13. Nice game today. WHO DEY! Can you feel it? I seriously think they could get that 4-0 start that they wanted pretty easy.
  14. Yeah it looks great now. Hopefully stage two gets built to go along with it. That would look really nice.
  15. I was really impressed. Odell Thurman is a beast. The great thing about him is that he's only going to get better. 2nd round steal for sure. The Palmer pick was the one sore spot on an otherwise spotless game for him. He's continuing to turn the corner on eliminating those types of things. He was hitting his recievers really well. The Vikes took a trouncing so I'd expect a big home opener next weekend. WHO-DEY! I hope the Browns don't finish last though. I don't want them to have Leinart!
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