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  1. And you don't want a significant percentage of residents whose leases are all up at the same time
  2. And Allegheny Airlines was known as Agony Air
  3. Georgia's other loss was to South Carolina
  4. Salesforce just finished an "iconic" hq - should be enough to house them all without going to another city
  5. I was a rampman (baggage handler) for United from 1978-80. Those were DC-10s, not 747s. There were at least 2 Dc-10s to Tampa daily, and the Dc 10 to ORD continued on to the West Coast
  6. Would that be possible while still allowing the long freight trains too?
  7. They went from double-tracked to single tracked along that corridor, which I would assume make that more difficult
  8. The Steelers-Ravens rivalry is huge. I don't think Buffalo would be a more attractive match-up for them
  9. I think they are doing HVAC work, would explain the size
  10. Is the height of Concourse D's main floor down to the apron that much different than Councourse C? If the height is much lower, it may cause the jetways to rise at too steep an angle to reach the higher wide-body jets.
  11. Courthouses have specialized floor layouts - I doubt you could shoehorn it into a office building of this shape
  12. When it comes to a discussion of an iconic vs an un-iconic building, if anyone from SW was watching the Colts at Steelers game yesterday, there were a number of shots taken from the closed end-zone at Heinz Field looking back through the open end zone to downtown. Sticking up quite prominently in those shots was the iconic PPG building.
  13. CLE sort of occupies a middle ground - in terms of age, acreage, and distance to the city center it is more in the class of LGA, DCA and MDW. It's far more workable as an airport than those. But it is not going to be able to compete with airports planned far from the city on vast amounts of land like DTW or PIT (I'm not even considering the mega-airports) It also doesn't help that it is run by a city that is "management-challenged" rather than a larger port authority.
  14. 1. It was originally a factory to build bombers, thus it needed to be at an airport 3. It is an engine plant, and Ford just announced additional investment https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-lorain/uaw-ford-to-invest-more-than-1-billion-into-avon-lake-cleveland-plants , although there is some vacant land there. The plant isn't as large as it once was. 4. More important would be additional distance between the active runways, which isn't possible at the land-locked CLE
  15. I have no idea what would be load-bearing or not, but the court floors have separate elevators, hallways, etc, so that jurors can go back and forth without mixing with the public.
  16. Or they don't expect that much travel back and forth
  17. I could see a lot of synergy if they are located in Tower City in the midst of all the startup activity
  18. I live two blocks from the lake. On a day with a north wind, it can be 10 degrees cooler than what the temp is at Hopkins.
  19. where’s the money in that?
  20. That joke more or less comes from "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"
  21. The budget is available, you just have to go to the basement of the county headquarters, find the storage room that says "Beware of the dog" , and find the public copy in one of the unmarked file cabinets
  22. The dividing line isn't Bunts on that map - it's Belle. So a couple of streets with big houses/big lots have been moved into the eastern side of the city.
  23. As a general rule, don't be downwind of the sewer plant.
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