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  1. Given the air quality inside planes, wearing a mask may always be a good idea
  2. There are probably more people living in the area depicted by this photo now than there were when it was taken.
  3. Well, there's already the 26 Detroit - I think it runs at a 20 to 30 minute interval. I assume there is a similar Lorain Rd route.
  4. "^ Just to add on. I work with three people who have bought houses and moved to Ohio City over the last 3-4 years. I’d be surprised if the least paid of them makes less than $100k, the other two are probably more around the $150k mark. " Well, if they are reporting the MEDIAN as $280K, then these people all qualify as under the median - would have to be balanced by three more families making more than $280K
  5. That would put the median HHI higher than Hudson, which used to be the highest Zip Code by median HHI. I don't see it.
  6. I don't think that getting rid of on-site parking will help their customer-satisfaction ratings
  7. Would this be more convenient to Cape Cod/Nantucket etc. than flying into Logan?
  8. It's a repository for biological materials, some of it hazardous. If form follows function, it should be bunker-like
  9. What other developers are even remotely inquiring about this land?
  10. Not having to take the steps down 20 flights of stairs during an outage is a benefit.
  11. Now relate this anecdote to the discussion of sidewalks right up against R&D centers......
  12. Urban Ohio readers are not one of the stakeholders that SW is concerned about
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