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  1. What other developers are even remotely inquiring about this land?
  2. Not having to take the steps down 20 flights of stairs during an outage is a benefit.
  3. Now relate this anecdote to the discussion of sidewalks right up against R&D centers......
  4. Urban Ohio readers are not one of the stakeholders that SW is concerned about
  5. E 4 could also be missing the crowds from the extended Cavs playoff runs.
  6. The two posts just before yours - there is one at Lodi at the Rt 83 interchange of I-71, and there is one in Aurora on Rt 43, not particularly close to any freeway.
  7. Two hour drive of Cleveland? It can't be a two hour flight, since a two hour flight takes up about half the continental US.
  8. I remember the Galleria - the example retailers shown in the plan above were nothing like what was in the Galleria (at least when it first opened)
  9. Does the Langston, on Chester north of CSU, also have four bedroom units?
  10. bjk

    Ohio Turnpike

    Well, I grew up a quarter-mile from Exit 9, which was called North Olmsted-Cleveland, even though the exit was in North Ridgeville. But it appears that nationwide, exits are being numbered by mileage now, rather than names, which at least gives you a sense of how much you have to go.
  11. Cleveland will be hosting the 2024 ASAE (American Society of Associaiton Executives) convention https://www.asaecenter.org/about-us/news_releases/2019/asae-names-future-host-cities-for-2022-through-2027 "Among the association executives who attend the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition are those who select destinations for their own organization’s meetings and events. It is estimated that 20% of the delegates who attend the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition book their own conventions in the host city within five years."
  12. I don't want "visionary" leadership, because those visions could be wrong. (After all, Robert Moses had a "vision"). What I want are 50 people with small visions that get done from the bottom up.
  13. Neither of those Michigan plants are an engine plant - which would be the most likely investment at Brookpark
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