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  1. Is there any kind of lead paint legislation pending in the City of Cleveland?
  2. I live half a mile from the lake - we probably have a week or two before the heavy onslaught. They don't bite - so just keep your mouth closed. If they get in the house they don't go far
  3. We boated to Cedar Point once and stayed at the marina (late 70's- early 80's?). There was a mild breeze from the north that wafted a considerable marijuana odor over all the boats.
  4. If we can't bitch about something that we know only superficially, then what's the point of UrbanOhio?
  5. Well, if you walk past someone taking pictures of a building under construction, chances are they hang out here.
  6. I used to refer to that as the "Junk Food Store", since my regular purchase there was a six pack and a bag of chips
  7. At least three of the galleries in Little Italy now were little grocery stores when I moved there in 1979, and another was a hardware store. The laundromat is still going strong, however.
  8. Is this the same developer who was also bad-mouthing Dick Pace (in another thread)? Did he say anything nice about any of his other competitors?
  9. Lincoln Elementary in Lakewood is three stories, and it is only a couple of years old
  10. I don't think there is much correlation between progressive cities and NIMBYs. Look at San Francisco
  11. No, not all 60,000. I was just trying to illustrate how meaningless the Cleveland MSA borders are.
  12. People living in Twinsburg and working in Solon would count as being outside the MSA. i tried using the measuring tool in Google Earth, and it may only be 15 miles or less from downtown Cleveland to the closest MSA boundary, where Sagamoe Hills juts into Cuyahoga County. all this means is the Cleveland MSA is in reality meaningless
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