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  1. As a general rule, don't be downwind of the sewer plant.
  2. maybe also get a picture that's not 10 years old
  3. It seems like in late spring they had half the netting up, but they seem to have stopped.
  4. ^The building with the little tower was the Channel 8 studios, before they moved out to the Shoreway
  5. No, that's from the Nick Mileti era - those were the original Cavs uniforms
  6. They (RTA) won't have to do as much work this way.
  7. The boat launch ramp (and parking for the trailers) is a major access point to the lake for people who can't afford a yacht club/marina membership. And is there going to be demand to build right next to the sewage treatment plant?
  8. The Dude's voice : Well, that's like your, uhh, opinion, man...."
  9. AB screwed up Rolling Rock after they bought it
  10. Some 767's have the range to fly the route ; all 777 and 787's have the range. Whether there would be enough passengers paying a high enough fare to make it profitable is another question.
  11. The Spitzer site is much closer to Lakewood's downtown. There is a high-rise (The Westerly) about three blocks away from the Spitzer site.
  12. I live 3 blocks from the lake. There is a big difference between Cleveland and Toronto - in Toronto the prevailing winds are not off the lake.
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