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  1. Is this the same developer who was also bad-mouthing Dick Pace (in another thread)? Did he say anything nice about any of his other competitors?
  2. Lincoln Elementary in Lakewood is three stories, and it is only a couple of years old
  3. I don't think there is much correlation between progressive cities and NIMBYs. Look at San Francisco
  4. No, not all 60,000. I was just trying to illustrate how meaningless the Cleveland MSA borders are.
  5. People living in Twinsburg and working in Solon would count as being outside the MSA. i tried using the measuring tool in Google Earth, and it may only be 15 miles or less from downtown Cleveland to the closest MSA boundary, where Sagamoe Hills juts into Cuyahoga County. all this means is the Cleveland MSA is in reality meaningless
  6. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - some famous basketball player
  7. It's not really an arcade like the others - with a high ceiling. It is (was?) just a hallway with shops. When I worked there in the early 80's there was a Burrows, Guvernor's Pub, a coffee shop, a newsstand, shoe shine stand, the jewelry store above and Post Office that I can remember, plus others. Then a tunnel under Chester took you to the cafeteria (Forum?) that was in the basement of the Ohio Savings Plaza.
  8. Or do the West Siders who do take jobs there eventually move to the East Side? (Speaking as someone who has been both an East and West Sider)
  9. Baltimore's (BWI) lot is hard to find and even more remote than CLE.
  10. Maybe the current students - I certainly kept the place in business back in the 70's
  11. There are a lot of railroad tracks that would need to be bridged over by multiple taxiways, along with the highway
  12. This is not just a Cleveland problem https://www.usglassmag.com/2018/09/report-highlights-severity-of-the-labor-shortage/
  13. Where do you typically access the trail? By Sokolowski's?
  14. I do know that if you say "No" often enough, they eventually quit calling.
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