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  1. Zoom is interesting. I work in IT at the mid-market to enterprise level and sell all things IT (infra, security, cloud, storage, DC) including zoom, webex, msft/cisco teams, etc. There's a lot of concern with companies using or joining a Zoom meeting. Google banned its employees from downloading or taking zoom calls, but I think this is more so because zoom chose oracle cloud over the other cloud providers (azure, gcp, aws). Covid def helped zoom propel, but I think cisco is taking this seriously and will answer. Google is also pushing pretty hard in the web conf market.
  2. I'm holding out. I think it'll be interesting to see what comes about the UPS and USPS truck deal. UPS operates ~120k trucks. USPS is around ~140k.
  3. Just saw this before I responded. I think there's plenty of room for even more growth. The new EV truck (Endurance), a $70 mil investment, all ev stocks are seeing growth. The Lordstown facility, contracts with USPS & UPS.
  4. $18-20/share now ... this is going to give me a nice little bonus check.
  5. This is a weird case. Also, why did it take 21 mins for cops to arrive for a stabbing call?
  6. Returning to work: P&G about 2 weeks ago Staffmark - now Neaton Auto - now ThyssenKrupp - now Luxottica - end of July/early Aug Ohio National Financial Svc's - Early Sept (rolling in on rotations and small %'s)
  7. Workhorse Group WKHS is up huge for me. Was around .50 a share a little over a year ago, hovering around $3.60 now.
  8. Wow ... memories ... Still got it though. I need a lot of 5 minute hair color for men now to maintain the hair swag.
  9. Amazing vid. The amount of times he says "watch this" and his laugh cracked me up!
  10. Anyone know what's going on here? Looks like there's a lot of activity here over the last 2-3 weeks: https://goo.gl/maps/8o2zS3QhwUXtEeDG8
  11. Yeah, one of my friends bought one of those houses and I can't understand why, especially when he has much better options with location and having the same sq ft plus a yard!
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