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  1. One item that I have not heard thus far in the discussions regarding the relocation of Hilltop to the mouth of the Millcreek in Queensgate is that the Central Railroad of Indiana and CSX effectively control the access to both parcels and there are no public streets or at grade crossings serving the sites. I don't know that the railroads have weighed in on any changes in access or use to these parcels. Seems like they are an important stakeholder in this area and have been overlooked as is often the case.
  2. Is it me or do the ornamental pylons on the MLK bridge look like they are made out of legos.
  3. http://local12.com/news/local/engineers-plan-to-replace-80-year-old-viaduct
  4. City is hosting public meetings on the Viaduct next Tuesday and Thursday evening.
  5. I think the City added hangers for the water main to prevent it from falling into the rail yard given the condition of the concrete on the viaduct
  6. While I agree with the comments on the design of these houses they are far less likely to have structural issues than houses perched on the hillsides along Columbia Parkway or in Newport.
  7. I believe I read that the City was canceling the widening of Westwood Ave. but the MSD work on Lick Run was continuing
  8. See the following: http://rcnky.com/articles/2015/02/05/youll-probably-how-nice-taylor-creek-overlook-park-will-be-after-construction
  9. Saw article a couple of weeks ago KYTC is extending the Taylor Creek Culvert and the City of Newport is building new greenspace/overlook on the Riverfront.
  10. I think the only way the trail will proceed is if the City, SORTA or others buy out the Indiana and Ohio Railway, Kinder Morgan and Cincinnati Barge and Rail Terminal.
  11. I am surprised at the lack of work on the interior. I thought that Dunnbumby was supposed to move later this spring but it doesn't appear that the office space is being prepared or that any work is going on at the ground level either. Wonder of the bankruptcy and purchase by Krogers has delayed plans for the HQ move.
  12. I think the current plan for the Duck Creek Extension is not grade separated at Red Bank Expressway and would tie into the existing intersection. I wonder if Medpace is funding the bill.
  13. This map is essentially the route of the proposed I-71/Wasson light rail during the Metro Moves campaign except is cut away from I-71 at MLK and not Rockdale.
  14. The percentage by State DOT does not really matter in the end since vast majority of funding would be via tolls paid by users where ever they reside as well as federal highway funds. Since they are still value engineering the project (it way originally broken into 12 phases in 2010 and not one single project) it is likely the costs by state may vary. ODOT has had to shell out a lot of funds for the Duke substation on the Ohio Side of the river that allow for the bridge construction that I don't know were not fully accounted for in the original splits. I would still be surprised to see the Kentucky legislature move on tolling this year.
  15. After reading the article in the Enquirer today who really decides what happens with SR-32? If they stop the highway do the rail and Red Bank go forward independently? If ODOT backs out do the City County or SORTA carry on?
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