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  1. Is Dean Mitchell still teaching in Shanghai? Last I heard the students were trying to get that animal fired as well.
  2. Downtown retail would be primarily for downtown residents, daytime workforce population, tourists, and the occasional suburban and inner city resident. An outlet mall by that mess near Burke will be primarily for suburban residents, with some of the above. The two aren't really competing with one-another. Hell, no one is competing with anyone currently, since there isn't any retail to a significant degree period. Let's just be happy that this may come to fruition. If my mom of all people is willing to come downtown if this is built, then I guarantee it'll be a boost for the local economy. And as for the parking by Tower City, yes, there is a ton. But it's like Whole Foods. They don't just move into any existing store (barring some outliers i.e. the one in Village Square for a few years). They have a particular model that they either conform to or don't bother at all. The developer of this outlet mall has a vision that Tower City/parking lots don't match. Let them have that nothingness by Burke.
  3. Well.... at least something is going to move there. I really didn't think there would be much besides some sporadic low income shops.
  4. See, I've never bought that argument about new residents, or least at those with disposal income, "ignoring the existing culture". Like, what does that even mean? New residents add to a neighborhood's culture, which should always be changing and evolving. They eat there, invest there, support community organizations, and, god willing, even send their kids to schools, thereby diversifying classes. There has often been an odd race-to-the-bottom tone with anti-gentrifiers, and they invent suspicions or displacement, racism, and make comments similar to "ignoring the existing culture" probably, because in the end, too many of them are part of the neighborhood's problems/challenges in the first place.
  5. Crowds line up with their guns for Richmond gun rally https://mol.im/a/7907885 via http://dailym.ai/android Can't we napalm these people?
  6. Complete transparency gives leverage to all companies to argue for similar subsidies and breaks, and that's ultimately just a race to the bottom. I'm a firm no.
  7. The old Hollister is a big fat empty space too. Plus whatever was above Victoria Secret. Plus whatever was next to Swarovski (I miss the Sony store). And still no tenants at the two restaurants. Is Forever 21 leaving too? I'm shocked they're still open. Also, there's something very odd about how Akira was built and extends into that wing. Did it absorb another space but then close off the back areas? It does feel somewhat claustrophobic inside. Just to balance all of that, Nervous Dog is my favorite east side coffee shop (cest les vie Coffee Phix and Phoenix), and the staff are great kids. I hope it succeeds.
  8. Abercrombie and Buckle also closed at Beachwood Place? How did I miss that. Just terrible. And poor Gap, Baby Gap, Godiva and soon Pottery Barn. Jesus wept.
  9. That is great. It'll be good to see another hole filled downtown.
  10. Option one: The Iranian government/populace, mostly, were glad to see the terrorist die but had to respond in a big way to save face, and not look like losers to the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iranians, etc, all the while ensuring they didn't instigate an even larger conflict. Option two: They're as incompetent as our lunatic-in-chief, and this was a miracle. Sort of an inverse Lebanon barracks bombings. Option three: A combination of one and two. I'm leaning towards that.
  11. TBideon

    Off Topic

    His wife's from there, no?
  12. Now that one hurts. It''s in that Tommy's/Corky's and Lenny's/Great Lakes Brewery category of restaurants my parents actually don't hate. Fooey.
  13. Oh no, I'm not liquidating until my holdings go up another 150%-175% (as if that will ever happen). But hey, up 45% last year - so who knows. And then it's all being cashed out save for my Roth IRA and 401k/pension (of which I'll maintain contributions), then put into fixed income securities and real estate. At least that's the goal.
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