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  1. I can't wait to visit the Vessel. NYC really hit a home run there, it's going to be an epic tourist destination.
  2. I just finished marathoning F is for Family. Phenomenal show.
  3. We are going to need another half dozen primary sources and sworn testimonies pal.
  4. Color me very optimistic. Closest comparison I can think of is the Merchandise Mart in Chicago which really reinvented/repurposed itself into a tech hub, and is a huge success. Literally reborn from the ashes even with some wholeselling showrooms remaining
  5. And how many primary sources are required before posting a rumor? I must have missed that terms and conditions page.
  6. The reality is shit happens on trains and buses. Not a whole lot, but it's inevitable that regular users will experience some kind of ugliness here and there. That's just life in a city, at least an American city in which there are far too many mentally ill, gangbangers, hostile/antisocial types, and then law-abiding people (who fortunately comprise the vast, vast, vast majority of users) all colliding in shared buses, and to a lesser degree trains. It all depends on your threshold for safety, your child's ability to handle an ugly situation, and a lot of luck. Personally I think an 11-year-old can or should be able to take public transportation without adult supervision, even though there will be unfortunate moments. They need to see what happens and how to handle annoyances i.e. bangers or homeless sleeping on multiple seats, someone playing music loudly, or a loudmouth yelling n-word this and n-word that on the phone, to mildy more invasive irrations i.e. "square square square" or "can I have everyone's attention, I just got out of jail..." to escalated problems i.e. hoodrats getting into loud arguments, harassing innocent passengers, or even violence. Everyone, at least ordinary users, have had problems on trains and buses before. And those moments probably make us better equipped to handle subsequent situations. When my youngest niece was being sexually harassed on the green line on multiple trips (and boy wouldn't I love to slit the throat of that scumbag), she adapted and started sitting by the conductor in the front car. When some bum was trying to get me to fix his (stolen) computer, and I tried being cool, friendly and helpful, I learned quickly how FAST those types can turn on you, as he got ugly immediately when I refused to give my new "friend" money. I won't be doing that again. You learn from these moments, and they aren't an everyday occurrence. Why not just try it out for a few weeks. A month.
  7. Next Wednesday in Chicago: High -11 Low -17 Windchill -55 Good god.
  8. Good luck to girls who meet these creeps in a few years at college parties. They really look and act like rapists-in-training
  9. TBideon


    Of course it's racist, just as much as conservatives constantly questioning Obama's birthplace was racist, just as much as kids chanting "build the wall" is racist, as much as Trump mocking some black athletes' intelligence is racist, as much as Roseanne's comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape was racist, and so on and so on. And this is coming from someone who thinks that racial politics is often bollocks and nonsense. But not here. The dumb MAGA hat is obviously racism poorly cloaked as political support for conservative ideology, or at the least anti-liberalism. Just as much as a swastika doesn't have much to do with symbolizing good luck any more, despite some feigned protestations by its supporters. God it never ends with conservatives. Every goddamn social issue the right supports is always wrong. Every goddamn one, especially social ones. Slavery. Segregation. Jewish rights. Women's rights. Civil rights. Property rights. Gay rights. Conservatives are ALWAYS on the wrong side of history. These conservatives' kunts, Sandy Hook deniers, Holocaust revisionists, Muslim extremists - it's that same anti-intelligence, anti-reasonability, anti-positivity, proud hate-filled ignorance that's the reason social and economic progress is so f'ing slow. They can all burn for all I care; these groups are all the same.
  10. TBideon

    Toxic Masculinity

    A lot of hoopla over a mildly engaging but not really earth-shattering ad, but it does make me think about catcalling and the fact that there need to be far more strict harassment, menacing and assault laws with that hideous behavior. The fact that men, and perhaps some women, accept this conduct as relatively benign or culturally accepted is sheer lunacy. Catcalling is essentially assault and needs to be treated as such.
  11. They sound deranged. Is Whole Foods suffering for being yards away from University Square? Businesses struggle for many reasons; this is unlikely to be one.
  12. It sure seemed easier to get to Tremont in those days.
  13. Uh oh... that doesn't sound promising.
  14. TBideon


    I'm just shocked the Clinic, maybe hospitals in general, don't do a better job screening their residents and social media histories. This person is dangerous. God only knows how she treated Jewish patients.
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