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  1. Good grief Tesla. And Amazon is roaring to 3000. Time for a 7-1 split Bezos.
  2. Plum Market is pretty expensive, but a damn good grocery store. I imagine they'll have an attached coffee shop (i.e. Intellegentsia) and wine bar inside. ...and good point about cleveland.com. I've completely stopped going to the site, perhaps a few weeks after comments were shut down. It just isn't that interesting.
  3. The DOW is down about 9.5 percent, S&P down 4 percent, NYSE down 15 percent. Tech is doing very well, but we're still in bear territory with most other major indexes. It's great that there were gains from those crazy lows in February and March, but, tech notwithstanding, Wall Street isn't exactly in boom period.
  4. TBideon


    I don't know... between the Trumpians on the right and hoodrats on the left, there are a lot of people with access to firepower and a lot of rage.
  5. I'm enjoying Hannibal but my god are some of the characters frustratingly dumb. And enough with the Silence of the Lambs references. Some are so on the nose you just roll your eyes. The prison/asylum doctor is my favorite character. Maybe the show should have revolved around him.
  6. 3 months of beans, alcohol and cigars. You've got to have the essentials.
  7. Hereditary was so depressing I turned it off. For all of its acclaim I found it ugly and unpleasant to watch; perhaps you need to be in the right mood. I'm still a fan of Midsummer so I'll give Hereditary another shot sometime time. This weekend I'm going to try Doom Patrol. Big thumbs up for Butterfly Kisses. It's a fake documentary about a filmmaker putting together discovered documentary tapes to form a found footage film. You watch him promote his literally found footage film as well as the film itself. In both cases things start to go haywire, and the events parallel somewhat. It wasn't particularly scary but the premise quite clever and very self-referential. And the guy who played the filmmaker was incredible. The radio scene was something else, very realistic and uncomfortable.
  8. He doesn't have a clue what the reporter was talking about.
  9. Troll Hunter is incredible. Hell House LLC is pretty good. I know what happens in the sequels but am not all that interested. Houses October Built was DOGsh*t. I just don't understand the appeal. Savageland was boring, and I turned it off. I'm watching Veronica tonight (or possibly tomorrow). Have heard good things. Grave Encounters is still one of my favorites; the similar Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum was very watchable, but not as good as I've heard. Lake Mungo started off slow but really picked up. ...as you can tell, I've been on a found footage kick lately.
  10. Plus Microsoft and Apple racing to the 2 trillion dollar club. Amazon isn't too far behind too. Just a bonkers year. From bear to bull to bear in such a short period of time.
  11. TBideon


    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8404307/Professor-suspended-refusing-request-lenient-marking-black-students-assessments.html UCLA college professor is suspended after refusing request for lenient marking of black students' final assessments due to the trauma they have suffered from George Floyd's death and civil unrest Well, that's ridiculous. Might as well tattoo a scarlet R on his forehead.
  12. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/mayor-lori-lightfoot-denounces-vigilantism-in-chicago-after-white-men-patrol-neighborhood-streets-with-bats/ar-BB152S4r?li=BBnbfcL This mayor is awful, just awful. Thousands of stores/buildings vandalized and looted for a week citywide, cops overburdened with some acting apalling, even criminal, an absolutely nominal National Guard presence - and Lori chastises a neigborhood for daring to protect itself. I didn't hear her complaining when the Chinese did this in Chinatown and Latin Kings in Little Village. Hell, I didn't hear anyone criticize Corbos for defending their property. And the protestors are certainly not self-policing; they just go home after lighting the match and watch the opportunists terrorize, all the while absolving themselves of all responsibility and acting surprised with the escalations. There is something very ugly about criticizing people who don't want to see their commercial districts and homes destroyed like dozens of other neighborhoods, and actually are being proactive. And a gay-friendly, working class, artsy, generally safe, diverse neighborhood like Bridgeport - 3rd Asian, 3rd hipster, 3rd Hispanic - is an ideal, multicultural neighborhood that deserves to be protected. Hell, they all do.
  13. The strangest f'ing year-to-forget continues, as I'm, somehow, up 5.1 percent: Apple, multiple ETFS i.e. Vanguards, Invesco, Roth, Roth IRA... And yet my 401k is down 2.9 percent. WTF? I honestly don't fully understand what I own; one of these days I need to talk to my broker to simplify the information.
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