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  1. Agree Rudolph deserves time for his actions. But please, enough with the “he started it” bs. That argument sounds like something an 8 year old would say. Adults are responsible for their actions 100% of the time...regardless if provoked.
  2. You can argue he is doing all this on purpose. Getting under our best players skin while not harming his team at all (unless pouncey gets a suspension). They play again in two weeks. They will likely have no offense and it could be a 9-6 type game. Getting Garrett out of that game helps them a tremendously
  3. ^ I agree regarding interior. You kind of have to look hard for the changes. Maybe more space in concourses and public art is neat but you have to look for it. I felt the biggest improvement was the street presence
  4. I will say this....im not a fan of government helping out private enterprise in construction of stadiums, etc. Private Enterprise in a capitalistic environment should be investing on their own and sinking and swimming on their own. However separating the two topics, the new arena really is impressive. I went to Elton John the other night, the entire glass facade was illuminating in stunning rainbow colors, with a giant screen inside the facade indicating tonights event. It was really sharp looking for the street. The interior looks good as well. I will be spending many nights at the new look facility in the coming years...it does do Cleveland very proud.
  5. That’s really great analysis @YABO713. You should probably be in a booth or behind a camera somewhere. I agree about Mack Wilson. I really like everything about him. Seems to do the little things...like his amazing hit on Allen the other day was in bounce. I have a feeling he would’ve pulled back if it was near the line, unlike others on our team historically who would gladly give the bills a free set of downs
  6. Penalties and turnovers were down, almost completely. So that’s good. Something still didn’t feel right, but they can make the first 8 games forgotten with a win Thursday and then Miami coming to town. The taunting penalty in Q1 almost ended up being a huge issue. Little stuff like that, has to be eliminated completely
  7. Garland has looked good the past two games. Patient and under control. He is a shooter but won’t look like steph curry any time soon. That level of dominance takes a lot of time to build. His hesitation moves remind me a lot of curry. the Cavs are indeed fun, I want to see them play this hard all year and land in the 30-win range. Any more than that and they probably lose that too 10 pick to Atlanta. As good as they have been competing they are still a ways off and need that pick if the ultimate goal is bigger things
  8. There are not a lot of people with this opinion. The Cavs are playing above their heads this season. Even the Celtics game you referenced, as awful as they played and even though they were Swiss cheese on defense, they still had a chance to tie that game in the final seconds. They have been really encouraging this season and I think they are right where they need to be and it’s enjoyable to watch them fight each night edit: disregard. I’m seeing the date of your post. You are referring to a pre season game
  9. What’s going on in the cedar Fairmount area? The entire lot behind the Sunoco on cedar has been dug up and they were actively working on it this morning. It’s between bellfield and grand view south of Cedar.
  10. Something different than the Drury Inn and Suites? Because that’s the multiple story building going up
  11. I was fully expecting to give the browns a pass after a win in Denver. I predicted they would go 4-4 through 8 with that schedule they had...and then rock and roll. A win in Denver would’ve made them 3-5 and they let one against rams and one against Seahawks slip away. Ok, young team playing super bowl tested franchises down to the wire. We will give them a pass. Funny how 5 points and several inches on bakers sneak and The entire season is a complete disaster. There is no excuse to lose that game with that much on the line. You win that game and come home to take care of buffalo and Pittsburgh and you are where you need to be. Bad bad bad. Unfortunately the black cloud and losing culture is now all over these young guys and Dorsey who were suppose to change things. Once you are in, there is no gettin out
  12. They make playing football look so hard.
  13. I have not heard of that. When I got mine it was in a building at rock side/77.
  14. There isn’t a reason we shouldn’t have direct Seattle in Alaska and direct Montreal on Air Canada. Both of those are large markets and hubs for each airlines. Confusing what Alaska sees in Columbus and Pittsburgh but not Hopkins
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