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  1. Some teams use baseballs. We use meatballs.
  2. Someone said they spoke with natives in Arizona that liked the indians. In 2017 i was in New Mexico for work, i went to the predominantly Indian town of Gallup. I was actually surprised to see multiple Cleveland Indians hats there. But at the end of the day, its not about the Natives that like the logo. It is about the Natives who are offended. Im an Italian man. If an organization was called the Wops (or even the Paisano's or Italians) and the logo was a kooky Italian face that clearly was caricatured...I personally wouldnt care. I have thick skin and dont really care about crap that doesnt impact my day to day life. But to think all of the Italians and Italian Americans out there in the world WOULDNT be offended...that is pretty closed minded. Just like any issue in life, there will be two sides...and in this case, you have to side with those who are impacted..Not everyone processes things the same way.
  3. As another poster stated, this has been building for a while. I think we are all mentally prepared. I went to the 1995 World Series as a kid and my late great grandfather went to the 1920 World Series. Indians fandom runs deep in my family. But it’s time to change. Change is fine and exciting. My kids kids will be rooting for the baseball team in 30-40 years. Their memories will be the same if they are called the Indians or the engines. It’s just a name
  4. Pluto endorses walleye. That can’t happen, that’s a minor league name. We have an opportunity to be very unique and very cleveland and also protect the identity of the franchise. The franchise (name or not) is a HUGE part of baseball history. Baseball historians would respect a nod to some of the biggest names in our franchise history. It’s hard to knock a name like the Satchels. im really warming up to the Doby’s and the logo can be a Doberman. You can make an old school dog a la the Cubs as the logo for your hat
  5. I see where your going with it. I’m a huge soccer fan and I like the uniqueness. Unfortunately it would be crushed by all the talking heads and baseball historians. Not sure if we care or not (I don’t), it I imagine the cleveland Indians brass does
  6. All i want from this name change is it for it to be something unique and part of our identity as a city and franchise. I can live with guardians or spiders. I really like a nod to players in the franchise like the "Doby's", the "Feller's", the "Satchels". Hell, lets flip the whole racism conversation on its head and name it after Larry Doby who was the first African American player in the AL. And lets go even further and have our logo signify solidarity between races. Always better to be proactive, than reactive. Whatever we do, dont do something generic and boring
  7. I dont understand why police reform has to be so complicated. Lets start by mandating bachelor's degrees for all police, with sociology and minority culture courses as part of the curriculum. That should be a no brainer. There are thousands and thousands of wonderful policemen and women out there who have dignity and fulfill their duty to protect. But how many police are out there that are people that didnt consider it their life meaning to protect citizens and thus they just kind of entered law enforcement? How many are going into the profession because its maybe an easier path to a career and they get to accumulate some power? and they are perhaps angry other plans didnt pan out? I think that certainly exists. And when you have power and you are angry, thats a dangerous combination (see President 45). So if we push our police force to accumulate more education... academically, socially and emotionally ...thats an absolute great place to start. Then, once on the police force, there needs to be more forced engagement. public meetings that are ongoing (weekly? monthly?) that give the police force (those both on duty and off duty) more touchpoints with the public...the public can give positive and negative feedback and they can build a relationship. Police can give their voice as well. What concerns them, where they need to work with the public to overcome it. If i was a Cleveland Policeman, i would have a weekly thing i do, where i go buy a very large lunch takeout order and just go find a random group of neighbors that are congregating and sit down and eat with them, talk with them and let them know im thinking about them. Small stuff goes a long way. I certainly dont have answers, but my gosh, have we done ANYTHING in Cleveland since Tamir Rice? Maybe the answer is yes, but i certainly havent heard about it.
  8. tell your friends to do the same
  9. I found it really bizarre they predicted 66k through August just last week. I feel with states opening it’s gonna shoot up again in late May. I’m also getting a sense there will be no sports for a very long time
  10. What exactly happened with our testing? I thought CCF and UH and others were going to test 1000 per day. Why wasn’t testing increased with all other Ohio systems following suit?
  11. This is interesting, because most of these states have 1.) handled it differently from each other 2.) have different numbers 3.) have different philosophies 4.) have their own unique headaches. Ill be intrigued to see what they come up with
  12. The Bengals are certainly the SME's
  13. I think this is a stretch. I was at a lumineers concert on February 8th at rocket mortgage (after super bowl). The lead singer was running through a packed arena during one of his songs and literally touching every fan for about 4 minutes. I understand the potential that the virus could’ve arrived first in The Bay Area before here, but cases/deaths don’t really support that there was a high case load at that time
  14. I believe football will be played in empty stadiums. The virus will not be disappearing anytime soon. We will be wearing masks for a bit. What makes you believe the virus is just going to disappear and we can jam 100,000 chest bumping, high fiving bro’s into tight seats?
  15. Exactly! the people who are mad at our administration think Dr. Acton is nuts...but why would she provide the best case scenario 3-4 weeks ago on cases per day. She had no idea that our people would respond the way we have. I think Ohio has been the model territory on how to handle this. We also had a couple factors that have helped out tremendously, like our major cities are spaced out vs. saturated like Detroit, we dont have a major internationl airport, skipped our primary, cancelled the basketball tournaments and St. Patricks Day parades. Looking at how Mardi Gras and the Michigan primary affected their numbers early, it was a bold stroke of genius to shut down all gatherings very early.
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