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  1. That would be great. The problem with AA to PHX is frontier and southwest already serve it, but I’m not a fan of those for work travel
  2. hopeful that Air Canada picks up Montreal, Alaska picks up Seattle and it would be nice to get AA back to Phoenix.
  3. He’s either being really transparent with the fan base, which people should APPRECIATE. We have a model (that works by the way and is proprietary to the Indians and other teams are envious of) and unless something changes he will likely be traded...OR....he is setting up the biggest underpromise and over deliver job in the history of cleveland sports, in which he will be a hero. Either way, he’s not doing the fan base wrong. People think because he is rich that he can spend unlimited...it’s a separate business model from his personal financials. The team sinks and swims just like any other business and you have to run an income statement
  4. I believe he was saying that tongue in cheek. I think it’s ok to joke. Many people in our town don’t think sports is a joking matter. Everyone needs to lighten up
  5. United flies CLE-TPA? I can’t find that flight anywhere
  6. United will get theirs. In the meantime, they lost a ton of business in a middle sized market.
  7. That’s awesome. I remember taking about building on top of that garage for about ten years. I can’t believe the construction has come and gone
  8. I’ve been flying American exclusively to both of those locations, so I dumped them, they didn’t dump me. American is happy to take my money and have me be a AAdvantage member. I really wish someone other than united had the west coast routes
  9. I hate to be a Debbie downer, but as a browns fan why should I be optimistic at all. Depodesta has been begging for his guy now for 5 years and finally got him. This smells like a depodesta whiff and both of them being shown the door in 2 years
  10. i dont understand why they would change the time of the games to when people work and *yelling* NOT JUST FAVOR THE DOMES AND WARM WEATHER CITIES DURING MARCH AND APRIL!!!!!!
  11. These kids were punks. Act like assholes, become the victims, get paid. white privilege prevails yet again. And this coming from a wealthy, white male.
  12. Urban pretty much coached supreme elite talent at his time at OSU. All of the best of the best at that rank. He managed to get them to perform for him. I am not a fan of the guy as a person, i think he is all about him (the anti Tressel, who i love)...and i think he mismanaged that assistant coach situation and has dirt on his hands from that. I alos believe he uses the health issue to bounce from his job and the scrutiny when his image is at question. However, when it comes to the NFL, there is no points for having a good person as coach. Its a bottom line business and the browns bottomed out a long time ago, so even hiring a guy like Urb can only make the franchise better. I hope they are considering it. If they hire Daboll, Roman or Saleh, part of me will die inside.
  13. If they hire anyone other than McCarthy, McDaniels or Meyer (people who have run an organization before), we will be doing this all over again. This job is not cut out for a coordinator to try to take a step up
  14. Word on the street is that McCarthy bunkered himself and his assistants in Georgia and did nothing but watch football, identifying new schemes and approaches. The knock on him was that the game passed him by. If he acknowledged that and works to re invent his approach, then he is fine. He already showed he could run a group of men and lead them to success
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