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  1. Yeah i dont like the name. Silver lining, if this marketing for rocket mortgage can bring in more revenue for Dan and Farner, perhaps some of the delta between current revenue and 2020 revenue can go back into the team? Maybe he wont care about spending luxury tax to bring in players and keep his own (cough cough Zion, Sexton, others)
  2. Wow. That’s pretty big news. Where are the billboards?
  3. Does anyone know the process of selling advertisement space RTA property? I see a few trains around shaker that are purple. The whole train is a Crown Royal ad. How could they land a giant like that but not have advertisements on other trains? Why Crown? Are they trying or do you think Crown approaches RTA and they were like fine we will take the money and don’t try to solicit other companies to advertise on the trains. It just seems bizarre to have one company with such an enormous ad and the other trains are blank.
  4. I grew up in a sterile all white suburb. Spent my whole childhood there and was afraid to go to Lakewood LOL. Thats the way you are grown to feel in those environments. that if you go somewhere that you have a preconceived notion about and where people are different, its bad news. It took me getting the hell out of that place , no names, Bay Village, OH, to actually grow as a human, become successful in my career, as a father, as a husband and as a leader. Cant be a leader without understanding other humans. Cant understand humans without living amongst them, talking to them, asking them questions.
  5. Yes, i did. Testosterone filled apes. Check the video of them dancing around and mocking Nathan Phillips. How would you describe them? Im sure as fine young men, since you are spending an awwwwwful lot of effort defending them. And go ahead and please tell me my serious issues? Enlighten me. I cant wait to hear what middle of ohio soccer fan has to tell me about myself.
  6. ^I’ve already laid out my arguments on this forum. im afraid I can’t help you if you think Phillips is some type of Goliath and dozens of testosterone filled monkeys are victims
  7. ^ wheewwwww that PR firm is doing its job with suckers like you. They should ask Mom Sandmann for some incentive pay for performance
  8. One final thought. Phillips absolutely has nothing to lose or gain with this whole thing. He is an old man with a limited future. Why would he make up anything on his intentions? If he says he was trying to diffuse a situation with his drum...why would it be anything different than what he says? Conversely, the kids have everything to lose. They have colleges to get into, jobs to get, and their faces will be all over the internet for years. So they have every ireason to make up a story and clear their name so they dont look like the monsters they are.
  9. Exactly, this was a basic fight or flight situation. They chose to mock and act like a holes, all while endorsing their king. Im going to go out on a limb and think a group of kids from St. Ignatius in Cleveland would take the high road and probably walk away. Just a hunch and im speculating. I just cant imagine that reaction from Ignatius kids. Who knows, maybe St. X kids would too, i know nothing about that school. Its all about the quality of the young people and quality of young people comes from quality of the home they grow up in. So that tells you all you need to know. But the quality of these kids is something would you find in a gas station bathroom.
  10. ^honestly if he just got behind a camera and said that, i wouldnt even care or be posting on this topic. It would show progress, whether sincere or not. Frankly thats all you can ask for for young people is for the progress and try to be better humans. That statement would be the bandaid and then they can go back to normal life and look at how wild that situation got and start to ask themselves the hard questions. "why did this upset people? why was Mr. Phillips banging a drum? Why is this a story?" and then when you critically think about thinds (hard for these kids, im sure...but the parents, you would hope), you can begin to get it and move forward. Unfortunately thats not what happens, which is why im agitated
  11. Nobody deserves death threats. Ever. The takeaway here that you *hope* takes place is that people need to be accountable for their actions, Including these teens. They have no intention of owning any of their actions which is the maddening aspect. They will get out of this and their parents are just enabling them to think they’ll get out of it in future as well. The best case scenario is Mr Sandman Getting behind a camera, owning it and apologizing. And since he’s the face of this mess, he can speak for his monkey friends as well. ”unfortunately I am a teenager with a lot to learn in life. I am holding myself accountable for my peers and i’s actions of dancing, mocking, and disrespecting Mr Phillips. We as a community have a lot to learn about how to act in new environments and what is appropriate and what is not. This was not appropriate and I’m sorry for all of those who we offended. We will learn from this and get better.” but but they won’t. Not strong enough as humans to hold themselves accountable. And that mostly goes for the parents
  12. Check out these “victims” harmlessly doing their school chants to drown out big bad Nathan Phillips and his hateful drum banging:
  13. Why are we acting like some old wrinkly man banging a drum is some type of threat to these kids? What an absolute cop out of crap. Ive seen every video there is to see. They were dancing around like monkeys and clearly mocking what Phillips was doing. There is a zero percent chance that they are victims in any capacity They are a bunch of riled up shits with a mob mentality and now they are in a pickle, mommy and daddy are using their white person power to paint a different picture. The hebrew Israelites yelling slurs is unacceptable in every way shape or form, but thats distracting from the Phillips-MAGA teens encounter. And since when do we justify peoples behaviors by just pointing the fingers at others. What a cop out. Absolute crap and I cant imagine trying to defend those little spoiled sh!ts
  14. My wife’s firm just moved out of One Cleveland Center, so I know at least one half floor is unoccupied lol
  15. United dropping Cleveland to Boston...slowly tip toeing away from everything. This is fine. Delta picking up the route and frankly, I go Jetblue any time i go to Boston. I use to be pretttty dedicated to United, but I must say, ive almost completely phased them out at this point
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