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  1. If you are going to enter the Tremont/Gordon Square/Ohio City market, you need to have a major differentiator...whether its concept, name, identity. Cant try to trade punches with the places listed above
  2. I felt it real nice in Shaker. Walls were rattling and i looked outside and birdfeeder and hanging plants were swaying
  3. Something about the new tower blocking views of the lake , I thought
  4. Yikes. Poor people need not not be treated like leper’s. I’m tired of the narrative that if your city has poor people are homeless, it’s an inferior city. I hear that all the time “San Francisco is a great city, but man the amount of homeless people”. Yeah, so? So people that have had a really rough go at life and live on a park bench make a city worse. The good thing about San Fran is they seem to embrace and want to help those in poverty. Cleveland needs to adopt that philosophy more. Once you find your prosperity in life, work to be the change you want to see. Help people, integrate, elevate. Etc. I think Detroit shoreway neighborhood does a good job of marrying old and new and making it a neighborhood for everyone
  5. It’s a gamble. If the weather is nice and clear, a Lake Erie sunset on the back drop of the draft will be unmatched. People can still go out and drink and party, we don’t really have a street like broadway where people can spill out of bars and watch the draft. If they shut down east ninth from the lake to lakeside, had TVs, beer trucks, food trucks and relaxed laws for the weekend, it could work just fine. People will still meander the city. Chicago had its draft in grant park right on the waterfront
  6. So Cleveland wins the 2021 NFL Draft! We did great. If the location will be at North Coast Harbor as being reported, think we can get that pedestrian bridge by April 2021? What other projects will be complete by then, Lumen, Beacon, most Ohio City projects beginning today or later. Opportunity Corridor? Lets go!
  7. Very sad story from the race the other day regarding a 22 year old female collapsing and passing on. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/05/medical-examiner-releases-initial-statement-on-death-of-22-year-old-cleveland-marathon-runner-taylor-ceepo.html As an avid runner, my body just giving out is always in the back of my head and is scary. I was racing the half on Sunday and this woman collapsed ahead of me. The final half mile was one of the most bizzare experiences ive ever been a part of. Coming down the detroit superior bridge, I see several athletes sitting to the side, whether cramped up or overheated. At the base of the bridge, the crowds pick up a ton and is cheering and energy is really high. Then i see John Adams from the Cleveland Indians banging the drum, then i see this girl getting chest compressions from the medical staff (all while the fans the John Adams have no idea whats going on), then the finish line is in plain sight with thousands of people cheering and yelling with athletes celebrating, excited that they achieved this goal, crying, etc. Just a wild wave of emotions. I cant think of another environment where such tragedy can hit and thousands of people are completely oblivious and just keep going about their business. I definitely was yelling F bombs when i saw them giving her compressions. Ruined the whole experience for me. very sad.
  8. These guys are really going to move to the burbs? They are just being fair to the RFP process
  9. ^ no, solid first post. Please post more. I agree my first impression of that phase 2 building was that is hideous and to not build it. i May go to the next public meeting on this topic. Mayor Weiss has fully transformed from lawyer to politician so he’s always “aww shucks” ing the people around here as a transparent leader and good financial steward, I’m sure he will take feedback around the future of the blue line. the lot across warrensville seems to have strong potential, I hope they don’t “settle”. For something bad. i like Shaker Rocks and it’s presence. apprently they are tearing down Wendy’s and building a new one, which is ironic because I actually like the cute structure that it is in
  10. Dan always tries to be and sound cool. Exhibit A: “the diff”. He thinks it’s a more clever name
  11. Yeah i dont like the name. Silver lining, if this marketing for rocket mortgage can bring in more revenue for Dan and Farner, perhaps some of the delta between current revenue and 2020 revenue can go back into the team? Maybe he wont care about spending luxury tax to bring in players and keep his own (cough cough Zion, Sexton, others)
  12. Wow. That’s pretty big news. Where are the billboards?
  13. Does anyone know the process of selling advertisement space RTA property? I see a few trains around shaker that are purple. The whole train is a Crown Royal ad. How could they land a giant like that but not have advertisements on other trains? Why Crown? Are they trying or do you think Crown approaches RTA and they were like fine we will take the money and don’t try to solicit other companies to advertise on the trains. It just seems bizarre to have one company with such an enormous ad and the other trains are blank.
  14. I grew up in a sterile all white suburb. Spent my whole childhood there and was afraid to go to Lakewood LOL. Thats the way you are grown to feel in those environments. that if you go somewhere that you have a preconceived notion about and where people are different, its bad news. It took me getting the hell out of that place , no names, Bay Village, OH, to actually grow as a human, become successful in my career, as a father, as a husband and as a leader. Cant be a leader without understanding other humans. Cant understand humans without living amongst them, talking to them, asking them questions.
  15. Yes, i did. Testosterone filled apes. Check the video of them dancing around and mocking Nathan Phillips. How would you describe them? Im sure as fine young men, since you are spending an awwwwwful lot of effort defending them. And go ahead and please tell me my serious issues? Enlighten me. I cant wait to hear what middle of ohio soccer fan has to tell me about myself.
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