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  1. This is totally disturbing and even though I don’t live in Cleveland I will write/call/email/whatever any and all city officials to help stir the pot. It would be great for us outside Ohio if someone could list the names of appropriate people we should contact. I have no idea how this process works at SW but based on your post it seems like there have been in depth serious negotiations/discussions going on between Digeronimo & SW so this shouldn’t be news to Cleveland city officials right? I mean they must be aware and if so already on top of things with a kick ass offering loaded with incentives to make sure SW stays in Cleveland. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be high level established relationships between SW & Cleveland city officials, no? Maybe these are just preliminary discussions before SW issues a formal RFP? My experience with large corporate clients in California is that this process is just part of their due diligence and I’m hoping that this is the case here with SW & Digeronimo. Otherwise this is absurd.
  2. I understand the concern about Voss moving but I would think the current employees that are Ohio City residents will remain so, I mean Berea is like what 12 miles away?
  3. This is absolutely unacceptable and people need to make sure these establishments hear from everyone, even if this Tony George doesn't actually own Town Hall, Crop or the rest of them any longer, he sure is acting as though he does. I have already called both Town Hall and Crop to let them know we will not step foot in any of their restaurants any longer and left my contact info. They need to put out a clear and strong rebuf disavowing the statements from this tony George person.
  4. Where is the outrage from people on this site to this amaingly arrogant post? Here we have people who have put their blood, sweat and tears not to mention money and passion into giving Cleveland a little bit of sophistication for their clothing options and now have to close their doors and this person who is actually a Mod on this forum wants an apology because she anticipated their demise? I mean WTF? Just flipping amazing...so disgusting. I wonder how the people over at Drudgers feel or for that matter any person out there that is actually putting their lives on the line to make Cleveland a great city again.
  5. To me this is really sad and pathetic. This shop was in no way over priced especially compared to shopping in any city considering much of the clothes were all designed and made in the U.S.! If this store can't survive then nothing even close will do better. It's Target or Walmart, how sad and telling for the area. Downtown is light years away from anything even remotely nice.
  6. I am in Vegas every month and have many friends workng at Casinos and all of them told me Cleveland would have serious problems if they used novice dealers and this is exactly what looks to be happening. Not trying to defend Gilbert but he is a smart business person and isn't about to start stiffing people on their paychecks just because. Just typical negative Cleveland from that rag Scene.
  7. I absolutely love this building. I love how it pulsates with movement and along three sides because of the window design it looks as if the building is almost incomplete or lacking structure like a lego block missing some pieces. the reflection off the windows is fantastic, with its wavy affect from nearby buildings, totally cool. Lots to look at with this structure and begs many questions, what architecture should do.
  8. Ok I have to hear this one, what FACTS are you basing this on because I can't wait to respond.....
  9. Have you ever heard of something called a cash machine? They have them in casinos
  10. Why would anyone really care about what this person has to say about Cleveland who is pining for the Cleveland of the 70"s? Why would this even be posted? Huffington Post is completely pathetic.
  11. IMO this is absolutely bad news for the Horseshoe. Will definitely cut into their traffic. Typical negative Cleveland thinking. You have absolutely no facts to back this up at all, pure speculation on you alone, PERIOD! The glass is half empty thinking is a huge problem for Cleveland and you're leading the pack!
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