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  1. I lived in lakewood and it was nice. It took my roughly 12-14 mins to get to CSU from Andrews and Detroit.
  2. Thats a shame. Do you know if it will reopen in the future?
  3. Wow, powerful photos! I hope this new hopital is worth all this destruction! =-0(
  4. ANYWAYS, back on topic! The Berliner Stadtschloss is not the first, nor will it be the last palace to be rebuilt. The 18th century palace in Braunschweig, which was heavily damaged in World War II and demolished in 1960, was rebuilt in 2008. The facade was rebuilt as a €200 million ($310 million) shopping center by property developers ECE. There are also plans to rebuilt palaces in Potsdam and Frankfurt! Here is the article where I got the info! Germany rebuilds palaces long destroyed by war Published: 8 May 08 08:30 CET Online: http://www.thelocal.de/society/20080508-11765.html A new building boom is sweeping Germany as royal palaces destroyed during or after World War II are set to rise again, writes AFP's Brett Neely. http://www.thelocal.de/society/20080508-11765.html
  5. How do you find and get into these places? It looks dangerous. Have you ever gotten hurt?
  6. I Love Art Deco buildings! Thanks for the pics, it brings back memories!
  7. This is good news! I'd love to see a movie there when its re-opened!
  8. I loved that song/video concept. It was very LA. I agree! I loved this song back in the day! I know kids at school who remind me of the guy in the video! lol
  9. The Offspring "Pretty Fly (For a white guy)" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7-E1qTVJgE
  10. Leipzig, Friedrich-Ebert-Str, 64. built in 1870 2006 Feb 2008 Again, 2008 http://www.deutsches-architektur-forum.de/forum/showthread.php?t=6929&page=2
  11. Yawn. We have history classes for that. Those cities were laid out as a giant prayer to power. Germany is in no position to preserve their past. Read a History book dude, Leipzig, was not built to a "master plan" or laid out as some sort of symbol of German power. For hundreds of years, Leipzig has been a commercial center and was, and for that matter, still is the site of a famous Trade Fair which dates back to the middle ages. Besides, as an American, YOU lack the moral authority to pass any sort of moral judgement on Germany or its people! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leipzig Leipzig's name is derived from the Slavic word Lipsk, which means "settlement where the linden trees (US; lime trees in UK) stand".[2] First documented in 1015 and endowed with city and market privileges in 1165, Leipzig has fundamentally shaped the history of Saxony and of Germany. Leipzig has always been known as a place of commerce. The Leipzig Trade Fair, which began in the Middle Ages, is the oldest remaining trade fair in the world. It became an event of international importance. The foundation of the University of Leipzig in 1409 initiated the city's development into a centre of German law and the publishing industry, and towards being a location of the Reichsgericht (High Court), and the German National Library (founded in 1912). The philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in Leipzig in 1646, and attended the University of Leipzig from 1661–1666. The importance of the Trade Fair and the University in the creation of a vibrant urban life and city politics from the Reformation through the 19th century cannot be overestimated.
  12. HUH?????? What are you talking about, NONE of those buildings above were built by the communist. The last building was built in 1881, when Germany was still an Empire! The Communist didn't take over till 1945 dude! And if the truth be known, they have torn down numerous communist era buildings and replaced them with modern ones! And FYI, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!
  13. Goldschmidtstraße 31, 1881 Goldschmidtstraße 31, 2006 Goldschmidtstraße 31, 2008
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