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  1. I agree. I made a poor attempt at sarcasm. The electoral college was another compromise between large and small states 200 years ago. In essence, the states elect the President of the United States.
  2. Is it fair that Idaho has the same number of senators as California? Maybe that should be changed also????????? I think Idaho has less than 1/15th the population. Plus the Senate is a much more powerful chamber of Congress than the House.
  3. Not too important for the NBA allstar game considering the game takes place in February. But, for the MLB allstar game...........
  4. Or to be sold and torn down to make way for another future project?
  5. Is this relevant? http://rebusinessonline.com/sherwin-williams-to-sell-leaseback-more-than-100-stores-for-150m/
  6. Does "very large office building" = 50+ stories? Fingers crossed!!!
  7. Typically, in a project like this, when would the pre-leasing process begin? It would be nice to have a majority of the units leased before the building reaches max height. I think it would also bode well for NuCLEus.
  8. Just a thought,...could concourse D be repurposed and utilized for Amazon's sole use?
  9. Sorry, I was being rhetorical. It is my understanding that lenders do not allow construction to begin until the mortgage and notice of commencement have been recorded. Unfortunately, I'm too busy to keep an eye on the land records in the recorder's office.
  10. Wouldn't a newly recorded mortgage be the best indicator that construction is about to begin?
  11. The Cavs bargaining power only increases as time goes on without a deal for a renovation. If this doesn't get done soon then the talk will turn to a new arena as the end of the lease with the city nears. A new arena would probably cost close to one billion Dollars in ten years. I hope the sides go back to the table. We can't risk losing the Cavs!
  12. In image 3 there is an area designated as "potential retail" along Euclid. Was this part of the original design?
  13. dski44

    Health Care

    The vote last night is extremely disheartening. As a small business owner I have seen my company's premiums double over the last 6 years. I do know whenever government becomes involved in a matter the end result is never a less cumbersome or less expensive result. I want to expand my business, but, it is extremely difficult to do so when you can only hire part-time employees. I am sure there are many other small business owners on this forum that are in my exact position.
  14. Perhaps it's because interfering into elections are bilateral?
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