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  1. Next year, playoffs baby!
  2. ^ If you think Miller is the worst beer ever, you should spend some time at my old fraternity house...
  3. That's why you've got to set up you're own proxy at home like me :)
  4. Mine comes from being a Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns fan. Errr, wait, scratch that. I hate those teams.
  5. I like dem dere pictures. That one with the evil eye is kinda scary though ;-)
  6. Bengals need an offensive line. Damn. Oh yeah, and a secondary would be nice too. Injuries suck.
  7. How about that Michigan-Miami game? Felt a lot closer than 43-10... more like 30-10.
  8. Ahem. I'll try not to take personal offense at that' date=' as I have definately [i']not[/i] just jumped on the bandwagon. Actually, I wouldn't consider there to be many people that are "bandwagon jumpers" really. There's always a great hype in the beginning of the season locally, it just usually dies out early in the season and it stayed high last year. Ahh well. This thread's all in good fun, anyway, right? :stupid:
  9. How about the USA Today Super 25? Colerain in the top 10!
  10. How could I forget about the birthday castle. That was soooo cooool!
  11. They have a Johnny's Toys? That's it, I'm going the next time I come to town! I used to frequent the one in Greenhills, because it was the best place to buy model rocket stuff.
  12. That first one kinda reminds me of 225 S. 6th in Minneapolis (must be the round rim jutting out). And baseball on broadway would have been the better choice; I still believe that. But don't get me started. Call me an optomist, but I think at least some of what you see for "The Banks" will be done.
  13. ^ The Bengals rocked the Pats! WHO DEY! I've already got vacation days in to come back for both the Sunday and Monday night games. I plan on screaming my head off once again in the 'Nati.
  14. Hahah true' date=' a 900 or 1000+ footer would be awesome, but I think it would look just a wee bit out of place in the Queen City. Of course, we're getting 2 [i']more[/i] 1000 footers in Chi-Town... [/Chicago arrogance]
  15. ^Right. That's what we were both lamenting. :sad:
  16. ^ I'm with ya... well, except for the martini part. Give me a beer instead.
  17. Kinda reminds me of the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh. I like it!
  18. ^ That's not a very big tax increase for a pretty good size development. Sounds like a good deal to me!
  19. WhoDey

    Interstate 74

    ^ We have them in Chicago... they actually aren't that bad. Again, they only run during rush hours.
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