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  1. China might disagree with your first point. I'm not sure "state capitalism" is a workable concept. How many aspects of capitalism are in play when everything is a monopoly?
  2. I've been hearing radio ads for a pickup truck with "the most powerful steering wheel in its class." What?
  3. Can you expand on this distinction? Generally speaking, state ownership is public ownership. They mean the same thing. The wait times associated with not being able to get coverage are infinite. For those people, existence is unsustainable.
  4. Communism means state ownership of production. European countries (also Canada) have some degree of state ownership mixed with private ownership. So does China, even though they call themselves communist. A single-payer health care system could reasonably be described as socialist, even if payment processing were the only government-owned aspect.
  5. Exactly. Go ahead, prove beyond doubt that Clinton is a robot demon alien who wants us all dead. Doesn't matter. She's in charge of absolutely nothing.
  6. Technically the case against Trump is a conspiracy theory too, but that doesn't make anything equal. And I don't believe the email issue was trivial, I think there was something there. Nothing like what Trump has done though, nothing close. Trump is letting the Saudis get away with murder, for example. All prior US regimes have been "deep" with the Saudis but public murder is something new.
  7. First I'd heard of that. How does a mall record store compete with a museum? Were they that concerned with gift shop CD sales?
  8. I hope buses will stop at the actual hospital once it's moved back from the road, instead of dropping people on the wrong side of the greenspace.
  9. It was. And there were a lot more tenants when it was there.
  10. I'm with you but not every party can take place within a couple blocks of High Street. Crocker Park is similar to Easton, at least context-wise, and it has lots of nightlife. The whole point of these lifestyle centers is fake urban living.
  11. I don't see how Clinton's email use merits a federal investigation at this point, much less an investigation into the investigation. And there's no way to "balance" the investigation of Trump against anything. Nothing compares. Nothing even comes close.
  12. Metrohealth has not indicated that they intend to manage recreation facilities as part of this plan. Maybe it is pessimistic to assume this greenspace will be closed to the public, as MH hasn't indicated that either, although that is exactly what happened to Public Square after its terraforming was complete.
  13. That stuff all costs money to maintain, even more than grass does. This will be a bunch of grass and you won't be allowed to walk on it. Let alone play baseball. The only neighborhood problem it will solve is lack of ornamental grass, which does not seem like it should be a top priority.
  14. Easily accessible if you have a car, and even then, not as accessible as it is for those living in suburbs where retail exists. It's difficult to sell city living on the premise that shopping must be done in the suburbs. For a lot of people, that's not how they want or expect it to work.
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