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    The Democratic Party

    So why can't we slice up the cities into 5 pieces?
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    I voted for one Republican judge, otherwise straight ticket D. Yes on 1 because I favor decriminalization. Yes on both Cuyahoga County charter issues although the second one was confusing.
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    US Economy: News & Discussion

    China has been subsidizing its industries and putting prohibitive tariffs on our exports for a long time. It might be the most successful economic policy ever devised. They keep eating our lunch and sticking us with the tab.
  5. We've heard this proposal before. Tremendous violence ensued and conservatives did not end up with their own country.
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    The Democratic Party

    Clinton focused on the economy but he did so from a Republican perspective and with Republican policies, to an extent that the pre-Clinton Democratic Party now seems socialist in comparison. That doesn't retroactively make Walter Mondale and Tip O'Neill into socialists. Instead, it illustrates that we currently have two right-wing parties on the economy. Wall Street profits are the overriding priority, American workers must transition into lesser roles with lesser pay, and national health care is uniquely impossible for America. That's the way it is, no matter which party you ask. There is no alternative.
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    The Republican Party

    They keep using the term body-slam like it's a big impressive finishing move but it's not. It's more of a filler move, a time waster. The narrowing gap between wrestling and politics brings us ever closer to President Camacho from Idiocracy.
  8. Detroit is about to get a new tallest building, and the renderings look pretty nice. Gotta keep pace!
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    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    I think Haslam realized he was wrong to fire Chud, so he swore an oath to keep his next coach longer than two years, even if all the evidence in the world says don't. Hue Jackson lasted this long just to burnish Haslam's personal reputation. Dorsey should never have been forced to work with him. We needed a full reboot after last year.
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    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Word is Haley had been working backchannels to get Hue fired. Paying more attention to his career than his job.
  11. The article points out that a lot current Case students are new to the US. Classic gritty Americana might not be what they're into. The Happy Dog folks thought it might be a timing problem, with Uptown still figuring out what it wants to be. Ten years ago Case had a decent party scene on Hessler. I was a CSU student and we had no parties at all, because we had nowhere to do it. Every college needs a Hessler Street.
  12. Ronayne's quotes suggest that nightlife is a hard sell to the area's current residents. He hopes that bringing in more residents will help, and I tend to agree. But I also agree with a point Erocc made a while back, that concert clubs aren't as popular as they once were. I still go sometimes and it's not uncommon for me to be the only audience member who's not in one of the bands, even on a Friday or Saturday night.
  13. That's too bad. At this point, it really does look and feel like a holdover from a different time. I wish all the new construction had taken its design cues from the Euclid Tavern rather than going "minimalist" as the article calls it. Good to hear that UCI will keep it going in some form or another.
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    US Economy: News & Discussion

    It's really not though. I'm glad when anyone is saying that, even if it's Trump.
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    Cleveland Browns Discussion

    Seems like Dorsey got impatient with the lack of reps for those behind him.