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  1. 327

    Gun Rights

    Your first point I kind of agree with, but nobody consented to be in that video and nobody has a right to watch them getting murdered.
  2. First Merit put a lot of money into renovating it, right before they got bought out.
  3. Many of these urban issues are felt more strongly in shrinking cities, and swing states have a ton of those. Detroit for example. Suburbs are considered important because their voter turnout tends to be high. In cities, especially the ones that need help, turnout rates are awful. And all the politicians on both sides know it.
  4. Clinton failing to campaign here is what gave us that thing. The problem is not Great Lakes states having power, and giving up that power is not the solution.
  5. I believe Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by congressional district. Doing that here could make Ohio far less of a swing state. That's not on the table. Frankly I think we have bigger problems than they do and we deserve more federal attention. I'm not sure what you mean with the whole city vs suburb issue. States don't break down that way. Theoretically, consolidations could give cities more power. So would getting more people into them.
  6. On the one hand I believe states are increasingly obsolete, due to the increasingly interstate nature of business. Federal power has expanded greatly under the commerce clause for just this reason. So long as the commerce cause holds up, it alone might be enough to mitigate that problem. On the other hand, disparate regions of a country this large are going to have different needs. The electoral college prevents any region from being completely shafted by the others. This last election turned on midwestern states whose issues have been ignored by a government dominated by coastal interests. I'm not sure Ohio or any other state should give up its individual voice. If we do, we could find ourselves effectively shut out of national policy. Great Lakes water is one big example. If this region's presidential votes are handed over to the sun belt, we risk handing over our resources as well.
  7. I've been supportive of the color scheme, but one thing I noticed today is that it blends so well with the BP building that Beacon will be invisible from the east.
  8. On your last point I would agree. That link about China describes state capitalism as involving private companies, making it sound closer to fascism than communism.
  9. China might disagree with your first point. I'm not sure "state capitalism" is a workable concept. How many aspects of capitalism are in play when everything is a monopoly?
  10. I've been hearing radio ads for a pickup truck with "the most powerful steering wheel in its class." What?
  11. Can you expand on this distinction? Generally speaking, state ownership is public ownership. They mean the same thing. The wait times associated with not being able to get coverage are infinite. For those people, existence is unsustainable.
  12. Communism means state ownership of production. European countries (also Canada) have some degree of state ownership mixed with private ownership. So does China, even though they call themselves communist. A single-payer health care system could reasonably be described as socialist, even if payment processing were the only government-owned aspect.
  13. Exactly. Go ahead, prove beyond doubt that Clinton is a robot demon alien who wants us all dead. Doesn't matter. She's in charge of absolutely nothing.
  14. Technically the case against Trump is a conspiracy theory too, but that doesn't make anything equal. And I don't believe the email issue was trivial, I think there was something there. Nothing like what Trump has done though, nothing close. Trump is letting the Saudis get away with murder, for example. All prior US regimes have been "deep" with the Saudis but public murder is something new.
  15. I hope buses will stop at the actual hospital once it's moved back from the road, instead of dropping people on the wrong side of the greenspace.
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