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  1. Hat's off to the church and the neighborhood. It may be the first Catholic church to go green, but the Episcopalians installed one of the largest geothermal HVAC systems in Greater Cleveland at Trinity Cathedral downtown back in 2009. Now this is a friendly competition where I am happy to cheer for all contestants. Toot-toot! - Amen https://www.karpinskieng.com/ProjectPortfolio/29/115/0
  2. "Belongs Downtown?" Are you a disaster management expert; or a traffic engineer; public safety efficiency guru; budget-minded land acquisition genius; - or do you simply want a pretty building where a pretty building ought to be? From a strategic planning perspective, downtown is not the ideal place to park a bunch of cruisers, or for officers who need to be responsive for residents of the entire city, and it is multiple times more expensive as a place to acquire, construct, and set up shop. Locating at the nexus of our local interstate system brings better access to the whole town at all times in an area with much less congestion.
  3. @NewtoCLE - Untrue*. I've walked it end to end on several occasions. I tripped hard on the uneven surface once, which I vividly remember. The public uses it before and after ballgames as a key entry point to the DC Waterfront for cyclists coming over the bridge from east of the river. It's a pleasant walk. 'Lots to see inside the facility through the fence, with military ships often docked alongside too. Also, my good friend is a supervising naval engineer working under high security and surveillance inside. His work is highly classified. *Always Good parties at the Swedish Embassy tho.
  4. Do we think S.W. will require as much security & privacy as the United States Navy? The Navy accepts a quite pleasant boardwalk & walking trail along the Navy Yards in DC. It runs between their Sea Systems Command facility and the scenic Anacostia river near downtown.
  5. I was reviewing the Lumen time lapse webcam just five minutes ago on my lunch break. Now it seems to be offline.
  6. Cool! But, ummm... Look closely. Who did they hire to restore those cherubs and that crest? ... ...
  7. Dang if I can't find a single image of the Guv'nor Pub in any database I've checked, but here are some employment ads from the PD in 1973 & 1991. I don't think there are any stones left to turn over looking for remembrances of that place. It's remarkable nobody ever appears to have written a review of the place, though it won a Best Chili award once in the annual Scene Magazine reader's poll.
  8. I think the news reporter did a thoughtful job to provoke and make a point of the interviewee's response. Word on the street for naysayers, lay people, and those who don't follow urban development trends is that there won't be enough folk to fill Cleveland's new downtown structures. This story drove home the point that there is room for even more residential development downtown. The point of such news blurbs isn't to alert knowledgeable people about things we already know about, but to share important facts with people who are interested in learning them. I suggest folk top whining about media questions that challenge what is popularly perceived, and questions like his that prompt factual answers for the public. - In my book that's WHAT THE NEWS IS SUPPOSED TO DO.
  9. CRAIN'S - More workforce housing rather than office - by a large measure too. https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/centennials-office-component-might-shrink
  10. I don't think we can realistically accept that moving to another location, panhandlers and litter will not immediately appear on the sidewalks outside an "ideal" phase II.
  11. What do gamblers desire that they can't get at the Higbee location? In what ways is it "less than ideal?" Whenever I go to The Jack on Public Square, I see lots of people gambling. and to my mind it compares favorably with my experience at the MGM casino outside of Washington, DC. The Higbee Casino feels more glamorous and less depressing to me than the one in DC, which feels cold and remote by comparison. I'm no hardcore gambler, but I enjoy poker, blackjack and craps. I can enjoy all of these at The Jack. So what's wrong?
  12. That is surely bum-ugly. It (EDIT: That parcel) used to be very bucolic there and spoke well for management of the Rockside-480 corridor to maintain a pleasing buffer zone of trees. I'm not for hiding the darn thing; their business is important after all, but the city of Independence is negligent in allowing this to look so awful. EDIT: I also have no beef against the concept, but rather in the execution.
  13. ^ apparently good manners and polite language don't either
  14. I'm a graduate of that school, and the College of Urban Affairs building angers/confounds me every time I see it. Ugh on the black mirrored glass windows and weird setback. - "The shoemaker's children are going barefoot"
  15. Dave2017's photos appear to nearly double the amount of currently available surface parking. | | | |
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