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  1. I went to the Wegmans Saturday Night. Now, my experience with Wegmans prior to Saturday was the DeWitt Wegmans in Syracuse, King of Prussia Wegmans, and various DMV Wegmans, all of which are huge suburban grocery stores. First things first, I'm impressed there is no steeple! Nor brick! The building looks like an industrial box! I find that impressive. The other thing I found impressive was the parking lot out front, as well as the huge parking garage next to the lot. Am I in Navy Yard or the Gateway Center? I get that Wegmans is a destination, but it's still waterfront Brooklyn and I find it jarring. They could have at least put the parking garage directly in front of the building, like in Germantown, MD. As for the Wegmans inside, the most NYC thing about it is that there is a full bar on the second floor that was absolutely packed. General seating was also on the second floor. Everything else was on the First Floor. Is this a gigantic Wegmans? For NYC, sure, but compared to the rest of them this one is small. It still packs plenty of things, and is assuredly massive for NYC. But, it pales in size to the Suburban Wegmans. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but things you find in Suburbia you may not be able to find here. One nice thing is they had a ton of self checkout machines. It's as though Wegmans Executives took a visit to the Atlantic Terminal Target and said they want that sort of checkout system! Smart move, and there was no line for it! So, is it Wegmans? Definitely. Does it have a train in the dairy area? Of course, it's Wegmans. Do they have prepared food? It would not be Wegmans unless they did. It may not have everything a suburban Wegmans has, but it still has many, many things and through and through is a decent take on an urban Wegmans. May their next go at an Urban Wegmans be even more successful.
  2. In 2015 the International Building Code was updated to allow mid-rise Cross Laminated Timber buildings. These buildings can be built cheaper than traditional steel and concrete buildings, which is why developers pushed hard to update building codes. Greater Greater Washington has a great article on its value that can be found here: https://ggwash.org/view/38268/its-about-to-get-easier-to-build-mid-rises-in-dc
  3. I definitely am in the "We need our own version of The Smiler" camp. I have not been to KI since Halloween 2004 (my last day employed by PKI), an Infinity Coaster would definitely be the carrot to get me back for sure. Also, bring back KCKC. Lastly, I question the part line about service life. If this were truly the case, we would be saying good bye to Dragon Fire (1981), Carolina Cyclone (1980), and Demon (1976). Did I intentionally list older Kings Entertainment Arrows? Sure did. I feel there are plans afoot for the future.
  4. The development in Downtown Brooklyn is getting crazy! How many years do we think it will take for Fulton Mall to become fancy mall?
  5. As nice as some have been, I think it is important to recognize that sometimes the initial and final products are wildly different, as can be seen with Audi Field. https://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2016/01/27/soccer-stadium-renderings-design-changes I hope we still get a very nice stadium, but I personally feel the first design for Audi Field was so much more appealing than the final product.
  6. Capital One Arena (Long live Verizon Center) also does an excellent job of being located in a Human Scaled Place. They are able to keep 7th and F open during games, would it really be bad for FC Cincinnati if Cincinnati kept Central Parkway open? Perhaps a wider sidewalk or a true plaza could also work?
  7. I have always said Cincinnati is a mix of Pittsburgh and Louisville.
  8. Cincinnati was denser. Then I-75 happened and much of the West End was destroyed (see tragic historic photos). Can we imagine Cincinnati if Queensgate did not exist? It'd probably be more like Baltimore, believe it or not. I fear the West End likely would have fallen into disrepair like OTR and the remaining West End did, and Cincinnati may have had its own version of West Baltimore. Baltimore like Cincinnati? Nah, I have never thought that and I lived in Maryland for nine years (and will forever wish I still did). I always thought it was the little brother of Philadelphia, and I have never viewed Baltimore as a southern city the way I view Cincinnati (lovingly refer to Cincinnati as the most southern city of the North). Perhaps we should have a philosophical discussion of what city Cincinnati is like in City Discussion? To bring this back on topic. Skystar forever staying in Cincinnati would certainly be a blow to Newport. However, it would be one more attraction at the Banks, and if the Reds and Bengals are going to continue to be cellar dwellers then Cincinnati needs more carrots to draw people the Banks! Perhaps Smale Park could be finished?
  9. Wow, the Brooklyn Han Dynasty is so unabashedly Philly. I mean, they wore the Eagles shirts for months, might even be doing it now! To place this on topic, perhaps Han Dynasty could open an OTR location!
  10. Dayton's craft beer scene is great indeed, but Deerfield Township is not Dayton, Bizjournals. Anyways, yay for a new brewery!
  11. Are you sure about it being one of four designs? The article states that it is at the first of four stages of design, not that it necessarily one of four design options. This said, the article also acknowledges that additional modifications and adjustments are expected, so we will see what is final. I like it! Should be an awesome stadium!
  12. Yeah, that does look like a nasty yield. (And this is coming from me, a Professional Traffic Engineer that previously was the MDSHA Traffic Team Leader for Montgomery County). A hard yield like this is a very unexpected condition on an interstate or interchange. I hope ODOT has double posted 48"x48" yield ahead signs prior to the yield. If not, I recommend you requesting them. (Sorry, I live in Brooklyn these days, haven't been a Cincinnati resident in 10 years. If I lived in Ohio, I would request for you.)
  13. Sadly, I see nothing in that article referencing potential for Signal Priority, Preemption, or precluding movements at intersection to more efficiently move the streetcar. This being said, retiming and entire grid system is an epic task. I wish them luck. I'm about to work on my own epic signal timing evaluation in another city. Sure to be a fun time.
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