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  1. There should be an order that all democrats release their fishing licences.
  2. Is it time for Cleveland to try another Mayor?
  3. Been trying to catch up with taped Cavs games this Saturday, afraid with Love's return may kick them out of bottom 3 lottery slot. I hear best fit on PD is Barrett but Zion would bring excitement to the Q, fill seats and may I say possibly become better recruiter than Lebron (I don't feel many liked playing with Lebron for being a circus show of hype over shadowing other teammates on teams he has played for) . If you have a chance to get Zion, get him but will be very disappointed if they don't get either.. No guarantee's more so than ever with new lottery rules this year.
  4. They need to offer something better than the TT for a headquarters...
  5. Amazon falls out of NYC deal. Any chance either of the 3 C's can still land them? Give them the moon, would be great for Cleveland.
  6. politics can be very disruptive when not directly involved with the meaning and main purpose of this website.
  7. I think he is saying this is a urban-development site not a political one which seems to be getting taken over by politics.
  8. Dem's are causing separation and divide in Urbanohio.
  9. ^It has been overwhelmingly political in here lately it seems. I only post in politics because it seems one sided and when I post in development threads I go off topic and have nothing mind blowing to add. Look at Mayday's rules in posting in development posts at the Lakefront development page. Some food for thought: 1. Think before you post. For some, think before you post something off-topic or could take the thread off-topic. 2. Ask yourself if what you're about to post is truly profound. 3. If you want to discuss something not related to the title of the thread, make a separate thread somewhere else. 4. If you think you're the only one with a critical or contrarian viewpoint, you're not. 5. If you are posting in development threads and feel financial forces, economics, market trends or any other issues based in reality have no impact on projects - why are you here? -Mayday Not sure what rule 4 exactly means.
  10. OK, think we are getting a little off topic. I always seem to be apart of this.
  11. I could post what happens in Mexico but it would be to graphic.
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