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  1. Kinda like being by the Hudson in Manhattan with the helicopters! Hustle bustle uniquely Cleveland!
  2. I didn't know they were trying to upgrade BKL and add another runway??? If they do it's a given it's here to stay for a while and not sure I like that idea. My only argument was to wait later on discussing the dismantling of the airport. It does scare me a little having an airport so close to downtown buildings and adding more traffic would so even more. My opinion just keep the airport as is for the moment.
  3. You think Burke had influence in getting the GOP Convention?
  4. Just because we are shrinking doesn't mean we need to give up assets. Things are beginning to turn around. Land value's are still down. Wait for them to rise a bit before we talk about getting rid of Burke. Building up downtown is priority 1#. Hitting gavel.
  5. Umm, was joking. Last time I was in Cleveland I stayed at Four Points by Hopkins.
  6. I mean do you really want me to fly my private jet into Hopkins? You have to be mad!
  7. yes lets worry about infilling downtown before worrying about Burke. I consider that to include the lakefront by the stadium. Lakefront should be put on shelf for a possible greater lakefront of the future.
  8. Typo sorry but no one knows for sure where their headquarters will be.
  9. Isn't the land useless for development because it's just garbage fill? ^ Well they had the republican convention in 2016. I don't see getting rid of it just to make the lakefront buildings taller by the stadium. It can still be a plus for companies looking to move here.
  10. Anyone really have any numbers on Burke proving or disproving the benefits economically to Cleveland.
  11. The size fits perfect with the height of all the buildings the in photo.
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