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  1. Yeah, I'm not that stupid just didn't feel like messing with it. Is short term cap gains considered wage income? If they audit me then I'll do all the extra to cover my tracks. I am surprised they don't have a system easy to take pics for documents to cover A$$ though. **next time I'll just have a pro do it. Didn't really save money doing it on my own.
  2. I went with e file. Funny they don't ask for paperwork to be photocopied to back up everything when you "e file". Hot stock tip this month NBRV.
  3. Is capital gain tax from stock to be considered state income? Also can points at mortgage closing be put on original loan amount or somewhere else? First lender said on form i put points down at close but they sold loan off to another company and doesn't add up with original mortgage loan when I add payments with loan. Can points be added besides what house was bought at close? I did not have to put money down it being a VA Home Loan. Second loan company principal interest, etc. payments add up but first one did not go to principle or interest. Afraid they made an error and don't wan't to double dip of coarse or maybe they owe me some money. I wish I had a better memory
  4. There should be an order that all democrats release their fishing licences.
  5. Is it time for Cleveland to try another Mayor?
  6. Been trying to catch up with taped Cavs games this Saturday, afraid with Love's return may kick them out of bottom 3 lottery slot. I hear best fit on PD is Barrett but Zion would bring excitement to the Q, fill seats and may I say possibly become better recruiter than Lebron (I don't feel many liked playing with Lebron for being a circus show of hype over shadowing other teammates on teams he has played for) . If you have a chance to get Zion, get him but will be very disappointed if they don't get either.. No guarantee's more so than ever with new lottery rules this year.
  7. They need to offer something better than the TT for a headquarters...
  8. Amazon falls out of NYC deal. Any chance either of the 3 C's can still land them? Give them the moon, would be great for Cleveland.
  9. politics can be very disruptive when not directly involved with the meaning and main purpose of this website.
  10. I think he is saying this is a urban-development site not a political one which seems to be getting taken over by politics.
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