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  1. ^That is totally ridiculous, 4 games. I expect they can get that lowered. They sure didn't seem to miss him Saturday though.
  2. Hopefully no more than a couple games. Doesn't seem to be that big of a reaction on the media.
  3. I'm picking OSU to win a championship this year. How long will this suspension be???
  4. "Now that the prevailing thought is that Sherwin-Williams is sticking around, the confidence is back. "Everybody feels more positive that we're not going to have this massive amount of apartments we can't fill," said Dottore." Perhaps Stark may want to rethink The Nucleus original version...
  5. Yes, I saw those but don't consider them downtown campuses and if you look at them close, aren't in downtown of their cities. Centene Clayton would fit.
  6. I guess we can throw up some examples of "downtown"-urban-corporate-campuses while we wait for the next news to come out from our phenomenal local blogger! With pictures of coarse.
  7. This would work of all the examples mrnyc provided for the WHD site. All the others look suburban or at least not for downtown.
  8. ^It would be nice to fill all those surface lots in the WHD in our lifetimes. Build their 30 story HQ's just west of Jacob's lot but not on it. It will be a major win just for them staying downtown alone and don't even want to think of the alternative. Exciting times for Cleveland! Keep the cranes rolling in!
  9. When I think of campus setting, I don't think of mixed use especially in regards to residential. They want their own space. I've been hoping for decades for a skyline changer on the PS lot and the warehouse district wouldn't be a good fit for a corporate office campus for obvious reasons. The riverfront location I feel is the best choice, plus it would turn Huron rd into something better than it is now.
  10. So if you want height, the Bedrock site is the better choice for the headquarters?
  11. So with the added square footage, does this imply Valspar employees are relocating to Cleveland? I hope it's not going to be so spread out we won't have height in the massing. I just don't want a suburban campus downtown of coarse. edit. (all Valspar employees)
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