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  1. It's hard to believe they are still touring and Keith Richards is still alive! They have to be in there 80's by now or close to it.
  2. Anyone know of any hotels that offer shuttle service to blossom? Never been there and really don't feel like driving.
  3. So R&D is going to Brecksville and the office HQ's will be on Jacobs and Weston super block?
  4. One I'm in now I wish would get bought out by big pharma.
  5. Man, I'm getting killed in a biopharm I'm in now. They do antibiotics which are cheap and really don't make much money. I'm researching UBX but at 6 dollar a share I feel is super inflated with their pipeline in early stages. Lots of hype around it though. https://www.chemistryworld.com/features/can-we-live-forever/3009999.article https://unitybiotechnology.com/the-science/
  6. Wonder if they do replays of The Bachelor. Missed it too.
  7. Would you call youself, a Never-Trumper?
  8. Pelosi needs to hand over the articles.
  9. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: I'm a big Quentin Tarantino fan but this might be my least favorite film of his. Not saying it was bad but the movie definitely needed not to be so long. If they cut about 30 minutes off it would have been better but still not impressed with it. The plot seemed a little weak and halfway through asked my girlfriend what time it was.
  10. Movies I haven't seen but want to see in order when I plan to see them. 1st) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2) The Joker 3) 1917 4) Ad Astra 5) Parasite 6) The new Star Wars movie-when on DVD.
  11. That looks really tight and secure. Like the type of security you see these corporations have in the movies. You wouldn't be able to get that at Scranton.
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