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  1. lots of walks and exercise. These are working dogs and some have drive. We had 2 and gave up 10 month a month ago and one passed at 14 this year. Just don't have the energy. Females are more loving. Very smart dogs but puppy age can be rough. He might be teething.
  2. ^ They are waiting to see who will get elected or reelected in 20 (2020) before they give in.
  3. Thanks for reply. Unfortunately my little trip was canceled because girlfriend didn't want to go.
  4. I really don't see any candidate that can beat Trump in this group. Biden is the front runner. lol
  5. Going up to Browns scrimmage tomorrow! Think I'll take green line in instead of parking downtown for heck of it. Can anyone suggest best station to park and ride from the east side?
  6. The VA Always has construction continuously going on with projects that takes as long as this but at a much smaller scale. They even rip up sidewalks that appear to have nothing wrong with them and replace them with new one's. Changing furniture every couple of years. I could go on and on with the VA. I heard it has to do something with yearly budgets and the possibility of having problems getting money when they need it if they don't spend needlessly every year. I don't know.
  7. I loved that review! In the speakers brochure one page says, "To keep some distance from you and your neighbors!"
  8. Starting to feel like cleveland.com in here more everyday.
  9. Made them stronger. May get bigger skyscraper now. Move Valspar employees to Cleveland and have Cleveland on the winning side of the deal for a change.
  10. Going to finally force myself to finish reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand my father has been trying to get me to read since high school. I promised him I would before he dies. Couldn't even finish watching the movie version. Ugh edit. I told him I would read it this year if he bought the book for me for Christmas. He did but the paperback version.
  11. I just bought $LQD iShares iBoxx. My father somehow got me in Fisher Investments and they told me to put money in this for alternative to savings. Says I'll get 5 percent return but its a corp bond but looks just like common stock to me.. I'm a little frustrated. Don't have a clue what I bought and completely against my rules when investing but just did it for my father. Father- son bonding I guess. I'm use to buying and selling to make money but they tell me to keep adding to it like a savings. Can anyone help explain what I got into? Do I own stock or bonds?? Not sure about Fisher Investments and what relationship they have with me. My father is the main account holder and I'm kinda like piggy backing off him with them.
  12. So these demo's wont be redeveloped even? Building on surface lot to make more surface lot is self defeating at the least.
  13. I was assuming it was the one story in above google street view.
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