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  1. It would look serious if all the structures that are supposed to be demolished get demolished! They add nothing positive to the streetscape....
  2. Once the stabilization Is underway, as far as I'm concerned, the park project HAS begun.
  3. I like to relate the "big changes" on Larchmere or Shaker Square to Buckeye, or others (look at East 105th into Bratenahl!) As a big city thing. Think NY or Chicago. Tremendous change within a few blocks.
  4. Yes I know. So it sounds like for "most cosmopolitan" you're referring only to in the city of Cleveland. Still more so than in Tremont or downtown? Even East Fourth alone, plus a few places around the corner on Prospect, Are very international mixes.
  5. How are you defining "city?" Looks like you're referring to Greater Cleveland because Loganberry is in Shaker Heights. In that case, I'd have to disagree about the restaurants being the "most cosmopolitan" array. My first choice would be Lee Road in Cleveland Heights - more restaurants than Larchmere, more nationalities and cultures, and certainly many outstanding ones.
  6. I assume the finished product will have more muted tones.
  7. I didn't care for that either. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wish he'd see this.
  8. Finally - a worthy substitute for the building with the Hippodrome Theatre (or at least possibly worthy)! Now let's get on with it! Two floors of commercial? Reminds me of Toronto and other Real Cities....
  9. I doubt if anyone would concede to giving up that parking lot but that's what happens in the most successful cities - few surface lots in central cities.
  10. Maybe they were influenced by the "Corporations are not people" shout out. If this banner has actually been on display "for years" it really ruins the appearance of that house. A banner like that should only be on display a very short time, if at all, and never right in front of a house. I wrote a long article on that sort of thing for the old "Habitat" newspaper - things that are very tacky and could be handled more tastefully and be just as effective.
  11. Unfortunately there's only one bldg. on the east side of South Moreland that I'd say looks like it's really well maintained, and it's not one of the best architecturally. Another bldg. in that stretch was missing its front door this fall but it has now been replaced. But for a bldg. to be missing an entrance door for months definitely says something.... A bldg. south of Buckeye was also without a door for a while.
  12. How many floors will this be? I wish they'd always supply a prospective drawing..
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