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  1. Today I see the two ornate light fixture posts are gone altogether, and there is nothing flanking tge Hay House's original main entrance. Probably the way it was originally.
  2. ?? There are no buildings right there except for the hospital in one corner. Shouldn't there about as much room for a circle as there was, say, in 1910?
  3. Sign is huge, but I guess it's okay as long as it's not right in front of one of the historic mansions. For a while the Hay mansion had new lights by the original entrance with incredibly bright bulbs, and even turned on all day. These strongly distracted from the mansion's overall image but, fortunately, someone "saw the light."
  4. The design is bland, but I care more about saving the one house left on Hazel Drive and one of the few remnants of the glorious Wade Park Allotment. I suppose that house is just outside the boundaries of both official historical districts - that of the City of Cleveland and that on the National Register of Historic Places. Too bad. And I wonder what all those resideing in the newish apartments across the street think of the plans to close off the streetscape to that extent.
  5. I was just there. Didn't see digging that looked new. Where exactly is the new apartment house supposed to go? I was thinking northeast of the long-gone circle.
  6. New Chinatown is certainly not appropriate, unless there's general agreement among the residents and business owners, etc. to use it. Person who did maps didn't knwo better. Asiatown appears to be the generally accepted name among those who live and work there. We also say "Old Chinatown." I was just in Chicago's Chinatown, which is much more solid, and that is what it's called, even though the literature makes it clear there are the other nationalities and cultures represented there. "Chinatown" is a long, long-established term and I don't know if there's been any significant effort to change it. Other Asiatowns, besides Houston? I know, I can simply Google it....
  7. My dining room chandelier ("electrolier") is reputed to be from the Guvnor's Pub, that in the lower level off East Ninth. It followed other restaurants in that space. Looking for photos of interior!
  8. I hope you still give Joseph Scafidi some business, in his current location.
  9. Yes Yes, I hate it when they cut off what was always a public corridor in a building downtown - National City, Ohio Savings, etc.
  10. The lower floors of the former Carson Pierre Scott flagship store in downtown Chicago are now a Target and a DSW. The Target, in the heart of commercial downtown Chicago, seems to be doing fine. Within a few blocks are the huge Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields), the Nordstrom Rack, etc. I think the fact there's a Target in Steelyard Commons would make very little difference. A Target at 925 would do just fine, with significant security, of course.
  11. I don't know about a brand new roundabout but I'd sure like tosee real Franklin Circle brought back!