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  1. Coral doesn't deserve to own the Square if it's keeping up its exterior (at least) so poorly. I certainly expected the painting, for example, to be done this recent painting season! It looks horrible - virtually slum-like. This is very unfair to the business owners on the Square who want to retain a respectable clientele and even those with apartments or condos in the immediate vicinity; it's a bad image for everyone who owns or rents in the area and discouraging to those who may consider renting or buying there. Meanwhile, some program needs to be set up to encourage investment in many of the apartment buildings - particularly those south of the Square. The Councilperson for that area should very involved. There should be public meetings and some sort of funding, like loan funding set up for building owners. Some sort of punishment for those who don't keep their buildings up, too. And if they truly can't afford it they, too, should not be owning these buildings.
  2. The first thing I 'ce wanted for many, many years is a complete architectural restoration of the Square. That means bringing back wood shutters where they had been, replacing wood shutters where they had been and in the correct style and proportions, bringing back the missing decorative wood trim, bringing back the missing iron lanterns, but rid of the replacement windows with fake plasticky muntins (e.g. Coral office area), and going back to the Georgian-style windows of real wood. Get rid of the vinyl siding behind CVS. windows of real wood. Painting situation is desperate! Must be a real turnoff to prospective tenants. Coral had created an ofxfs-white, as I had suggested, but no brash white, like the bank used a few years ago....
  3. I did update this about a week ago, for what it's worth. If the Square is for sale it's no excuse for tremendous lack of maintenance at least in its exterior. The paint alone is wretched! The Van Aken strip is even worse.
  4. Are you certain it's larger than the Centennial? Each floor is huge, and it's twenty stories - not that much shorter.
  5. I'd assume the pink will not be visible much longer.
  6. Wups; I meant to attach the study, but I see someone else did.
  7. This is the study, from last year. Let's keep in mind the study did not propose real traffic circles but small pavements in the center of the residential street as a traffic calming measure.
  8. Does anyone else think the plan to construct a whole series - is it seven? - of tiny traffic circles (one could say "islands") all the way down Franklin Boulevard in and past Ohio city is kinda dumb? I really like bringing back Franklin Circle (I wonder if any of the old brick from the old circle will be retained) and changing the speed from 35 mph to 25 mph is fine but all these little circles? Does anyone know of a street in Greater Cleveland where many islands have been added in like manner? I'm referring to a residential street, of course. I'd like to drive there and see what it's like.
  9. You're counting to the very top, no matter how unfinished? I count 20 with the glass plus 14 - with the plastic, etc.
  10. It's a 1920s Beaux Arts luxury commercial look. Fifth Avenue, North Michigan, etc. Most cities have one or two, thank goodness, in their downtowns. We have more, including in some suburbs, but these are particularly urban and in the "right location."
  11. It's reached 34th so almost time for the flag, or tree - whatever is done nowadays!
  12. So it looks like the farthest east building had some decoration in 1929 but the facade is being rebuilt without it. That's too bad.
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