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  1. People don’t choose where they’re born. And the constitution isn’t a sacred text. It’s ok to dislike the place where you’re stuck.
  2. The city won’t grow while the region is shrinking. As long as the Cleveland metro lags in immigration and jobs the city won’t see significant growth. There has been investment in the near west side and downtown, but practically everything south of Carnegie on the east side is in a free fall. edit: @Oldmanladyluck sorry for saying the same thing as you at the same time but worse.
  3. We must be doing a bad job of license plate tracking
  4. I think this whole experience has highlighted that most people in this country don’t want to do anything about those gaps. We (for the most part) have a maniacal attachment to property rights and personal liberty. The stimulus was easy to sell because people who don’t normally utilize entitlement programs were feeling pressure. As soon as the unemployment rate gets back to an acceptable level most people will be happy to see further cuts in taxes and entitlement programs.
  5. I’m hoping with all my heart that this experience will lead to a radical redistribution of wealth. It is my dearest wish that somehow the illusion of bootstrapping self reliance is washed away in a social wave of interdependence.
  6. Man I wonder why the government isn’t set up to take care of the less fortunate? If only there was some sort of “net” that could ensure the “safety” of vulnerable members of society. I guess we’ll never know why such a robust mechanism doesn’t exist in the greatest country on earth!
  7. I used to work in that building when it was the offices for the Stockyards CDC. It’s an awesome old building with a few cool art nouveau details.
  8. Congrats! That’s a great location. West 81st is def a real hidden gem. I looked at a house over there on 81st before eventually buying at Fir/65th about 10 years ago. That house had a servants’ quarters and a separate servants’ stairway to the kitchen. I think it was going for 80k back then.
  9. Not to nitpick but that’s 1.21% of the population
  10. It’s where that “dancing” building is. You can see Freddie’s and I believe the “Barbecue” which were on Vincent.
  11. That’s not quite true. Society built Society tower pre-merger with Key. Society also acquired AmeriTrust pre merger with Key.
  12. http://www.westsidemarket.org/pdfs/New Tenant Application Packet.pdf
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