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  1. Wow that’s all pretty fascinating. I def didn’t realize exactly how Midwestern and specifically rural midwestern the German population of the US is. I also would have expected Cincinnati to show up as more German but it seems not outside of the norm. Also somewhat surprised at how similar Cleveland and Pittsburgh are and how much they stick out in the Midwest/Great Lakes. NEO has almost nothing in common ethnically with the rest of the state.
  2. Idk, but the fact it says W. 25th street and not Pearl Road indicates this is north of 71.
  3. I think the YMCA site is housing with supportive services, not market rate. I think it’s been mentioned before, but NRP is partnering with Metro on the housing aspect of their master plan. Not sure where on 25th it is but one of those vacant lots west of Metro is a good guess. https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/news/local_news/metrohealth-project-aims-to-revitalize-neighborhood/article_297a550c-bf82-11e9-9221-6fa88771570b.html
  4. Have you lived there? Your scenario sounds insane. Who moves their life a thousand miles away from their friends and family to go to a city that is moderately less liberal?
  5. Excited to see what corrupt, monied interests push our incompetent county government into an unnecessary and terrible decision that haunts the city for decades!
  6. The seasons/activities are just inverted in Austin. You can dine al fresco, go hiking, and just generally be outside all winter in Austin. You have to live like a shut-in from June-October but winter is great. Although I will take Cleveland summer over Austin winter.
  7. I don’t know if it’s fair to say it’s “inauthentic”, it’s just new. Cleveland def has it all over Austin for cultural amenities, architecture, cost of living, and traffic. But I would take some of that downtown street life, and good lord do I miss those tacos. I wish there was one place in Cleveland that had decent breakfast tacos (don’t @ me with La Plazas, it’s not the same).
  8. I just moved back from Austin too. I agree the cities have almost nothing in common. I do find myself missing the “buzz” in Austin a bit sometimes. The city is a sprawling mess but there is stuff going on everywhere on account of a Cleveland-sized population living in an Akron-sized infrastructure.
  9. Spirit is great if you set your expectations. If you can get away with just bringing a small backpack you’ll save lots of money. Round trip direct to LA right now is like $130.
  10. I hope all of the offices for every company move downtown and every suburban office park rots into the ground and is replaced by redwoods and black bears. Keeeeping it on topic bring all them SW jobs downtown!
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