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  1. Redirected from SW thread. No it’s not. Per KJP’s article, 87% of income tax revenue comes from outside the city. The increase is coming from jobs created in the city.
  2. Why do these things always fall on the public? We’re always so quick to lick corporate boots.
  3. I think it’s reasonable for people on a site called “Urban Ohio” to not want a highly prized employment asset to end up 16 miles from the city center. It’s not “good”. Pushing more jobs further out to the fringes has countless negative externalities. IMO it’s a wash whether these jobs end up Brecksville or Ljubljana. I don’t care nearly as much about relative regional strength as I do about the viability of the urban core, and I don’t think the correlation between the two is nearly as strong as I’m sure some would suggest.
  4. Came here to hear socialism equated with literal enslavement and opposition to capitalism deemed immoral. Thanks!
  5. A petition funded by a right-wing millionaire from Westlake? Sounds great!
  6. So true. Are we even sure slavery existed? Probably more liberal propaganda. Even if slavery did “exist”, only 12 of the first 18 presidents owned people. That’s barely 66%. I don’t even see how that would be relevant to American history.
  7. Riverview Towers, United Bank, Lakeview Tower, West Side Market, Church and State.
  8. Loved it! (Except for the picture of the Columbia building that one still smarts).
  9. My cynical guess would be the business community is “concerned” because the city is using its own land and not putting money in anybody’s pocket.
  10. That’s what I’m disagreeing with, that both sides benefit. I think the casino was a mistake, the Med Mart was a disaster, and the arena deal with Gilbert was at the very least questionable. All that experience is extremely relevant to this development. IMO if Moreno and Gilbert come begging for public subsidy, like the article suggests they say they will, they can kick rocks.
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