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  1. That’s not how those probabilities work. If you have a 51% chance of winning each of 16 games it doesn’t mean the odds say you’ll go 16-0. It means you’re likely to win 8-9 games. edit: I may be doing this wrong but their average win probability is 59% which would translate to 9.44 wins.
  2. I’ll second this. Visited for the first time last week and was blown away. Spent most of my time in Highland Park which I fell in love with immediately. Tons of gorgeous Victorian/craftsman houses. Also surprised at the density, activity, and architecture downtown. Was as impressive as any city outside NY or Chicago imo. And I somehow didn’t realize how beautiful and omnipresent the mountains are.
  3. Idk, I heard it was Microsoft and the US Government. Psyched for the variety of license plates!
  4. His profile might start fading if he can’t get Google to kiss Moreno by the end of the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
  5. But you said Google was behind the Tower City makeover. The article you posted (which doesn’t even mention google) makes it seem like a site hasn’t even been chosen for the incubator. An incubator maybe happening somewhere in the city isn’t the same as Google being “behind the Tower City makeover”.
  6. Yes, only first 4 picks are done via lottery (changed from first 3 last year).
  7. It just sounds so gimmicky, even more so than the medical mart which, as 327 pointed out, has been at best a wash. And it’s such a great public space. I’m hoping this will mostly entail converting the upper floors If I had to guess, in 10 years The Avenue will be 15 charter schools.
  8. This is kind of a bummer. Edited: “I've sold monorails to Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook, and by gum I've put them on the map!”
  9. But it still matters where you slot after the lottery picks are chosen. 3rd worst can’t slip past 7th pick, 4th can slide to 8th, etc.
  10. It’s not as visible as the fine art galleries in other neighborhoods, but the warehouses and factory buildings in this neighborhood have been housing music studios and commercial photography studios for decades.
  11. YOU DIDN’T READ THE ARTICLE???? Then what are you even talking about? Did you read the above article?
  12. The article doesn’t speak to the dangers of socialism at all. It brings up Venezuela as an example and quotes Churchill. I might as well say capitalism is flawed because Rwanda and then a Ghandi quote. What’s worse it seems to find the ideas of universal employment, wages, and an end to incarceration to be abhorrent on their faces. I’m sure there are reasons to criticize the mechanics of those goals but shouldn’t those be things we aspire to?
  13. Why would the NBA want one team to win all the time? Also, refs had nothing to do with Rockets missing 27(!) 3 pointers in a row.
  14. I like the Pels playing hardball with the Lakers. Hopefully LeBron is forced to waste one of the few remaining years of his career on a talentless 8 seed. Also John Wall ruptured his Achilles in a non-basketball accident. Man, the Wizards can’t match the sublime incompetence of the Browns or Kings, but an argument could be made they’re a more miserable franchise. Going on 20 years of underachieving hopelessness.
  15. Eh depends on what you mean by overhyped. It’s certainly not much of a city urbanity-wise. But I feel like its reputation is built on food, music, and tech. All three dwarf anything similar in the 3Cs.
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