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  1. I think people underestimate how much a project depends on the skills/resources of a developer. That’s why I’ll never doubt that something gets done with 925.
  2. They’ll get a tax abatement. The issues are the duration and who is granting the abatement.
  3. Slightly revised as a 4 bedroom duplex with a hot dog stand on the sidewalk
  4. If the developer is willing to take less than 30 years why didn’t they just take the city’s standard 15 year abatement?
  5. Jeepers. I’m very confused by this. Is this article saying that the state agency has power to abate local taxes? And 30 years? That seems insane.
  6. I’ve got no problem with driving ranges but this is a 15 story construction in a highly visible location. Better here than closer to downtown but it’s very ugly.
  7. That netting looks horrible. You can see it for miles. It was the same when I lived in Austin. Very unappealing.
  8. Yes, because cities and the people who live in them in Ohio are absolutely fairly represented in the state and national legislatures. And the representatives are never swayed by lobbyists and special corporate interests. I agree it’s a perfect system and nobody ever wants to ride the subway.
  9. The city edition jerseys are generally a departure from the normal scheme for most teams. Those blue and gold ones are actually modeled on an old Cavs uni tho.
  10. I have been noticing a lot more jambalaya in the neighborhood
  11. Little Tokyo is awesome. And I would highly recommend Highland Park too to experience a different type of LA neighborhood. Very walkable and easily accessible by train.
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