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  1. I suppose they could withhold tax abatement. I'm not sure if they would run into any due process issues though.
  2. The mall certainly had a functioning food court and convenience retail before the present owners seemed to stop renewing leases years ago. Until proven otherwise, a high priced tech hub in the very heart of the city deserves all the skepticism it can handle.
  3. You’re claiming ACTUAL racism is virtually nonexistent in 2019 but the one example you can come up with is racism against whites? You are a clown. Absolute rubbish and embarrassing that a post like this would even show up on this forum. Unbelievable and unfortunately all too predictable.
  4. What about confusing the War of 1812 with the Revolutionary War?
  5. Hahahah could be that closing Prospect for a tech incubator is more of a SHELBYVILLE idea
  6. It’s the negative urban area growth divided by the negative metro growth. Negative divided by a negative equals a positive. What it means is Cleveland’s negative growth is heavily concentrated in the urbanized area. It’s a bummer.
  7. Brought to you by the same fellow who wanted to build an office/condo building based on a Ferrari dealership. What could go wrong? https://www.cleveland.com/naymik/2014/07/ferrari_showroom_and_office_to.html#incart_river_default
  8. I could be wrong but the private money @KJP is talking about is for investment not the physical redevelopment of Tower City
  9. What’s wrong with the location? Bac and Tortilla Feliz both lasted 10-ish years in that spot.
  10. Yep, I’m stupid. I immediately jumped to my tax credit experiences where LLCs are formed between the developer and equity provider with the developer only having a nominal stake. I’m any case, developers don’t generally provide the capital.
  11. It seems weird to zero in on Stark’s equity. It might be small compared to some other projects but he’s a developer not a lender. Lenders provide equity that’s just how real estate works.
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