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  1. People keep saying "the rest of the season" as if we've got a few more games...
  2. FYI everyone, we did discuss tunnels under Cleveland years ago here... http://www.urbanohio.com/forum2/index.php/topic,13884.0.html (though we missed the one between the standard building and the marriott) I'm going to guess there's not too much buried under public square that wouldn't have been dug up at some point. Don't forget that the outside were all dug up when the Healthline went in and the intersection in the middle got washed out in the sinkhole 5 or 6 years ago.
  3. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step...
  4. Try http://www.clevelandhabitat.org/80-2/
  5. ^ :clap: I've wondered if someone would invest in those properties. With the possible extension of the HealthLine, this could have some TOD potential.
  6. I'm impressed you remembered your user name.
  7. On a positive note, if we want to keep Hoyer as Johnny's backup it should cost us a lot less with every game he plays like yesterday.
  8. I think we discussed it in the CUT history thread a few years ago till we all got yelled at for going off topic but my memory isn't great so it may have had its own thread.
  9. yeah, this was a similar situation as Painesville. Lewis Morley was a wealthy local businessman (or maybe he didn't do anything--he was just rich!) who donated the funds to build the public library--named for him--during the same era as Carnegie. I don't have a picture, but a similar situation happened in Ravenna with the Reed Memorial Library. Thankfully their original building still stands but has a half dozen additions growing out of the side of it.
  10. Not my call. Yeah, I think I'm the only regular Laketran rider on here and I didn't even notice for a good while. Oh well.
  11. On the 9th street side of the building the view isn't significantly different as the glass is clear. On the other sides it looks fine if you're looking down, but looking toward the horizon it does affect your ability to see. I've been waiting on taking any pictures as they're not cleaning the windows at all during construction so all you'd see in pics are the filth that has built up during the construction.
  12. The Orioles warming up at Camden.
  13. Agreed. It was called an energy efficiency project mostly for accounting purposes. In 05/06 DFAS, which takes up over a third of the building, basically gave GSA the choice of build a new building or make the building blast resistant. When they priced building a new building that met the Defense Department standards on new buildings it was going to be over $350 Million. A part of why it's so expensive is that in addition to slapping some new windows on, they have to replace all the HVAC in the building (most of which is covered in asbestos.) Plus the windows had to be custom ordered, you can't just go pick up blast resistant windows at any old supplier. All the work is being done with the building open to the public. Not to mention every worker, tool, piece of equipment has to go through security every time it enters the site.
  14. They're actually only about 6 months behind schedule. It wasn't an ambitious schedule to begin with, but they're close to it.
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