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  1. I'll never understand how Trump thought that photo made him look good and/or Pelosi bad.
  2. This is exactly why Trump's strategy of flooding the zone with absurd statements, policies, ideas, etc. is so effective. It shifts the "center" of the conversation significantly in Trump's / Republican's favor. Everyone gets worn down by it and it gets Democrats and reasonable Republicans to ignore significant actions that are obfuscated by the absurdity of other recent statements. Just look at how much oxygen was taken out of the room by the Greenland debate (completely absurd and meaningless discussion) at the same time that the administration established a rule that allows the indefinite detention of migrant children.
  3. And Trump has been in office for 14% of that time.
  4. My first and only game to date at Wrigley Field I witnessed Reyes get put in an absolute blender by a lazy fly ball to the right field corner. It was, by far, the most unathletic play I've seen from a professional athlete. He belongs in the American League...
  5. Can anyone imagine a situation in which a Special Counsel is appointed to investigate the President, issues a report, and DOESN'T report out to Congress and the American people in a public hearing?
  6. I'm sad to say that I agree that these are the kinds of things that drive some people to vote. It's just such a sad state of affairs when racial division / tension (egged on by the President nearly daily) is the current fulcrum of American politics.
  7. Ya'll can argue all day about whether it's "appropriate" to put the citizenship question on the census, but this is just a stupid political football meant to send us to our corners and get us arguing over something that is of precisely zero substance. Trump wants to put it on the census because he thinks it makes him look tough and it's on brand for him and his immigration agenda. Democrats have their political reasons for opposing it and they think they can use this to make Trump look like an anti-immigrant zealot who's looking to round people up. At the end of the day though, the reason the question isn't on the census is because the results wouldn't be accurate. It's that simple people and you know it. You can't expect to get an honest answer to the question "are you breaking the law". There are much more accurate methods of estimating the number of non-citizens residing in our country. Continuing to push for this question on the census, in my opinion, exposes a nefarious agenda to suppress the census count in areas (typically leaning Democrat) with high concentrations of immigrants.
  8. I don't get the point. Was Obama writing love letters to Al-Baghdadi?
  9. How can conservatives possibly not distinguish between heated debate and threats of violence? Do conservatives believe that threats of violence are a protected form of speech? Get real. I'm sick of my big, tough, freedom loving, american flag waving, cut-off jort wearing conservative friends turning into whiny little babies because they aren't allowed to use threats of violence to bolster their argument.
  10. ^Project Veritas... ... you can't be serious.
  11. Yeah, Trio had great food, but their price point turned me off if I'm being honest. I think it's hard to draw the clientele that the price point demands in that location no matter how good the food is. Hard to compete with more established places like Dante and Fahrenheit especially when you're off the main strip.
  12. @Terdolph Couple questions and comments. Why do you say that increases in CO2 concentration lags methane? They correlate quite well in the historical record, but if anything it appears that increases in CO2 are a leading indicator for methane increases at least in the more near term record. Do you have anything that you can share? Now going way back to my college days my recollection is that CO2 is the greenhouse gas of interest because it's the one that we have the most direct impact on (and can therefore control to a degree) and because it has a more lasting effect than other greenhouse gasses such as methane which, as you mentioned, as a very short half life. Even a small increase in global temperature due to CO2 increases can create a positive feedback loop. Temperature goes up, atmospheric water vapor increases, additional CO2 is emitted from the oceans, heat reflective ice cover is replaced by heat absorbing earth, trapped methane is released from formerly frozen tundra, etc... you get the point. Now, I'm not a climate alarmist, but I do believe that a warming planet will have some negative consequences for humans. So my real concern is that we prepare for a changing climate (instead of burying our heads in the sand) while we continue to build for future in which our impact on our environment is minimized as much as possible.
  13. Can someone just give me the 10,000 foot explanation of what Iran would stand to gain from this attack (assuming they were responsible)? I just can't understand the motivation. Could this be indicative of a disconnect between the political leaders and the military (revolutionary guard)?
  14. Hootenany


    Felt in Euclid. Pretty strong rumble that made the old building I'm in make some very odd noises. My first thought was that the old AC unit on the roof was failing, but that didn't explain the rumble in my feet. Only lasted a few seconds though.
  15. I was just down in the Flats over the weekend and it just seems poorly connected at the moment. Every time I visit I just think if they'd only fill in that center parking lot with a properly scaled apartment building the area be massively improved. I'm also constantly frustrated by the ridiculous street parking bans on Friday and Saturday nights. That's one easy way to dissuade people from visiting the area.
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