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  1. But she wasn't trivializing 9/11. The context of her statement makes that clear. With that said I'm not going to get into a debate with you about whether trivializing 9/11 itself is inherently malicious, but I will say that when you think about it in terms of other tragedies I don't think the issue is so black and white. Think Hurricane Katrina, Pearl Harbor, Tsunami's, etc.
  2. Two quotes of interest for Rep. Omar. “Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen, and frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it,” “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” The "some people did something" part was lazy for sure, but there is absolutely no indication that it was malicious and the Republican reaction to it is absurd, but predictable. She needs to be more deliberate in her messaging, but we've entered a parallel universe when the president of the United States essentially calls her anti-American at best and a terrorist at worst. This will be Trump's legacy.
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    Tax Reform

    I'm reading Alan Greenspan's book "Capitalism in America" and even he, a conservative hero economist, states in that book that it's delusional to believe that tax cuts will pay for themselves. He sources the root of this conservative wives tail in the Reagan administration when deficits ceased mattering and tax cuts became the cornerstone of Republican's economic agenda. They needed to pretend like they actually still cared about deficits so they just made this up and convinced supply side economists like Laffer to write about this "theory" to give it legitimacy. And this myth still hangs on today in spite of decades of evidence to the contrary. Great book by the way. Highly recommend it if you're into history, economics, and/or politics.
  4. Sure, I hear that, but I don't think we really understand how much the EC depresses votes in non-competitive states. Are Republicans not turning out in coastal states? Are Democrats staying home in the heartland? This is undoubtedly true for some number of voters so I'm not sure we really know how many new voters we would unleash if we went to a popular vote system. I don't think it's necessarily fair to say that Clinton or Gore would have won those races in a popular vote format. It seems likely, but the electoral dynamic changes significantly in my opinion when everyone's vote counts the same at the federal level.
  5. ^Please continue to focus all of your attention on the Clinton's while the Democratic A team preps for the 2020 election.
  6. Yeah, this doesn't make any sense to me. Great Lakes states rank 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 17, 20, and 22 in population. I don't think we'll be overlooked or ignored if the electoral college is eliminated. It's states in the bottom 1/2 or 1/3 of population that should be concerned. And neither side of this debate is "profoundly stupid". Let's be real. The electoral college system is unique in western democracies. Most other democratic countries elect their national leaders via national popular vote. It's not a radical idea and, honestly, the debate about EC vs. popular vote isn't worth the energy that we're putting into it. Either way the results will be largely the same.
  7. ^ Hard to feel sympathetic for someone that has a $1.5M home and takes three vacations a year. Also, who spends $5000 a year in gasoline? That's over $200 a week per vehicle. They can't possibly be filling each vehicle 5 or 6 times a week. Also, $18k to charity. Good for you, but that's the first sign that you aint average!
  8. That's easy to say now, in hindsight, but you can't claim with a straight face that the investigation was unjustified. At the time that the investigation started there was clear evidence that crimes were committed in Russia's attempted to influence our election. Those alleged crimes obviously deserved an investigation. As the FBI was investigating they uncovered numerous links of Russian officials connected with the hacking / influence campaign to members of the Trump campaign, transition team, or staff. Specifically, Papadopoulos and his loud mouth was the reason for the initial investigation. Once the links to the Trump team became clear it was obvious that a special counsel would be appropriate. Shortly after being appointed special counsel to investigate the Russian election influence campaign Mueller was also handed the investigation into obstruction of justice that was started after Comey was fired for, allegedly, refusing to end investigations into members of the Trump team, specifically Flynn. With all of the information we had at the time I don't know how you don't open an investigation. Honestly, that wasn't even an option. There was so much smoke you would have thought we were electing a new Pope. So go ahead and enjoy the fact that our President didn't commit felonies. This is a good outcome for all of us. But don't pretend that this President is anything other than a lying, manipulative, superficial wanna-be dictator. And that's exactly why we're in this mess... because he has those traits. The Democrats didn't do this to the President. He did it to himself.
  9. Yeah, I can't let that ridiculous comment just sit there. How is it worse? Please explain how the investigation into credible allegations that the Trump campaign conspired with agents of the Russian government to influence an election is worse than the lies and deceit that led to the death of 4,491 American soldiers. If it will help, pretend you're sitting across from the mother of one of those soldiers.
  10. I generally agree with Taibbi that the media really screwed the pooch on this one (or so it appears). But claiming it's worse than the WMD fiasco is a bit much. Near the end of the article he does acknowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of reasons (civilian and military deaths) why the WMD hatchet job was so much more consequential than the Russia collusion investigation ever will be.
  11. Politics has gotten in the way of what was a necessary, fair, and conclusive investigation on the charge of collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russian government. Just a few comments from my perspective: This investigation was absolutely necessary and was initiated by the Republican Deputy A.G. Those calling this investigation a witch hunt or an illegal attempt to overthrow President Trump are way off the reservation. The investigation appears to have been extremely thorough and professional. Robert Mueller's reputation remains unsullied after this investigation which was absolutely filled with political land mines. He did an incredible job under very difficult circumstances. President Trump's reaction to this investigation was beneath the office of the President from the beginning. He should be ashamed of how he treated the investigators, but we all know he will show no remorse or offer any apologies for the things he said about Mueller and his team over the last 2 years. The results of the investigation answer the collusion question and prove that President Trump was correct all along that his campaign did not conspire with Russia to influence the result of the 2016 election. Dems need to move on from the collusion question. Just because President Trump is cleared on collusion doesn't mean that he is totally and completely exonerated like he wants you to believe. Being cleared of legal wrongdoing (re: conspiracy or collusion) doesn't mean that he is cleared politically. It is perfectly reasonable and logical for Dems to hold hearings on this matter to determine what, if any, political action should be taken. As I mentioned though, they really should accept the collusion finding and move on to other areas of inquiry (obstruction, emoluments clause, etc.). The media (right, left, and center) should also be ashamed of themselves. They used this investigation as a money maker for two years with endless speculation about the direction of the inquiry and the potential outcomes. They riled Dems up into a storm that would only be calmed by the arrest of the President of the United States. They galvanized the far rights support of President Trump and convinced them that if he survives this then he has done absolutely nothing wrong. Even though this is only 1 of 17 investigations into the man and his organizations / associates. Just because there is not enough evidence to indict President Trump doesn't mean that he didn't do anything wrong. This President left a trail of shady and outright illegal dealings everywhere he went in his professional life and he appears to be doing the same thing in his life as a public servant. The fact that the President wasn't exonerated on the question of obstruction by Mueller should leave reasonable Trump supporters a bit shook. He is playing fast and loose with the rules (and laws) in ways that we haven't really seen in modern times and I'm concerned that President Trump will take a bit of our democracy with him when he leaves office. Before Republicans spike the football here let's all remember that it's a national embarrassment that this investigation even needed to take place. Trump's team ran a disaster of a campaign from a compliance standpoint and the investigation was their punishment. President Trump and his team acted guilty and couldn't get out of their own way. It's ridiculous for Republicans to blame Dems for this investigation. The fault lies at the feet of the President and no one else.
  12. It's 2019... we should be able to come up with a more secure method of tracking vehicle mileage. Because I agree. The tax we pay to fund our roads should absolutely be based on the miles that you travel in that vehicle (which the gas tax is a proxy for - but a bad one in the era of EV's) and also, I'll add, the weight of your vehicle. Heavier vehicles do nearly all the damage to our roads so they should be charged more. They should also increase enforcement of and penalties for overweight vehicles.
  13. I didn't... "One Democrat, Del. Michael Angelucci, said he heard Sgt. at Arms Anne Lieberman, the chamber's principal law enforcement official, call all Muslims terrorists. Lieberman disputed that accusation, yet submitted a resignation letter." https://www.npr.org/2019/03/02/699699805/sign-linking-muslim-congresswoman-ilhan-omar-to-9-11-sparks-outrage-in-west-virg
  14. Doesn't the NRA support the bump stock ban? Or at least they said that they agreed with the rule. Which is disappointing. I was hoping that the bump stock ban was the hill that the NRA would finally die on. Instead we'll just have to see them be absolutely neutered by the money laundering accusations related to the 2016 Trump campaign.
  15. So it's the fact that Omar is a Muslim that's the issue... right? Just say it. Rich white dudes are allowed to use anti-semitic tropes because they have Jewish relatives. But when a Muslim does the same it's obvious that they harbor hatred toward Jewish people. This entire conversation is absurd and I will step out now.
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