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  1. ^ If a new dorm gets built, it will be paid for with revenue bonds from room rates---not money from the university capital budget. Now whether the university has the debt capacity to float those bonds, I have no idea.
  2. Ate there today. Great burgers and fries---beats any fast food joint easily.
  3. ^ so maybe the next stop should be Bang---then what will your argument be?
  4. Just because a bar is in a "nice" location, does not mean it is "nice". I would say Below Zero lounge is one of the nicest downtown serving a primarily gay population---I know many straight people that like to go there too. I understand that gay bars are not your thing, but go have a beer at Subway, On Broadway, or any other gay bar just once and see how it compares to your favorite drinking establishment. Generally, the difference is night and day. I am glad this conversation is happening on this board. If nothing else, the Guerilla Queer Bar story has raised some awareness and challenge assumptions held by members of this forum--- and it is this desire to raise awareness and challenge assumptions that started GQB in the first place.
  5. There is also the law governing how many bars can exist in one area. Moving a bar is not as easy as picking up and relocating. There is the NIMBY factor of a gay bar that is not as much an issue with straight bars. Another factor playing into the condition of the gay bars is the bar owners have a captive audience. There are many more options for straight bars which means the competition has to keep up. Owners of gay bars have some competition--but not enough to see drastic reinvestment.
  6. Have you been in these bars? I have been in a wide variety of bars in Cincinnati and usually the so called "straight bars" are in better locations and better maintained than the gay bars you mentioned. That being said, I have no issues with walking into Sully's, The Lodge, ect. on any night and can often spot other gay men. For me, I hope the Guerrilla Queer Bar events encourages the owners of the current gay bars to remodel the joints (more than a deep clean and fresh paint--although in some cases that would be a great improvement) and make them more current.
  7. Rhodes Isle in Greece has beautiful beaches. Costs to travel there can be lower than you might expect depending on the season.
  8. The new UC Medical Science Building has a gym in it. So I don't know that there is a market for a second gym. Who knows.
  9. All----UC employees (staff/faculty) have to pay a membership fee to use the Campus Rec. So there might be a market for LA fitness.
  10. I am hearing rumors that Hamburger Mary's is coming back to Cincinnati, but I don't know where they are locating. Any ideas?
  11. ^what does this guy do with all those plants?
  12. There is one opening in Grove City near Columbus---I don't know which will open first.
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