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  1. increased revenue does not equate to increased happiness. Im scared to what will happen to some peoples sense of control. A voter refrendum has already passed not allowing gambling this does not mean a "nanny state" it means we dont want this crap corrupting our population to spend more money they dont have.
  2. well i didnt really read the whole thread so i dont know if this one was mention but in "my fellow americans" jack lemons character is from cleveland and half the movie they are trying to get to cuyohaga falls to his presidential musuem. i know its an obscure refrence but oh well half the post on here arent really on point either
  3. Well from what I gather your friend kind of has a justification for her complaints because she believes them to be illegally tresspassing in our country and they just so happen to have moved in next door to her. Racism is not something the average American should tolerate in our everyday life. However our borders should be sacred so we are able to enforce the laws of our constitution and protect its citizens. Its kind of funny we might think makes us better then them just because of where we were born? But if we go to another country we have to follow their laws and rules just how we follow our own here.
  4. Well being from Tiffin 20 miles to the east of findlay even more remote and issolated. Tiffin has also been able to compete in this economic down turn. Since big industry has left tiffin years ago and saw its economic down turn in the 80's it left a workforce of laborers with no jobs and the abillity for our area to compete with other parts of ohio when new japaneese factories moved to the area. Our area didnt demand high wages cause the cost of living is relatively low compared to the rest of the state and we had the workers to do it. People werent making 20 bucks an hour anymore they took the hit but they were able to keep a float all these years because of the stabillity that the japaneese auto parts plants were able to bring to the area along with other smaller niche factories as well as a nice mix of large companies like whirlpool. Cleveland dosent have these kinds of jobs the people out of work here cant find a job to pay them much more then minimum wage and with the cost of living in a city alot of people arent going to make it. Tiffin and findlay and that little area of ohio has enough to sustain what its got. When i grew up in tiffin i always wondered why we didnt take oppertunities to grow, but i finally see it... more people equates to more problems and thats the last thing a small town needs. im just glad i can still call Tiffin home. However Tiffins demographics are much different then Findlays, lots of catholics in tiffin and not the "churchie" variety its a very tolerant town with its own little quirks.
  5. Have you guys ever been to findlay Ohio? do you have any idea what that town is like? Findlay is a very conservative town isolated from the problems and anguish of big cities. Obama' man of the world speeches are not going to resinate in communities like this. Findlay and towns like it across this country aren't going to get the message, they aren't going to care. John Kerry cant win that town, Al gore couldn't, why do we think Barack Obama would have a chance with a single voter in Findlay Ohio. Small town America is looking for a change and someone they like and name recognition. I think democrats had that opportunity with Hillary Clinton, they squandered this opportunity to win a conventional election against John McCain for a fringe, youthfull, optimistic candidate. When they should have gone for the battle hardened, mildly moderate, firecracker like Hillary Clinton. The Bush 3rd term isn't sticking and the elite, arrogant, opportunist is definitely gaining ground especially looking at the latest daily tracking polls showing Obamas "Berlin Bump" being nothing more then a mosquito bite. So we got the left spewing "Bush's 3rd term" and we got the right spewing "elite opportunist." So i believe this is going to make it a wash with those voters who don't give a crap to open a news paper or watch an hour of the local news. So... we get down to the issues for those real independent thinkers who have no idea what it means to be a republican or what it means to be a democrat its going to come down to this population to decide. These people come up with their own conclusions about the issues of day and how to solve it, what is an issue unique to the 2008 campaign? is it the "pain at the pump?" ok....so we got one good issue that everyone has an opinion on and a way they think they know how to fix it. So how do we fix gas prices? Who has a more plausible stance with gas prices? who is going to win on that rhetoric war? Obama can win if he can take people out of their situations today and let them see the future. If Obama is able to get people to sign up and sacrifice for today so they can have prosparity in the future with new green infrastructure without drilling for oil in America then he can win. However, McCain's plan for drilling for oil in America today and increasing the supply while we decrease the demand by developing new technologies might have a more logical approach. So what conclusion do you think an independently minded voter will come to? Not your own personal belief on how it should be, but what do you think an independent voter in America's heartland is going to think and how will they vote?
  6. For being such a small town it seems its population is pretty diverse. Is the swell of immigration to painesville good or bad to the city?
  7. OK ive tried several of the cleveland area suggestions on this page and one by one i was expecting great pizza and good quality. Ive come to the conclussion my taste buds are far more advanced then everyone who is posting on this page....lol The pizza has been much better then every chain ive ever had and alot of them were worth ordering again, but if this is the best pizza cleveland has got then i guess ill have to take a drive down to tiffin once in a while and get my fix on reino's pizza. Maybe Im too picky and Im looking for what i grew up on and Im not having any luck :(
  8. Psssssssssssssssssssht!! only if you knew
  9. Poor babies, Ill take care of ya, I don't mind....Ill lose my job to outsoursing because you demand to raise corporate taxes. Ill wait in long lines to for impersonal and inadequate medical care because you demand universal healthcare. Ill lock my children away because you demand to give a free pass to pedophiles. Ill spend a quarter of my salary on fuel because you refuse to drill in America. Ill learn Spanish so i can relate better with our friends the illegal aliens because you refuse to protect our borders. Don't worry crybaby ill take care of you and all the problems you think you have.
  10. the ad attacks obama on experience and judgement, it dosent lie or provide slanderous acusations. Its good rhetoric and its about time these ads are up and running.
  11. By the way. you are ignoring the facts. You are making them up to prove your point. toledo-esq? what the hell is that? toledo is so influential now that it has it influences the industrial areas surounding LA?
  12. i garuntee obama wont get a 10 point margin in either wood or ottawa county...... sorry on my earlier post i accidently "clicked post" before i had a chance to "spell check"
  13. Your arguement is so wrong c-dawg. Ann Arbor is more educated then toledo the economic make up is completely different. Toledeons vote for Marcy Captner for plenty of reasons, name recgnotion, seniority in the congress she is a hometown congresswomen without national agendas and she's a deomcrat and toledo likes deomcrats. By the way didnt the mayor of toledo carty finkbeiner propose to move all the deaf people out by the airport? what kind of liberal would you call him? Toledoens are definetly working class democrats with strong affinities to unions. The manufacturing jobs havent been gone for that long that, plenty of baby boomers collecting pention checks from their union jobs. Toledo is not some ellitist "latte liberal" community wearing burkenstoks and driving a prias. Im from northwest ohio i have spent alot of my time in toledo. my brother went to school there and i have many friends from toledo that is not what toledo is. If they are so hardcore liberal why did lucas county go for bob taft in 2002? Just because you are from there dosent make you the authority on the area. Just because someone comes to the same conclussion as a "latte liberal" dosent mean that person has the demographic. The demographic, life lessons, family, culture is what determines someones political affiliation. Its been my experience with the people from toledo that they like to think of themselves as independently minded with progressive roots but not activists, radicals or extreme. I garautee obama w
  14. thats exactly the ad im talking about
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